30 Awesome Road Trips In USA: Most Scenic Drives In America



30 of the best bucket list USA road trips from day trips to multi week adventures across America

The United States has hundreds of scenic road trip routes through national parks, mountains, deserts, coastlines and forests. You can drive iconic US road trips like Route 66 and the Pacific Coast Highway, but there’s also lesser known areas, shorter drives and unique routes you can create from scratch. We’ve racked up some serious milage driving around America, and we’re here to help you find a new adventure.

In this guide we show you 30 amazing USA road trips to add to your bucket list, based on our own experiences.

Our US Road Trip Experience

Couple standing against a blue car on a road with mountains in the background
Mark, Kristen and Big Blue in Grand Teton, Wyoming

We’ve driven many of the great American road trips across more than 30 US states since we began traveling full time in 2018. Our trusty Ford Escape “Big Blue” has stickers from the likes of CA, WA, UT, AZ, WY, SD, VT, NH, NY, NC, VA and other popular US road trip destinations. Read more about us.

Over the last 6 years, we’ve driven every single one of the short US road trips and custom routes you’ll find listed in this guide. We’d love to drive one of those epic long distance USA road trips like the Atlantic Coast in the near future. Sticking to the coastline from Miami to Boston sounds awesome, right?

About This Guide

We’ve rounded up the most scenic, iconic and adventurous road trips in the US to help you create a bucket list filled with amazing routes covering as many American states as possible.

Road trips in this guide are based on legend and our own experiences. The list is in alphabetical order but stick around until the end to see our personal top 5 USA road trips ranked!

1. American Southwest

Grand Canyon South Rim is one of the best places to visit on a Utah and Arizona American Southwest road trip through USA
Grand Canyon South Rim at sunset
  • Start: Las Vegas, NV
  • End: Las Vegas, NV
  • Distance: 1,700 miles
  • Days: 10-14
  • Season: Year round

The American Southwest road trip is a 1,700-mile loop through Utah and Arizona featuring some of the most famous natural attractions in the USA. Our longer and slower version of the classic US southwest route includes Utah’s Mighty 5 national parks, Kanab, Page, Grand Canyon National Park and Sedona.

We’ve driven around Utah and Arizona twice. They’re two of our favorite US road trip states because they’re overflowing with hikes, photo spots and dramatic formations. You can create shorter versions of this route, but allow for 14 days to tick off the top highlights.

Places to visit:

2. Anchorage To Valdez

Denali National Park in Alaska at sunrise
Towering snow capped mountains in Alaska
  • Start: Anchorage
  • End: Valdez
  • Distance: 300 miles
  • Days: 1
  • Season: Summer

The Anchorage to Valdez road trip is a 300-mile point to point route in Alaska featuring striking mountains and glaciers. It takes around 6-7 hours without stops but you should plan for one full day with stops. Matanuska Glacier and Wrangell-St Elias National Park are the two places you shouldn’t miss.

With two days, we would add a side trip from Anchorage to Kenai Fjords National Park. Or for a truly unforgettable 14 day Alaskan adventure, we would road trip from Seward to Valdez via Fairbanks. This would include Kenai Fjords, Denali and Wrangell-St Elias National Parks. Wow!

Places to visit:

3. Appalachian Trail

Farm in Vermont colorful with fall leaves part of the Appalachian road trip in US
A farm near Woodstock Vermont in fall
  • Start: Monson, ME
  • End: Suches, GA
  • Distance: 1,350 miles
  • Days: 5-10
  • Season: Spring-fall

The Appalachian Trail is among the most famous hikes in the US. But what if you don’t have half a year spare to trek over 2,000 miles through 14 states from Georgia to Maine? Well, you drive it instead. This 1,350-mile route hits the major highlights of the hike but rather than walk, you drive between the popular national parks and mountain ranges.

Over the last decade we’ve driven or hiked many parts of the Appalachian Mountains. We think this route is a fantastic way to experience the most scenic natural wilderness areas on the US east coast. Start in Maine at the beginning of October to follow peak fall foliage colors south through New Hampshire, Vermont, Virginia and the Blue Ridge Parkway.

Places to visit:

4. Atlantic Coast

New York City skyline at sunset is one of the top places in the USA to start a road trip including the East Coast or Atlantic Road Trip
New York City skyline at sunset
  • Start: Miami
  • End: Boston
  • Distance: 1,700 miles
  • Days: 14-21
  • Season: Year round

The Atlantic Coast road trip is a 1,700-mile long distance US east coast route hugging the coastline between Miami and Boston. It stops at the major tourist destinations and cities along the eastern seaboard, and it can easily be adapted to suit your timeframe.

I-95 runs the full length of the Atlantic Coast but you should stick to coastline hugging roads as much as possible for the most scenic and enjoyable experience. There’s lots of additional stops you can make with more time, including Myrtle Beach, Wilmington, Virginia Beach and Philadelphia.

Places to visit:

  • Miami
  • Orlando
  • Savannah
  • Charleston
  • Outer Banks
  • Washington DC
  • New York City
  • Boston

5. Black Hills South Dakota

Mount Rushmore at sunrise - one of the most popular stops on a black hills loop road trip in south dakota usa
Mount Rushmore glowing at sunrise
  • Start: Rapid City, SD
  • End: Rapid City, SD
  • Distance: 550 miles
  • Days: 4-7
  • Season: Spring-fall

The Black Hills of South Dakota road trip is a 550-mile loop featuring attractions like Mount Rushmore, Custer State Park, Badlands National Park and Needles Highway. It’s great for couples and families, with scenic drives, excellent hikes and historic wild west towns to discover. There’s more fun things to do near Mount Rushmore than you might imagine.

We’ve driven through South Dakota twice, first in October 2019 and again in April 2021. We think the Black Hills are most beautiful in fall when golden and green leaves complement its granite rocks. It’s a hugely underrated region that deserves to be on every USA road trip bucket list.

Places to visit:

Further Reading: South Dakota road trip itinerary ideas

6. Blue Ridge Parkway

Blue Ridge Parkway in early fall bending road
Blue Ridge Parkway road trip in fall
  • Start: Waynesboro, VA
  • End: Cherokee, NC
  • Distance: 469 miles
  • Days: 3-7
  • Season: Year round

The Blue Ridge Parkway is a scenic 469-mile road trip route connecting Shenandoah National Park, VA with Great Smoky Mountains National Park, NC. It’s the most visited National Park Service site in the US, receiving 15.7 million recreational visitors in 2022. Fall is the best time to drive the Blue Ridge Parkway for vibrant foliage colors.

We’re moving to North Carolina in 2024 and the Blue Ridge Parkway is top of our own American road trip bucket list. We’ll begin in Waynesboro around October 20th and spend a week slowly driving down to Cherokee to follow the peak colors. Maybe we’ll see you along the way.

Places to visit:

7. Border To Border

Craters of the Moon in Idaho road winding through volcanic fields
Craters of the Moon National Monument in Idaho
  • Start: Jasper National Park, Canada
  • End: Nogales, AZ
  • Distance: 2,245 miles
  • Days: 10-14
  • Season: Year round

The Border to Border road trip follows US-93 from Jasper, Canada to Nogales, Arizona on the Mexican border. US Highway 93 is a 2,245-mile route featuring a wide range of scenery, including striking mountains, alien landscapes and arid desert.

The best part of this route? You’ll see some of the most visually stunning national parks in North America but also have a few days to splurge in Vegas!

Places to visit:

8. Coastal New England

Portland Head Lighthouse in Maine is one of the best stops to make on a Coastal New England road trip in northeast USA
Portland Head Lighthouse in Maine
  • Start: Cape Cod, MA
  • End: Bar Harbor, ME
  • Distance: 450 miles
  • Days: 5-10
  • Season: Spring-fall

The Coastal New England road trip is a 450-mile road trip following Routes 6, 3A and 1 from Cape Cod, MA to Acadia National Park, ME. It’s a hugely popular itinerary with stops in quaint coastal towns throughout Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Maine.

We drove the New England coastline from Acadia to Portland after the peak fall colors in October 2019. It was too late in the season to sunbathe on the beach or take a whale watching tour. But it was quiet, relaxing and affordable at hotels in towns like Boothbay Harbor and Portland.

Places to visit:


9. Deep South

Deep South road trip features the famous tree tunnel in Savannah GA
The famous tree tunnel in Savannah GA
  • Start: Charleston, SC
  • End: New Orleans, LA
  • Distance: 1,100 miles
  • Days: 14-21
  • Season: Year round

The Deep South road trip is a 1,100-mile route featuring the highlights of South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana in the southern United States. You can learn about the civil rights movement, discover the birthplace of American music and eat some of the best barbecue food in the world.

The Southern Belle states offer an authentic, immersive and off the beaten path American road trip experience. You can easily adapt this route to include Memphis, Nashville, Asheville, the Smokies and Florida with more time.

Places to visit:

10. Great Northern

Bass Harbor Head Lighthouse in Acadia National Park Maine marks one end of the Great Northern USA road trip
Bass Harbor Head Lighthouse in Acadia National Park
  • Start: Everett, WA
  • End: Houlton, ME
  • Distance: 3,400 miles
  • Days: 14-21
  • Season: Summer-fall

The Great Northern is a 3,300-mile road trip following US-2 from Everett, WA to Houlton, ME. Part of the route passes through Canada’s Ontario and Quebec regions, bridging the gap between Michigan and New York.

US Highway 2 takes you through valleys, mountains, plains, lakes, logging towns and national parks. It’s one of the long distance routes we’d love to drive one day. And we’d definitely drive it in late September through early October for the best colors.

Places to visit:

11. Great River Road

Largest 6 pack of beers in the world in La Cross Wisconsin
The world’s largest six pack in La Crosse
  • Start: Minneapolis, MN
  • End: New Orleans, LA
  • Distance: 2,000 miles
  • Days: 7-14
  • Season: Year round

The Great River Road is a 2,000-mile long road trip following the Mississippi River through 10 states from Minnesota to the Gulf of Mexico. Multiple local, state and federal roads were combined to create the GRR National Scenic Byway, which is signposted with a green pilot’s wheel and steamboat from the first mile to the last.

Are you a foodie or music lover? This could be the perfect route for you. It’s far from the busy tourist attractions and cities on the coasts. The Great River Road is about eating, drinking and singing your way from Minneapolis to New Orleans.

Places to visit:

  • Minneapolis
  • St Paul
  • La Crosse
  • Le Claire
  • Hannibal
  • St Louis
  • Memphis
  • Natchez
  • New Orleans

12. Historic Columbia River Highway

Hiker stood on a rock in the middle of a waterfall in Oregon
Mark hiking in the Columbia River Gorge
  • Start: Portland, OR
  • End: Hood River, OR
  • Distance: 60 miles
  • Days: 1-2
  • Season: Spring-fall

The Historic Columbia River Gorge Highway road trip is a 65-mile one way drive between Portland and Hood River in Oregon. It twists around cliffs with views of the gorge before descending into the Waterfall Corridor, which is a 12-mile stretch of the highway with various hiking trails leading to waterfalls.

We drove both the Oregon and Washington sides of the Columbia River Gorge in 2021, stopping to hike dozens of fantastic waterfall trails. It’s great if you’re traveling as a family or couple and you love to hike. We think the Columbia River Gorge is one of the best bang for your buck US road trips.

Places to visit:

13. Kancamagus Highway

Heart Lake along the Kancamagus Highway road trip through White Mountains in New Hampshire during Fall one of the best short easy road trips in America
Lake on the Kancamagus Highway in fall
  • Start: Lincoln, NH
  • End: Conway, NH
  • Distance: 35 miles
  • Days: 1
  • Season: Year round

The Kancamagus Highway is a 35-mile long scenic byway through the White Mountains in New Hampshire. Also known as Route 112, the Kancamagus Highway runs from Lincoln to Conway and it’s regarded as one of the best places in the world to see fall foliage colors.

We’ve driven the Kancamagus Highway twice in peak fall foliage season and it’s nothing short of magical. It has dramatic and far reaching views over rolling hills, fun waterfall hikes and countless stunning photo spots. Add The Kanc to your USA road trip bucket list and drive it at the beginning of October.

Places to visit:

  • Hancock Overlook
  • Pemigewasset Overlook
  • Sugar Hill
  • Sabbaday Falls
  • Champney Falls
  • Rocky Gorge
  • Albany Covered Bridge

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14. Los Angeles To Las Vegas

Lake Tahoe emerald bay at sunrise one of the best places to visit on a USA road trip
Emerald Bay State Park in Lake Tahoe at sunrise
  • Start: Los Angeles
  • End: Las Vegas
  • Distance: 1,050 miles
  • Days: 14-21
  • Season: Spring-fall

The most direct Los Angeles to Las Vegas road trip is a 270-mile drive on I-15. But what if you took the scenic route instead? Our 1,050-mile long custom version of the LA to Vegas road trip features national parks, lakes, incredible hiking trails and countless areas of outstanding natural beauty.

Ditch the boring drive on I-15 and explore both sides of the Sierra Nevada Mountains instead. The route passes through Yosemite on the way to Lake Tahoe, before dropping back down through Death Valley on the way to Las Vegas. It’s a far more scenic way for you to drive between LA and Las Vegas!

Places to visit:

15. Loneliest Road

Delicate Arch at sunset on the Loneliest Road trip across America
Delicate Arch in Arches National Park at sunset
  • Start: Sacramento, CA
  • End: Ocean City, MD
  • Distance: 3,100 miles
  • Days: 14 – 21
  • Season: Year round

The Loneliest Road is a 3,100-mile long cross-country road trip following US Route 50 from Sacramento, CA to Ocean City, MD. US-50 is eerily remote from Lake Tahoe to Great Basin National Park, and in 1986 this desolate stretch of highway was dubbed as The Loneliest Road In America by Life magazine.

Also known as The Backbone of America, US Highway 50 will take you through 14 states, 4 state capitals and a wide range of landscapes, including mountains, deserts and flat plains.

Places to visit:

16. Mount Rushmore To Yellowstone

Grand Prismatic Spring colorful and steaming in Yellowstone National Park Wyoming a popular road trip route in the USA
Vibrant colors of Grand Prismatic Spring
  • Start: Rapid City, SD
  • End: Jackson, WY
  • Distance: 775 miles
  • Days: 10
  • Season: Summer-fall

The Mount Rushmore to Yellowstone road trip is a 775-mile route featuring the best of South Dakota’s Black Hills and the three most popular places to visit in Wyoming; Yellowstone, Grand Teton and Jackson. It’s an easy route with just one long day of driving across the Bighorn Mountains.

We’ve driven from Mt Rushmore to Yellowstone twice. We think this route has to be classed as one of the best USA road trips because it has so many attractions, hikes, national parks and photo spots with very little wasted driving time. You should take Cloud Peak Skyway from Buffalo to Ten Sleep for the most scenic route across the Bighorn Mountains.

Places to visit:

Further Reading: Mount Rushmore to Yellowstone and Grand Teton road trip itinerary

17. Natchez Trace Parkway

Luke's Bar sign on a guitar attached to a building in Nashville
Lower Broadway in Nashville TN
  • Start: Nashville, TN
  • End: Natchez, MS
  • Distance: 444 miles
  • Days: 4-7
  • Season: Year round

The Natchez Trace Parkway road trip is a 444-mile scenic byway from Nashville, TN to Natchez, MS. It’s a relaxing route with 50mph speed limits and no stop lights. The byway connects the most popular parts of Tennessee, Alabama and Mississippi.

This classic route following the Old Natchez Trace is all about music, civil war history and Americana. It’s free of commercialism and takes you into the heart of authentic American history. Looking for an easy going middle distance road trip on relaxing roads? This could be your best bet.

Places to visit:

  • Nashville
  • Franklin
  • Leiper’s Fork
  • Hohenwald
  • Florence
  • Muscle Shoals
  • Tupelo
  • Natchez

18. New England In Fall

Stowe Vermont smugglers notch road from drone colorful trees in Fall make new england one of the best USA road trips
Smugglers Notch in Stowe VT
  • Start: Lake Placid, NY
  • End: Boston, MA
  • Distance: 600 miles
  • Days: 7-14
  • Season: Fall

The New England fall road trip is a 600-mile route through the most attractive towns, hiking areas, national forests, lakes and mountains in Vermont and New Hampshire during the peak fall foliage season. Parts of New York, Massachusetts and Maine can be included if you have more time.

We drove through New England during peak fall foliage season in both 2019 and 2023. It’s one of our favorite American road trips because every hike, photo spot, attraction and town is surrounded by radiant earthy colors. New England in fall should be somewhere near the top of your bucket list.

Places to visit:

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19. Olympic Peninsula Loop

Hoh Rainforest is a must stop on the Olympic Peninsula road trip in USA pacific northwest
The Hoh Rainforest in Olympic National Park
  • Start: Seattle, WA
  • End: Seattle, WA
  • Distance: 400 miles
  • Days: 3-7
  • Season: Year round

The Olympic Peninsula Loop road trip is a 400-mile scenic drive around Olympic National Park, Washington. Spur roads filled with pot holes take you inside the loop to Olympic’s most picturesque mountains, hikes, rainforest and lakes.

We drove the Olympic Peninsula Loop road trip in October 2021. It’s a fun national park to explore because it has incredibly diverse scenery. Mount Storm King was our favorite hike and the unique Hoh Rainforest was our favorite photo spot.

Places to visit:

  • Port Townsend
  • Hurricane Ridge
  • Lake Crescent
  • Forks
  • Hoh Rainforest
  • Lake Quinault
  • Staircase

20. Oregon Coast

Stunning sunset at Cannon Beach on the Oregon Coast one of the best road trips in the US
Sunset at Cannon Beach in Oregon
  • Start: Astoria, OR
  • End: Brookings, OR
  • Distance: 340 miles
  • Days: 4-7
  • Season: Year round

The Oregon Coast road trip is a 340-mile coastal drive following Highway 101 from Astoria to Brookings. It features unique and photogenic rock formations, small coastal towns and epic sunsets. You can also include excellent side trips to Silver Falls State Park and Crater Lake National Park.

We drove the top half of the Oregon Coast road trip route in October 2021. After photographing Haystack Rock in Cannon Beach at sunset, we toured the Tillamook cheese factory and drove through Tillamook State Forest to Portland. We’ll definitely be back to complete the southern half sometime soon.

Places to visit:

21. Outer Banks Scenic Byway

Outer Banks in North Carolina pier and beach at sunset
Pier on a beach in North Carolina
  • Start: Nags Head, NC
  • End: Beaufort, NC
  • Distance: 138 miles
  • Days: 1-2
  • Season: Year round

The Outer Banks Scenic Byway is a 138-mile long road trip following North Carolina Highway 12 between Nags Head and the intersection of US-70 and Merrimon Road near Beaufort. NC-12 is a narrow road flanked on both sides by the Atlantic Ocean and Pamlico Sound. It even includes two ferry rides.

We’ll be based in North Carolina in 2024 so we’ll definitely be driving the Outer Banks Scenic Byway as a priority once the weather is warmer. Our plan is to spend a few days lounging around on the beaches rather than rushing through it in a day.

Places to visit:

22. Overseas Highway

Overseas highway in Florida freeway built over turquoise water in southeastern USA
Bridge connecting mainland USA to the Florida keys
  • Start: Monroe/Miami-Dade, FL
  • End: Key West, FL
  • Distance: 113 miles
  • Days: 1-3
  • Season: Year round

The Overseas Highway is a 113-mile long road trip with 44 islands and 43 bridges connecting Key Largo to Key West in the Florida Keys. There’s lots to see and do on the islands, including scuba diving, nightlife and beaches.

You can easily include potential side trips to Miami, Everglades National Park and maybe even The Bahamas?

Places to visit:

23. Pacific Coast Highway

Pacific Coast Highway pacific ocean and cliffs
Coastal views along the Pacific Coast Highway
  • Start: Olympia, WA
  • End: San Diego, CA
  • Distance: 1,600 miles
  • Days: 14-21
  • Season: Year round

The Pacific Coast Highway is a 1,600-mile road trip from Olympia, WA to San Diego, CA. Highway 101 and Highway 1 hug the US west coast for its full length through Washington, Oregon and California. The PCH has lots of fantastic stopping points, including national parks and major bucket list US cities.

We’ve driven most of the Pacific Coast Highway across various itineraries. It’s a diverse and incredibly scenic route with potential for a wide range of excellent side trips. The lower California coastline is by far the most popular part, but it’s nice and quiet to the north of San Francisco.

Places to visit:

  • Olympic National Park
  • Cannon Beach
  • Samuel H Boardman
  • Redwood National Park
  • San Francisco
  • Big Sur
  • Santa Barbara
  • Los Angeles
  • San Diego

24. Road To Hana

Road to Hana in Hawaii lush green trees with curving road and waterfall
Lush green vegetation and waterfall in Hawaii
  • Start: Mile Marker Zero (Route 360), HI
  • End: Hana, HI
  • Distance: 34 miles
  • Days: 1
  • Season: Year round

The Road To Hana is a famous 34-mile one way road trip route in Maui, Hawaii. It’s a popular route with heavy traffic because it passes through beautiful natural areas, waterfalls, hiking trails and viewpoints. The best way for you to see Maui is to drive beyond Hana and complete a full loop of the island.

Places to visit:

25. Route 66

Chicago cloud gate sculpture at one end of the famous USA road trip Route 66
Cloud Gate sculpture in Chicago IL
  • Start: Chicago, IL
  • End: Santa Monica, CA
  • Distance: 2,400 miles
  • Days: 14-21
  • Season: Year round

US Highway 66, also known as Route 66, is an iconic 2,400-mile long distance US road trip from Chicago, IL to Santa Monica, CA. Once known as America’s Highway, Route 66 passes through 8 states and 3 time zones.

It’s not what it once was, but Route 66 remains the most famous great American road trip. We would choose other long distance routes before this one, but if you’re feeling nostalgic or want to drive an old legend, Route 66 still has life left in it yet.

Places to visit:

26. Salt Lake City To Yellowstone

Wooden barn lit up by sunlight at sunrise with mountains in the background
Mormon Row in Grand Teton at sunrise
  • Start: Salt Lake City, UT
  • End: Salt Lake City, UT
  • Distance: 750 miles
  • Days: 5-8
  • Season: Summer-fall

The Salt Lake City to Yellowstone road trip is a 750-mile loop through Jackson, Grand Teton and Yellowstone. SLC has the closest major international airport to both national parks, so this is a popular driving route with lots of variations depending on how many days you have available.

We’re huge fans of Yellowstone and Grand Teton. Ideally, you’ll have one day in Salt Lake City, one day driving to Jackson, 1.5 days in Grand Teton and 3.5 days in Yellowstone for a total of 7 days. With less time you could skip SLC, or take a day each from the parks. But with more time, we recommend you add places around SLC like Park City, Bonneville Salt Flats or hiking in the Wasatch Mountains.

Places to visit:

  • Temple Square
  • Park City
  • Wasatch Mountains
  • Bonneville Salt Flats
  • Bear Lake
  • Jackson
  • Grand Teton
  • Yellowstone

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27. San Francisco To San Diego

Bixby Bridge near Big Sur on one of thest most popular USA road trips from San Francisco to San Diego
Bixby Bridge near Big Sur CA
  • Start: San Francisco, CA
  • End: San Diego, CA
  • Distance: 630 miles
  • Days: 5-10
  • Season: Year round

The San Francisco to San Diego road trip is a 630-mile route following the most popular section of the Pacific Coast Highway between San Francisco and San Diego in California. It features bucket list US cities, golden sandy beaches, spectacular coastal views and many more natural attractions.

We spent 12 days driving from San Francisco to San Diego in November 2021. You should plan for 3-5 days just for the coastal stops, plus the amount of time you want to spend in each of San Francisco, Los Angeles and San Diego. Carmel, Big Sur and Santa Barbara were our favorite stops.

Places to visit:

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28. Southern Pacific

Sunset Cliffs in San Diego living up to its name with a gorgeous sunset
Sunset Cliffs in San Diego CA
  • Start: San Diego, CA
  • End: Tybee Island, GA
  • Distance: 2,671 miles
  • Days: 14-21
  • Season: Year round

The Southern Pacific is a 2,900-mile long distance coast-to-coast road trip loosely following US Route 80 from San Diego, CA to Tybee Island, GA. It passes through 8 southern US states with stops at important historical and agricultural sites, national parks and major cities.

If you’re looking for a transcontinental route to drive in the winter months, this southern United States adventure could be perfect. It takes in some of the stops along the Deep South road trip but it also includes remote national parks in Texas and New Mexico.

Places to visit:

29. US Route 20

Niagara Falls near Buffalo New York is a popular stop on the Oregon Trail road trip route in the US
Niagara Falls on the US-Canada border
  • Start: Boston, MA
  • End: Newport, OR
  • Distance: 3,365 miles
  • Days: 14-28
  • Season: Spring-fall

The US Route 20 road trip is a 3,365-mile long distance route following Highway 20 from Boston, MA to Newport, OR. It’s an attraction heavy cross-country route featuring national parks, major cities and various areas of outstanding beauty.

We’ve been to almost every major stopping point along Route 20 and we think it’s one of the best ways to travel east-west in America. There’s so much to see and it’s far more scenic than driving I-90. Trust us, we know!

Places to visit:

30. Zion To Bryce Canyon

Zion Canyon overlook spectacular vista through the giant canyon walls of Zion
Zion Canyon Overlook at sunset
  • Start: Zion National Park, UT
  • End: Bryce Canyon National Park, UT
  • Distance: 87 miles
  • Days: 2-4
  • Season: Year round

The Zion to Bryce Canyon road trip is a popular 87-mile loop from Las Vegas featuring two of the five Utah national parks. The major highlights in Zion and Bryce Canyon can be seen in just 2-4 days and there’s nothing to see in between so you won’t need any more time. Plan for more time in Zion if you’re a hiker and prioritize Bryce Canyon if you’re into photography.

We’ve spent 8 full days exploring Zion and 2 days in Bryce Canyon. We think they provide the perfect introduction to hiking and photography in Utah. Las Vegas airport gives you an easy, short and affordable loop route to both parks, so you can do it in a long weekend or midweek when it will be quieter.

Places to visit:

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Our Top 5 USA Road Trips

Badlands National Park on a cloudy day in April
Badlands National Park, SD

It’s almost impossible for us to tell you what the best USA road trips are because it’s just too subjective. Our favorite might be your 5th favorite or 29th favorite. But for arguments sake, we’re going to show you our personal top 5 favorite USA road trips ranked in order.

  1. American Southwest
  2. New England fall foliage
  3. Mount Rushmore to Yellowstone
  4. San Francisco to San Diego
  5. Los Angeles to Las Vegas via Lake Tahoe

Don’t agree? Let us know your favorite American road trips in the comments below!

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