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Our Editorial Process

Since 2018, Where Are Those Morgans has been a leading resource for travel, hiking and photography. This page explains the established process we always follow to provide trustworthy, accessible and accurate information.

We’d like to draw your attention to our editorial process because it’s the foundation for our entire business. We want to show you why you can trust us with your travel plans. All of the content you’ll find on our site is based on the 5 pillars below.

1. First Hand Travel Experience

In today’s world, information is incredibly easy to access, but it can be inaccurate, irrelevant, overwhelming and biased. Too many sites provide regurgitated versions of what someone else has written.

We provide quality content that is trustworthy, evidence-based, accurate, understandable and actionable because we have personally visited every location you can read about on this blog.

Over the last 6 years and counting, we’ve spent days, weeks or months of our time and energy in travel destinations around the world in order to provide you with the best information possible. Every guide is written directly from first hand experience because we’ve lived the experiences ourselves.

Our goal is to always provide completely original travel guides to help with planning your upcoming trips.

2. Written By Us

In addition to personally visiting every place we write about, every guide you read on Where Are Those Morgans has been exclusively written by us, Mark and Kristen Morgan.

We do not allow guest posts and we do not outsource any writing or content creation of any type. While we agree AI automation can be helpful in certain scenarios, we do not use AI for any of our content or writing.

Since we personally travel to every destination, hike every trail and photograph every landscape, we are subject matter experts in everything we write about, so it’s very easy for us to create our travel guides from scratch with no additional tools.

These processes ensure high journalistic standards for all of our content which showcases our individual perspectives written for people by people. As a team of two, we both influence every piece of content as it’s published to ensure accuracy and quality.

The biggest hurdle we face is time with two writers creating content from the ground up with no automation. But we’re determined to continue publishing original content directly from our own experiences to provide the best information possible.

3. Proven Scientific Method

We’re scientists by trade and the hard skills we learned in our various laboratory leadership roles translate into our strategic and methodical approach to creating content. This scientific background is what makes our brand unique. You can read more about us here.

Here’s our proven scientific approach to creating helpful and original travel guides:

  • Extensive research and planning before visiting any destination
  • Assessing what visitors want to do and see in a new place
  • Long days traveling, hiking and photographing the destination
  • Hours of writing travel guides directly from our experiences

Each guide we publish takes between one to three full days to complete. It depends on the topic, the destination and the depth of each guide.

Just like a scientific research paper, we only reference credible sources such as governments sites, academic institutions and reputable websites.

We also perform regular audits to continually monitor our content to ensure we’re sharing the most up-to-date and accurate information, so you will see two dates on our guides:

  • Published date – The date a guide was originally written and published.
  • Last updated date – The last time we updated a guide, which could include corrections, new information, replacement of images or changes to outdated sections such as open times, cost, etc.

Links in our articles are not for sale. We do not place any links as favors and we do not participate in any link-building schemes behind the scenes.

4. We Use Our Own Photos

We’re professional travel photographers and almost every single photo on our blog has been taken by us. These photos from all corners of the world further demonstrate our expertise in the travel, hiking and photography realm.

We’ve been featured in various media outlets and you can look through on our press portfolio. As an example, we had 29 photos published in Gestalten’s Great American Roadtrip (2022), including several two page spreads and cover photos.

Travel photography has developed into one our biggest passions in life. Waking up early to photograph a stunning sunrise over a spectacular landscape is when we are happiest. You can shop our favorite travel photos in our professional photography gallery.

5. We Pay For Our Own Travel

We always pay for our own flights, hotels and attractions in new places. This means you’re never going to read biased guides based on a paid collaboration or sponsored trip. You can rest assured every guide we write is completely genuine and without bias.

With that said, we do partner with a very small amount of travel companies who we believe can improve your travel experiences.

We are extremely selective about the companies we partner with and only ever agree if the product or service is something we would use ourselves. In order to maintain this high standard, we also re-evaluate brands on a yearly basis to ensure those brands still reflect our strict criteria.

An Editorial Process Created For You

Our readers are always our first priority. We strive to be your go to resource for anything travel, hiking and photography related. This editorial process is essential to give you the most trustworthy, accessible and accurate information possible.

We can honestly say we have the best job in the world and we genuinely look forward to waking up every morning so we can help you find new and exciting places to visit.

At Where Are Those Morgans, we’re always working hard to improve. If you have any questions or comments about this policy, feel free to contact us.