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Who doesn’t love travel photography?! A simple photo can transport us to a moment in time with a stunning landscape, show us a glimpse of a new culture, display a delicious meal or even showcase new friendships.

Travel photography was something we both became extremely passionate about on the road. This passion led us to buying our first camera in Japan. This was a pivotal moment because the rest is history. Our main goal is to show others the beauty of the world through our photos.

The COVID-19 pandemic hit us hard because travel was at a complete standstill. It was during this time, we truly started to appreciate out travel photos more than ever. As a result, we introduced our photo diaries to take others back through the adventure.

No matter the level of your photography skills, we believe there is always something you can learn. We aim to create resources such as our photography equipment guides or photography tips and locations for other budding photographers to hone their skills.

Start by looking through our favorite Pictures of America to find your US travel inspiration.

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Visiting Utah? You need to see a Mesa Arch Sunrise and a Delicate Arch Sunset. Bryce Canyon is also a stunning photography arena.

Discover the best photography locations in Yosemite National Park.

Sunrise and sunset are the most awesome times to photograph the Grand Canyon.

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If you need a backpack for your camera that easily doubles as a travel and even hiking backpack – the Peak Design Everyday Backpack is for you.

Feel free to contact us through our social media channels or through this website to share your love of photography!