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10 Fun Things To Do In Vermont: Best Places To Visit In VT

10 Fun Things To Do In Vermont: Best Places To Visit In VT

Vermont is a picturesque land filled with natural beauty and charm. We’re going to show you 10 of the most fun things to do and best places to visit in Vermont, from quaint rural towns to endless rolling hills covered in an ocean of colorful leaves.

We have traveled extensively throughout Vermont during its striking peak fall foliage leaf peeping season and we have to say VT is one of the most photogenic places we’ve visited to date.

Here’s how we will help you plan the perfect trip to Vermont:

  • Alphabetical order list of 10 fun things you can do in Vermont
  • Best things for families and couples to do in VT
  • Vermont road trip itinerary example
  • Best time to visit Vermont

Let’s get right into the most fun things you can do on a visit to Vermont!

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1. Bennington

Bennington Battle Monument tall brick needle shaped tower on a grassy hill
Bennington Battle Monument

What Is Bennington?

Bennington is a small town in the southwest of Vermont close to the borders with New York and Massachusetts.

It was the first town established in the state in 1749 and it is known for the Battle of Bennington during the Revolutionary War.

Why Is Bennington A Fun Place To Visit In Vermont?

Bennington is an exceptionally attractive town surrounded by mountains and stunning nature. The lively and artsy downtown is a perfect place to use as a base for families to explore the nearby countryside.

Bennington is one of the last places to visit in Vermont during fall foliage as peak colors heads south.

Best Things To Do In Bennington, Vermont

  • Visit the popular Bennington Battle Monument
  • Take an elevator to the top of the 306 feet tall monument
  • Photograph fall foliage leaves in nearby Green Mountains
  • Visit the Bennington Museum
  • Snowshoe and ski in winter
  • Go to the Robert Frost Stone House Museum
  • Find covered bridges around Bennington

2. Brattleboro

Dummerston Covered Bridge near Brattleboro stunning wooden bridge over a river
Dummerston Covered Bridge near Brattleboro

What Is Brattleboro?

Brattleboro is a small town on the banks of the Connecticut River directly bordering New Hampshire and under 10 miles from Massachusetts.

The only place in the world called Brattleboro is a year round tourist spot, with hikes, forested hills and ski resorts nearby.

Why Is Brattleboro A Fun Place To Visit In Vermont?

Brattleboro is a classic VT town in the foothills, with independent stores, arts and local food all found along the shores of the Connecticut River.

It is a peaceful and easy going place to visit but it comes alive in fall and winter when leaf peepers and skiers head out into the hills.

Best Things To Do In Brattleboro, Vermont

  • Explore the historic Brattleboro downtown
  • Visit Fort Drummer State Park
  • Photograph Creamery and Dummerston covered bridges
  • Visit Brattleboro Museum and Art Center
  • Hike in Wantastiquet Mountain Natural Area for views over Brattleboro

3. Burlington

Famous church in Burlington Vermont market street one of the best places to visit in Vermont
Church Street in Burlington

What Is Burlington?

Burlington VT is the most populous city in the Green Mountain State. Located on the shores of Lake Champlain just 45 miles from the Canadian border, Burlington is the liveliest city to visit in the state.

Church Street Marketplace is the iconic shopping and dining experience in the city.

Why Is Burlington A Fun Place To Visit In Vermont?

Burlington is the best place to visit in Vermont for couples or groups of friends who want restaurants and bars on the doorstep.

Don’t miss the bike ride to Grand Isle and enjoy Church Street Marketplace! Burlington international airport is a great place to start or end a road trip through the state.

Best Things To Do In Burlington, Vermont

  • Eat, drink and shop along Church Street Marketplace
  • Visit Ethan Allen Homestead Museum
  • Climb Ethan Allen Tower for amazing views
  • Cycle Burlington bike path across Lake Champlain Causeway
  • Walk around Waterfront Park

4. Camel’s Hump State Park

Camel's Hump State Park rock formation surrounded by colorful trees
Camel’s Hump State Park in Fall

What Is Camel’s Hump?

Camel’s Hump State Park is a 20,000 acre forest reserve located in between popular tourist spots Burlington and Stowe.

It features the challenging Camel’s Hump Trail to a hump shaped rocky summit surrounded by miles of trees on all sides.

Why Is Camel’s Hump A Fun Place To Visit In Vermont?

Climbing to Camel’s Hump is a must for avid hikers visiting the state, especially in fall when the colors are radiant. This is a moderate to difficult hike leading to spectacular 360 degree views.

If you have enough time on your VT itinerary, spend half a day hiking here with your camera. For more hiking inspiration, read our popular guide to the 50 best hikes in the US.

Best Things To Do In Camel’s Hump, Vermont

  • Hike Camel’s Hump Trail for stunning summit views
  • Photograph the landscape in fall for unique foliage images

5. Green Mountain National Forest

Vermont Green Mountains colorful leaves and blue sky one of the most fun things to do in VT photograph fall foliage
Green Mountain National Forest in Vermont

What Are The Green Mountains?

The Green Mountains are a mountain range in Vermont running around 250 miles from the border with Massachusetts to the border with Quebec in Canada.

Notable peaks in the Green Mountains include Mt Mansfield, Camel’s Hump, Killington Peak, Jay Peak and Stratton Mountain.

Why Are The Green Mountains A Fun Place To Visit In Vermont?

The Green Mountains are a four season outdoor enthusiasts dream come true, from skiing in winter, to hiking in spring and summer, and finally a fall foliage extravaganza in autumn.

If you’re looking for the most fun place to visit in Vermont, head to the unspoiled Green Mountains.

Best Things To Do In The Green Mountains, Vermont

  • Hike several wonderful trails
  • Find waterfalls scattered throughout the mountains
  • Ski the Green Mountains in winter
  • Photograph some of the most vibrant fall foliage colors in autumn
  • Hike part of the Appalachian Trail through the Green Mountains

6. Lake Champlain

View of Lake Champlain on the Vermont New York border with sun beams and green trees stunning place to visit on vacation
View over Lake Champlain from Burlington VT

What Is Lake Champlain?

Lake Champlain is a 120 mile long natural freshwater lake forming the border between the northeast US states of Vermont and New York.

The lake had a colorful history throughout the 1700’s and 1800’s but today it is a popular tourist spot in summer and provides drinking water to thousands.

Why Is Lake Champlain A Fun Place To Visit In Vermont?

Lake Champlain is a natural stopping point for those planning to visit Lake Placid in New York’s Adirondack Mountains as well as the best places in Vermont.

You can hike, swim, explore, learn about its historical significance and even cycle between islands on the lake.

Best Things To Do Around Lake Champlain, Vermont

  • Swim and cool off at public beaches along the shores in summer
  • Cycle the Burlington bike path to Grand Isle
  • Visit Kingsland Bay and Button Bay State Park
  • Explore the Lake Champlain Maritime Museum
  • Visit Fort Ticonderoga and Mt Independence
  • Cross Lake Champlain bridge into New York
  • Visit non-profit Shelburne Farms

7. Manchester

Hildene Lincoln family residence with green grass colorful leaves on trees and road near Manchester is one of the top places to visit in Vermont
Hildene Lincoln Family Residence near Manchester VT

What Is Manchester?

Manchester VT is a popular year round tourist town at the heart of Green Mountain National Forest.

The town is split into the old town of Manchester and the more modern Manchester Center which features a range of designer outlets and restaurants.

Why Is Manchester A Fun Place To Visit In Vermont?

Manchester is our top pick for places to visit in the south of Vermont. It has hiking in spring and summer, an abundance of fall foliage photography spots in autumn and two winter ski resorts on the doorstep.

Hildene, the Lincoln Family Home was once the estate of Abe Lincoln’s son Robert and Equinox Mountain summit provides far reaching views. Both are excellent touristy stops here in town.

Best Things To Do In Manchester, Vermont

8. Quechee

Waterfall with rocks and still water backed by houeses and a restaurant with balcony
Mill Pond Falls in Quechee VT

What Is Quechee?

Quechee is a tiny but popular village sandwiched between Woodstock and the New Hampshire border.

It is famous for its 165 feet deep Quechee Gorge which can be viewed from a bridge or on hiking trails flanking both sides. Quechee is a fantastic place to visit for half a day in central Vermont.

Why Is Quechee A Fun Place To Visit In Vermont?

Quechee is the ideal half day stop for those looking to unwind and enjoy a slow pace on vacation. Mill Pond Falls is a lovely spot to grab a beer or glass of wine and relax.

You’ll need a camera to photograph the dramatic Quechee Gorge and hikers can blow off the cobwebs on a trail in the state park. Kids will love the toy museum but adults shouldn’t miss the glassworks.

Best Things To Do In Quechee, Vermont

  • Photograph Mill Pond Falls from Quechee Covered Bridge
  • Visit Simon Pearce glassworks
  • Take a hot air balloon ride right out of the small village
  • Hike around Quechee Gorge in Quechee State Park
  • Photograph nearby Taftsville Covered Bridge
  • Visit the Vermont Toy Museum
  • Ski a small number of slopes near town in winter

9. Stowe

Photographing the famous church in Stowe Vermont is one of the most fun things to do in VT especially in Fall when the colors are vibrant
Church in Stowe Vermont during Fall foliage season

What Is Stowe?

Stowe VT is a four season tourist destination located at the base of Mount Mansfield in the north of the state. The town is split into the old town of Stowe and the Bavarian themed Stowe Mountain Resort.

Between the two parts of town are dozens of eateries, hotels and activities for all ages and interests. Stowe is our top choice for places to visit in northern Vermont.

Why Is Stowe A Fun Place To Visit In Vermont?

Stowe is a hugely popular year round resort catering to hikers, skiers, photographers and sightseers. There are plenty of waterfalls, mountains and covered bridges to unearth.

There really is something for everyone in Stowe and it is definitely one of the best stops to make on a New England fall foliage road trip itinerary.

Best Things To Do In Stowe, Vermont

  • Photograph the famous church in Stowe during fall foliage season
  • Ski at Stowe Mountain Resort in winter
  • Drive Smugglers Notch road
  • Walk or cycle the Stowe Recreational Path
  • Drive, cable car or hike to Mount Mansfield summit
  • Visit nearby Red and Gold Brook Covered Bridges
  • Hike to Moss Glen Falls and Bingham Falls
  • Visit the Trapp family lodge (from sound of music)
  • Take the kids on a factory tour of Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream

10. Woodstock

Sleepy Hollow Farm in Fall is one of the most stunning places to visit in Vermont and the most photogenic things to do in Woodstock VT
Farm near Woodstock Vermont in Fall

What Is Woodstock?

Woodstock is located in central Vermont just 15 miles from the New Hampshire border. It is the quintessential New England town, featuring a charming downtown area and stunning countryside.

Nearby farms and covered bridges provide some of the top photography locations in all of New England, particularly during fall. Woodstock is our top pick for places to visit in central Vermont and we think it is one of the best places to visit in the USA.

Why Is Woodstock A Fun Place To Visit In Vermont?

Woodstock is incredibly attractive and it is home to an array of locally run stores, eateries and cafes. Billings Farm is a great place to take the kids to see a working farm.

Outside of town, you are going to need a camera with backup SD cards. Woodstock and its surroundings are postcard perfect, from Sleepy Hollow and Jenne Road farms to Middle and Mill Brook covered bridges.

Best Things To Do In Woodstock, Vermont

Woodstock Middle Covered Bridge in Vermont during the fall season
Woodstock Middle Bridge in Vermont

Best Things To Do In Vermont With Kids

Are you visiting Vermont with the kids?

Let’s take a look at the most fun things you can do as a family:

  • Cycle the Burlington bike path
  • Hike to Moss Glen Falls
  • Take the Ben and Jerry’s factory tour
  • Find as many covered bridges as you can
  • Take the older kids on a hike up Camel’s Hump
  • Drive Smugglers Notch road
  • Take the Mount Mansfield or Equinox Mountain toll road
  • Swim in Lake Champlain
  • See the animals at Billings Farm and Museum
  • Ski at Stowe Mountain Resort

Fun Things To Do In Vermont For Couples

Taking a couples trip to Vermont?

Let’s take a look at the top things you can do as a dynamic duo:

  • Eat, drink and shop along Church Street Marketplace in Burlington
  • Cycle the Burlington bike path
  • Hike Camel’s Hump Trail
  • Explore Green Mountain National Forest
  • Hike Mount Mansfield or Equinox Mountain
  • Relax with a glass of wine in Quechee
  • Ski in Manchester or Stowe
  • Hike to Moss Glen and Bingham Falls
  • Walk the Stowe recreational path
  • Taste delicious cheeses and syrups
  • Take a fall foliage road trip through the state

Map Of The Best Things To Do In Vermont

Above you can find our interactive Google Map for the best places to visit and most fun things to do on a vacation to Vermont.

Click or touch the map to activate, zoom in and out, scroll around and familiarize yourself with the area. You will find icons at the exact locations of all things to do in Vermont mentioned in this guide.

Planning Your Vermont Road Trip Itinerary

Vermont is one of the easiest US states to plan a memorable road trip itinerary thanks to its size and grouping of top places to visit.

A small cluster of things to do in the north, center and south of Vermont respectively make planning a breeze. Driving distances are short and quiet roads connect each place efficiently.

Ideally you would use Burlington as your airport hub, hire a car and drive a loop route through the state. However, Boston is a more likely place for most visitors to begin and end a road trip through Vermont.

Cheaper airlines, more flights and better accessibility across the US and internationally mean we will use Boston as our start and end point for the example below.

If you plan to visit Vermont in the fall foliage season, you will want to begin in the north and follow the peak colors south throughout your trip.

Where Are Those Morgans holding hands inside a railroad covered bridge in Vermont
Mark and Kristen from Where Are Those Morgans inside a covered railroad bridge

Example Vermont Road Trip Itinerary

Let’s take a brief look at an example 10 day Vermont road trip itinerary featuring the most fun things to do in the Green Mountain State.

We will assume you visit in fall and use Boston as your transport hub.

Note: If you are planning to drive through more of New England, which is one of the very best road trips in the USA, you can still use the example itinerary below for the Vermont portion of your trip.

Woodstock and Quechee – Days 1 to 2

  • Drive from Boston Logan to Woodstock, stopping in Quechee and the gorge
  • Spend day two exploring the best of Woodstock and its surroundings
  • Don’t miss Jenne Road and Sleepy Hollow farms, they are calendar cover favorites

Stowe – Days 3 to 4

  • Use day three for hiking to waterfalls, finding covered bridges and photography in Stowe
  • Hike, drive or cable car Mount Mansfield and drive Smugglers Notch
  • Take things slowly and enjoy Stowe, it is one of the highlights in Vermont

Camel’s Hump – Day 5

  • Visit Ben and Jerry’s on the way out of Stowe
  • Spend half a day hiking to Camel’s Hump summit
  • Continue on to Burlington and spend the evening in Church Street Marketplace

Burlington – Days 6 to 7

  • Cycle the Burlington bike path to Grand Isle and relax on the shores of Lake Champlain
  • Spend day seven exploring Ethan Allen homestead and tower, eating and drinking in town

Manchester – Days 8 to 9

  • Drive down to Manchester via Middlebury and Rutland with plenty of covered bridge stops
  • Visit Hildene, the Lincoln Family Home in the afternoon
  • Drive or hike to Equinox Mountain summit and hike to Lye Brook Falls on day nine

Bennington, Brattleboro and Boston – Day 10

  • Get an early start and drive to Bennington Battle Monument
  • Walk around the town before driving over to Brattleboro to see another town
  • Drive back to Boston in the evening
Stunning wooden covered bridge backed by colorful fall foliage leaves and blue sky
Wooden covered bridge near Woodstock

Best Time To Visit Vermont

Late September and early October in Fall are the best times to visit Vermont in New England. It is one of the best places in the world to see vibrant fall foliage colors, which means it is by far the busiest time to visit the region.

Spring and summer are fantastic times to visit Vermont if you’re more interested in hiking than you are in photography. The months of May and June are perfect for crisp air and warmer temperatures without the crowds.

Visiting Vermont in Winter is a completely different experience. Skiing is a big deal here in the Green Mountain State and Stowe Mountain Resort is among the best in the country.

Top 10 Fun Things To Do In Vermont

Here’s a summary of the top 10 things to do in Vermont:

  1. Visit Bennington
  2. Explore Brattleboro
  3. Spend a few days in Burlington
  4. Hike Camel’s Hump Trail
  5. Photograph the Green Mountains
  6. Cycle along Lake Champlain
  7. Explore the best of old and new Manchester
  8. Relax in Quechee
  9. Get active in the awesome town of Stowe
  10. Enjoy the charming town of Woodstock

FAQ’s For The Best Places To Visit In Vermont

Let’s finish by taking a quick look at the most asked questions about the best things to do in Vermont.

Is Vermont Worth Visiting?

Vermont is a quaint, rural and exceptionally picturesque state well worth visiting, especially in the Autumn when vibrant fall foliage illuminates the endless rolling hills found throughout VT.

What Is The Number One Attraction In Vermont?

Burlington is the most visited place in Vermont but the number one attraction is fall foliage leaf peeping season around the end of September and beginning of October each year.

What Activities Is Vermont Known For?

Vermont is best known for hiking and skiing in the Green Mountains, cheese and syrup tasting, drinking in craft breweries and dining at farm-to-table eateries, outdoor adventure and driving the classic fall foliage VT road trip.

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We hope this guide listing the best things to do in Vermont helps with planning your visit to the US northeast!

Please let us know if you have any questions about visiting Vermont below in the comments and have a great trip.

Happy Travels,

Mark and Kristen

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