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Pictures of America: 100+ Bucket List USA Travel Photos To Inspire You

Pictures of America: 100+ Bucket List USA Travel Photos To Inspire You

Our ultimate goal as professional travelers and photographers is to inspire you to travel and take photographs. So, how can we inspire you to travel and take pictures of somewhere new in the US? Well, you can start with this wonderfully diverse list of our personal favorite Pictures of America!

You will find well over 100 of our own photographs taken in various parts of America including cities, national parks, structures and more – which makes this photography article perfect for anyone planning a trip around the US and those simply seeking some good old fashioned travel inspiration.

Photography has grown into one of our great passions when we travel. We love to shoot sunrise, sunset and night photography if possible. However, many of the most incredible US landscapes are best shot in daylight hours. Therefore, you can expect to find the right balance of images.

This photography article was created in essence for you to discover parts of America you might not have visited yet and to stir up the dormant travel bug inside!

We will continuously add to this list each time we travel somewhere new, so be sure to pin it at the end or bookmark it to stay up to date.

How Our Pictures Of America Are Organized

The United States is a vast country filled with iconic cities, mind-blowing landscapes, harsh desert, lush forest, dramatic mountains, thousands of miles of coastline and countless bucket list destinations.

We considered presenting from East to West, North to South, grouping Cities and National Parks and many more alternatives.

However, in the end we settled on a traditional approach for maximum diversity and to make things easier for you to navigate: Alphabetical order. Each US state is listed alphabetically, and within each state, each city or park is listed alphabetically.

Selecting which images to use for each place was the difficult part of putting together our favorite pictures of America. We have thousands upon thousands of images to filter through!

You will find between 1-5 photographs for each destination and if you like the look of a place, simply click the links to our blog posts for more information.

Let’s dive in!

Pictures of America: ARIZONA


Grand Canyon National Park

Stunning picture of the grand canyon arizona national park one of the most famous in america

Spectacularly rugged ravines at Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona

Beautiful contrast between colorful canyon rocks and deep blue sky grand canyon national park arizona

Amazing contrast between colorful canyons and deep blue sky – iconic picture of America

Sunrise at the Grand Canyon in Arizona, amazing pictures of america national parks

Grand Canyon sunrise extravaganza

photograph of grand canyon national park arizona at midday up gorge and dramatic views

Endless ravines, gorges and rocks

Deep dark shadows cast in the late hours of daylight gorgeous picture of grand canyon national park arizona, usa

Late afternoon shadows casting eerily across the canyon before sunset

Horseshoe Bend

Horseshoe Bend in Page Arizona before sunset with speedboat turning bend

Last rays of sun beating down on Horseshoe Bend, Arizona

Pictures of America Horseshoe Bend Page Arizona After Sunset Orange Rocks and Still Water

Orange rocks after sunset over the Colorado River

Monument Valley

Monument Valley Arizona Huge Towering Buttes Make For Perfect Pictures of America

Scorching sun in the Arizona desert at Monument Valley

Three buttes at monument valley arizona hot arid desert

West Mitten, East Mitten & Merrick Buttes bursting out of an orange sea

Single butte protruding out of the arizona desert at monument valley

Dense, deep orange and cube shaped Merrick Butte close up

Forrest gump sign at monument valley with starburst on the sun

Starburst of a burning bright Sun through the famous Forrest Gump sign

Pictures of America: CALIFORNIA


Death Valley National Park

Titus Canyon four wheel drive is amazing in death valley national park colors and rugged terrain make for epic pictures of america

Unexpected vibrant colors driving awesome Titus Canyon in Death Valley

Badwater Basin is the most famous place to visit in death valley national park california white salt flat ground below sea level and huge rocks behind

White salt flats of Badwater Basin – the lowest point in America 86m below sea level

Yellow mounds Manly beacon death valley national park california

Golden Canyon hiking trail through yellow mounds to Manly Beacon


Joshua Tree National Park

Joshua Tree photography stunning silhouetted joshua trees against a beautifully colorful sunset with blues oranges yellows and reds in the sky pictures of america

Beautiful colors at sunset with silhouetted dancing Joshua Trees

Cactus plants at sunset in joshua tree national park california

Starburst through twin cacti at Cholla cactus garden

Baby Joshua Trees in arid desert land of Joshua Tree national park California USA at sunset with lovely pinks and purples in the sky

Typical Joshua Tree image of boulders, brush and sporadic yucca plants

Awesome view of the san andreas fault line and coachella valley from keys view in joshua tree national park california

Hazy view over San Andreas fault, Coachella valley and even Mexico on a clear day 


Los Angeles

Famous pictures of america los angeles from behind the hollywood sign

One of the most famous pictures of America – Los Angeles city from behind the Hollywood sign

Beverly Hills Los Angeles California at night purple sky behind high end shopping

Purple sky on a warm night shopping along high end Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills

Santa Monica and Venice beaches in los angeles california life guard hut famous images from usa

Lifeguard tower at sunset on Venice Beach with Santa Monica Pier just visible in the distant haze

Pacific Coast Highway

USA photography images of california big sur coastline on pacific highway bixby bridge

Bixby Bridge is a popular stop for photos along the Big Sur coastline of California

McWay Falls is one of the best stops along the california pacific coast highway stunning images of the waterfall hitting the sandy beach and turquoise water

Stunning McWay Falls plunging onto sand and the Pacific Ocean at sunset

California's Pacific Coastline along Highway 1 deep blue ocean and cliffs

Perspective picture showing the vastness of California’s Pacific Coast


San Diego

Amazing photo of san diego city line at night from coronado one of our favorite pictures from California

One of our favorite cities in America – picture of San Diego skyline at night taken from Coronado

Scripps Oceanography Ellen Browning Pier on a beach in San Diego California columns look like a tunnel awesome travel photography

Incredible tunnel vortex perspective Scripps Memorial Pier

Stunning California sunset at sunset cliffs in san diego sunlight reflecting on pacific ocean and clear purple sky

Stunning California sunset over the Pacific at aptly named sunset cliffs


San Francisco

One of the most famous pictures of america the world famous golden gate bridge and san francisco bay from marin headland

One of the all time iconic great pictures of America – San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge

San Francisco cable car tracks between city blocks at sunrise with oakland bridge in background

California and Powell Street picture of Oakland Bridge at Sunrise

famous cable car of san francisco with tourists hanging off the sides san francisco bay in background

Tourists on the world famous San Francisco cable car at Hyde and Beach

famous picture of america Alcatraz island solitary in san francisco bay

Solitary, eerie and spine tingling Alcatraz island isolated in San Francisco Bay


Yosemite National Park

Yosemite national park valley from tunnel view is one of the most famous landscape pictures of america stunning purples at dusk

Epic Yosemite valley picture from Tunnel View – purple haze after sunset

Amazing view of Yosemite valley from valley view overlook el capitan and half dome in the distance

Valley view before sunrise El Capitan reflecting in the Merced River

Half Dome at Yosemite national park california - view from the side shows the severity of its steep edges and grandeur

Perfect perspective of Half Dome – like a knife through Granite butter

El Capitan illuminating at sunrise bright yellow sunlight warming up the rock Yosemite national park california

Awe-inspiring picture of El Capitan as the first rays of sun illuminate the dawn wall


Pictures of America: ILLINOIS



Chicago the bean reflecting skyscrapers and tourists

Bean shaped sculpture Cloud Gate mirroring tourists and Windy City skyscrapers

Famous Chicago sign on side of a building in downtown chicago illinois

Famous red Chicago sign at the Chicago theater on a dull grey day

Sears Willis tower disappearing into dense clouds in chicago illinois

Awesome shot of Willis tower disappearing into thick dense clouds

Turquoise river in chicago with yellow boat and skyscrapers

Chicago water taxi on turquoise Chicago river surrounded by tall city buildings


Pictures of America: MAINE


Acadia National Park

Kristen inside a cave silhouetted against the sunrise outside the cave at acadia national park maine usa

Kristen inside a hidden cave at high tide silhouetted against the Atlantic Ocean at sunrise

Mark jumping between rocks perspective against lake at acadia national park maine usa

Mark taking a leap of faith – South Bubble and Jordan Pond

Stunning sunset at bass harbor lighthouse in acadia national park maine usa incredible pictures of america northeast

Beautiful sunset picture of Bass Harbor lighthouse – Northeast America

Boothbay Harbor

Boothbay harbor pier into harbor during daylight marina small sail boats maine coast

Pier jutting out into Boothbay Harbor at low tide

Sunset at boothbay harbor in maine usa still water with reflections of island and jetty

McFarland Island at dusk with floating wooden jetty and metal bridge reflecting

Night sky with stars and island reflection at boothbay harbor in maine stunning pictures of america where are those morgans

Night sky picture of McFarland Island with stars not long after sunset


Sunrise at portland head lighthouse with long exposure on water creating cloudy effect maine photography

Long exposure of rough seas on a cloudy morning at sunrise – Portland Head Lighthouse

Portland head lighthouse drone photography side view image waves crashing into rocks

Drone picture of Portland Head Lighthouse in Northeast America

Birds eye view drone photography of portland lighthouse in maine awesome picture of america turquoise waters waves crashing and entire lighthouse plot

Birds eye view of Portland Head Lighthouse taken by drone in high wind as waves crash on rocks


Pictures of America: NEVADA


Las Vegas

Bellagio fountains in Las Vegas is a famous picture of america everyone should see

Another famous popular culture picture of America – the dancing fountains in front of Bellagio casino hotel

Venetian hotel lit up at night in las vegas nevada

Long exposure car lights in front of the illuminated Venetian hotel in Las Vegas

Wheel of fortune slot machine in las vegas lit up multi colors in a casino

The banker always wins!

Pictures of America: NEW HAMPSHIRE

Franconia Notch State Park

Mark and Kristen where are those morgans travel blog crouched down on artists bluff franconia notch state park new hampshire in fall with stunning colors and dark clouds pictures of america

Mark and Kristen at Artist’s Bluff in Franconia Notch State Park on a cloudy day

Stunning covered bridge in flume gorge trail at franconia notch state park new hampshire

Gorgeous Flume Covered Bridge crossing the Pemigewasset River in Flume Gorge

Kancamagus Highway

Stunning wooden barn backed by green trees along kancamagus highway scenic drive in new hampshire usa

Attractive old barn backed by emerald green trees just off the main road

Heart lake reflecting fall foliage trees along kancamagus highway new hampshire

Wonderful fall foliage colors reds, oranges, yellows and greens reflecting in Falls Pond 

Drone picture of covered bridge crossing river on kancamagus highway in new hampshire america stunning red bridge surrounded by trees and hills in background

Drone picture of Albany Covered Bridge with rolling hills and cloudy sky background


Pictures of America: NEW YORK


Buttermilk Falls State Park

Buttermilk Falls state park in new york finger lakes small waterfalls with flat smooth rocks

Picturesque plunge falls and pools along Buttermilk Creek to Buttermilk Waterfall

Lake Placid

Mirror Lake in Lake Placid New York stunning colors in fall and blue grey lake with dense clouds

Gorgeous fall colored trees surrounding houses along the shores of Mirror Lake 

Waterfalls at high falls gorge near lake placid in new york is a stunning image

Powerful narrow waterfall cutting through High Falls gorge near Whiteface Mountain

Wooden house barn and trees reflecting perfectly in a small lake museum near ski jump in lake placid new york adirondacks photography

Perfect reflection of barns and trees at John Brown historic site near Ski jump in Lake Placid

Mark at the summit of Mount Marcy hike in new york adirondacks mountains awesome rolling mountains picture of america

Mark at the summit of Mount Marcy – highest of the high peaks in New York’s Adirondacks

Letchworth State Park

Incredibly beautiful sunrise picture of letchworth state park new york finger lakes America

Mind blowing sunrise picture at Great Bend Overlook – one of our favorite sunrises in America

Robert H Treman State Park

Lucifer Falls in robert h treman state park new york photo of wispy fall cascading down rock

Lightly flowing 115ft tall Lucifer Falls multi-tier cascade waterfall

Rochester, NY

High falls in rochester new york at sunset with stunning colors in the sky and awesome waterfall illuminated

High Falls waterfall, Rochester city skyline and beautiful sunset colors all in one photograph

Rochester new york city center at night bridge and building colors reflecting in Genesee river

Frederick Douglass-Susan B Anthony Memorial Bridge and high rise buildings reflecting in the Genesee River


Taughannock Falls State Park

Taughannock Falls state park near ithaca new york is a lovely waterfall image

Tallest single drop waterfall east of the Rockies – Taughannock Falls flowing very lightly in Summer drought

Watkins Glen State Park

pictures of America don't come much more stunning than watkins glen state park in new york finger lakes breathtaking image of waterfalls and rugged gorge rocks

Spectacularly mesmerizing scene at Rainbow Falls – climax of Watkins Glen gorge trail


Pictures of America: SOUTH DAKOTA


Badlands National Park

Badlands national park in south dakota with open blue sky and intriguing rocks makes for awesome usa photos

Smooth rocks with colorful layers stretching as far as the eye can see and huge open blue sky

Kristen climbing a long ladder on the notch trail at badlands national park south dakota

Kristen climbing a tall ladder on Badlands best hike – Notch Trail

Awesome rugged rocks at badlands national park south Dakota USA

Intriguing alien landscape image taken from Badlands Loop Road

Yellow mounds is the most sought after picture of badlands national park in south dakota america stunning colors

Yellow mounds is the most unique picture of Badlands in the desolate American Midwest

Black Elk Peak

View over 4 us states from the summit of black elk peak hike in south dakota amazing pictures of america

Amazing summit views from Black Elk Peak into South Dakota, Nebraska, Wyoming and Montana

Harney watchtower at the summit of black elk peak in south dakota

Harney Peak lookout tower (fire watch) at the summit of Black Elk Peak hiking trail

Custer State Park

Iron mountain and needles highway custer state park south dakota road with arched tunnels

Arched tunnel on stunning Needles Highway scenic drive in Custer State Park, SD

Huge bison walking in custer state park on road edge

Enormous Bison grazing on a road side in Custer State Park

Mount Rushmore

Mount Rushmore in south dakota before sunrise grey stone color

Towering grey granite rocks of Mount Rushmore before sunrise

Mount Rushmore illuminate pink as the first rays of sunlight hit the granite structure famous pictures of america

First rays of sunlight illuminate the four presidents in a pink glow

Mount Rushmore turning brilliant orange as the low sun lights up one of the most iconic pictures of all in america

Full strength of sunrise turns Mount Rushmore orange to create an iconic picture in America


Pictures of America: UTAH


Arches National Park

Sunset at delicate arch arches national park is one of the most beautiful photos in utah

Beautiful sunset at Delicate Arch – bowl depression, logic-defying arch and wide open landscape

Kristen stood inside the windows arches national park utah usa huge open rounded arch created by erosion

Kristen as perspective to show the massive size of South Window Arch 

Delicate arch arches national park at sunset with amazing starburst of the sun beautiful utah sunset iconic pictures of america

Epic picture of Delicate Arch as the sun is setting with starburst effect

Landscape arch on devils garden trail hike arches national park utah usa long thin arch with deep blue sky behind

At 93 meters long and only 3.4 meters thick at its widest, Landscape Arch is an impressive natural stone structure

Bryce Canyon National Park

Stunning red sunrise over bryce canyon amphitheater utah national parks usa awesome pictures of america

Spectacular burning red sunrise over Bryce Canyon amphitheater at first light

Hoodoos in bryce canyon national park utah are strange deep orange rock formations

Typical hoodoos of Bryce Canyon scattered throughout the main amphitheater

Small arched door carved into huge orange slab of rock and sun starburst at bryce canyon national park utah usa

Man made arched doorway cut through orange rock to create a hiking trail

Switchbacks on sandy hiking trails into jagged orange rocks bryce canyon national park utah

Fascinating canyon landscape opened up for hikers by creating a series of sandy switchbacks

Canyonlands National Park

sunrise over stunning rock gorge in canyonlands national park utah usa rock face lit up by sun and blue sky

Dramatic and rugged landscape lit up golden yellow at sunrise through Mesa Arch

Mesa Arch canyonlands is one of the most iconic sunrise pictures in america underneath of arch illuminates red

Immense red glow underneath Mesa Arch in Canyonlands as sunlight hits the canyon wall below

Schafer trail running through a canyon in canyonlands national park utah usa awesome view

Off-road dirt track showing perspective of grand scale at Canyonlands

Capitol Reef National Park

Capitol Reef national park in utah america has a stunning picture of fruita barn with orange rocks behind

Fruita Barn is the most photogenic picture to take at underrated Capitol Reef National Park

Hickman bridge natural rock arch in capitol reef national park utah usa

Hickman Bridge is the unmissable family friendly hike with natural arched structure climax

Fruita schoolhouse tiny wooden building surrounded by stunning fall foliage colors in capitol reef national park utah usa

Fruita schoolhouse wooden building surrounded by vibrant fall colored trees and brush

Zion National Park

Incredible canyon view from angels landing summit zion national park utah

Iconic Zion canyon overlook from dangerous Angels Landing hiking trail – worth it for the view?

Kristen in full waterproof gear in the virgin river hiking the narrows trail at zion national park utah usa

Kristen hiking the amazing Narrows slot canyon river trail in full waterproofs

Tree and river inside canyon the narrows hiking trail zion national park utah

Rare lush green tree on the Narrows hike flanked by towering cliff rock faces

More epic views at zion national park in utah canyon overlook near tunnel entrance huge wide open canyon

Zion’s other canyon overlook – aptly named Canyon Overlook is equally as impressive


Pictures of America: VERMONT



Amazing fall foliage trees lake mountains and sky picture of burlington vermont america with sun rays shining through clouds stunning image

Special view of fall color trees, Appletree Bay, rolling hills and sun beams penetrating thick clouds from Ethan Allen Tower

Famous church picture on church street in burlington vermont america

Burlington’s most famous picture – ornate church at the end of Church Street

Gorgeous wooden barn with amazing fall foliage colors greens reds vermont photography

Picturesque barn surrounded by fall colors at Ethan Allen Homestead Museum


Open road leading to hills filled with colorful foliage trees in vermont usa

Open countryside roads leading through hills and colorful trees near Manchester, VT

Pretty white church in manchester vermont at sunrise

White church in Manchester just before the sun rises over distant hills

Awesome sweeping views of rolling valleys from the top of equinox mountain manchester vermont photography

Wonderful view of rolling Vermont hills from the summit of Equinox Mountain


Smugglers notch pass in stowe vermont drone photography in fall colorful foliage stunning pictures of america

Perfect drone photograph of curving Smugglers Notch pass in fall near Stowe mountain resort

Famous white church in stowe vermont with stunning burnt red foliage in foreground and hills in background filled with trees amazing pictures of america

Hugely popular church photograph in fall with burnt orange leaves foreground in Stowe


Stunning long wooden covered bridge between Vermont and New Hampshire near Woostock

Beautifully crafted historic Cornish-Windsor Covered Bridge over the Connecticut River between VT and NH

Sleepy Hallow farm famous fall foliage picture near woodstock vermont united states

Wildly popular sunrise photography location – Sleepy Hallow Farm before sunrise

Beautiful covered bridge in downtown woodstock vermont man silhouetted against entrance to pedestrian walkway

Gorgeous Woodstock Middle Covered Bridge with man silhouetted in pedestrian walkthrough

Eerie photo of a white church with dark road leading up in woodstock vermont misty image

Eerie mist and light creating huge contrast between white church and dark street

Perfect and picturesque wooden covered bridge in fall foliage gorgeous picture in northeast america

Immaculate wooden Covered Bridge in Fall – somewhere near Woodstock


Pictures of America: WYOMING


Grand Teton National Park

TA Moulton barn mormon row grand teton national park wyoming is one of the most photographed pictures of america amazing scenery photo opportunities with mountains in background at sunrise

T.A. Moulton barn on Mormon Row at sunrise – one of our favorite pictures in America

Schwabachers landing mountains and trees reflecting superbly at sunrise in grand teton national park wyoming usa

Lovely sunrise reflection photograph at Schwabacher’s Landing in Grand Teton National Park

Stunning photo of white capped mountain reflecting in jenny lake at grand teton national park wyoming amazing images of USA landscapes

Beautiful snow capped mountain reflecting in Jenny lake between trees

Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone falls waterfall and grand canyon of the yellowstone in snow and ice cold but sunny weather famous pictures of america

Mighty Yellowstone Falls cutting through Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone with snowy hills

Stunning bright colors of grand prismatic spring geyser in yellowstone national park wyoming usa

Vibrant colors of Grand Prismatic Spring – one of the most popular spots at Yellowstone

icy cold morning at mammoth hot springs in yellowstone national park wyoming steam rising and deep colors

More vibrant colors at Mammoth Hot Springs before sunrise

Old faithful geyser erupting with brilliant blue sky and rainbow created by the steam at Yellowstone national park wyoming usa

Yellowstone’s centerpiece – Old Faithful geyser erupting creating a colorful rainbow

We hope these pictures of America inspire you to travel the US!

Please let us know if you have any questions or need any help with planning your trips to any of the places mentioned in this post. Don’t forget your camera!

-Happy Travels-

Mark and Kristen

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