About Where Are Those Morgans

Hello and welcome to Where Are Those Morgans, your new go-to platform for travel guides, advice, itineraries and pocket guidebooks. We traveled the world non-stop for 6 years, visiting more than 40 countries and 30 US states, and it was the adventure of a lifetime.

Now, our only goal is to help you visit the same amazing places we’ve explored. Through our first hand travel resources, we’re here to give you the expert information you need to plan the best possible vacations.

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Mark Morgan and Kristen Morgan at a viewpoint overlooking Florence at sunset

Who Are We?

We’re Mark and Kristen Morgan, a British-American couple who met in an old life as career scientists. We shared such a strong passion for travel that we quit our jobs in 2018, got married and spent 18 months exploring the world on our honeymoon. And it changed our lives forever.

We knew that we wanted to help others travel to new places. So we started Where Are Those Morgans as a blog to offer free advice and tips, and now we help more than 2.5 million people each year with travel planning. We’ve finally put roots down but we’ll always be exploring new destinations.

Meet The Team

Mark morgan

Writer, Photographer
& Map Reader

Mark is from York in the north of England but immigrated to the US in July 2019. Prior to founding this blog, he was a Senior Flow Cytometry Scientist overseeing projects in both the US and Singapore from the UK.

Creating efficient travel itineraries is Mark’s top priority, which means you’ll always find the most detailed information on our site, including tips to help you make the most of your time.

Mark loves photography and always has a camera in hand. His favorite travel memories to date include various US National Parks in different seasons, temples in Cambodia and capturing the architecture in Italy. He can’t travel without Yorkshire tea bags!

Hiker holding camera with a view overlooking the Grand Canyon on a sunny day

kristen morgan

Writer, Creative
& Travel Planner

Kristen is from the Finger Lakes region of upstate New York. Prior to founding this blog, she held various laboratory scientist roles in R&D, Quality Assurance and Project Management. Kristen also completed her masters during our first 18 month world trip.

Finding attractions and hidden gems is Kristen’s top priority, which means you’ll always find the best things to do in any destination, including lesser known activities that support the local community.

Kristen loves being outdoors and hiking is her happy place. Her favorite travel memories to date include our multi-day trips through Patagonia in Chile, Mont Blanc in Europe and the Inca Trail in Peru. She can’t travel without Franks Hot Sauce and her Kindle!

Hiker holding camera in a yellow coat and wooly hat standing on a sloped colorful rock formation with a clear blue sky
Two hikers stood together for a photo at the summit of a rocky mountain with far reaching views behind

What Makes Us Travel Pros?

After spending 6 years living out of backpacks and suitcases as we traveled extensively throughout Asia, Europe, South America and the US, we think we’re pretty well placed to offer expert travel advice! And it isn’t just how long we’ve been exploring, it’s how we explore.

We’re planners (and analytical scientists), so we have a methodical approach to travel. We stay in places for long periods, we do everything there is to do and we’re always out with our cameras from dawn to dusk. And you’ll find this style of travel (some might call it FOMO!) reflected in our guides.

How Can We Help You?

Travel, hiking and photography are our passions in life, and we love to help others visit new places, so this really is our dream job. Please take advantage of our vast amount of expert resources including free-to-read blog posts, our popular travel guidebooks and our bespoke travel planning service.

Whether you want to visit a new country, city, small town, national park, road trip, hike or photo spot – if we’ve been there, we can help you go there too.

Couple standing together on a pebble and sand beach next to the sea with blue sunloungers, a town built into a hill and lots of clouds

Personal Guides

The majority of what we publish is destination based to help you visit new places, hike new trails and photograph new landscapes. But we thought it would be insightful for you (and for us!) if we wrote a handful of personal guides explaining what it’s really like to travel long term and run an online travel business. We’ve been completely open and honest with our views, but it’s important to remember they are just our opinions. Here’s what we’ve written so far:

Human Made Travel Resources

We want to make it clear that all blog posts and guidebooks available on Where Are Those Morgans are 100% human made, by nobody but us, Mark and Kristen Morgan. We don’t use AI in any way and everything you read has been created directly from our own first hand experiences.

We promise to keep it that way, so you can always be sure that what you’re reading is real, authentic and has been done before by fellow travelers.

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