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Best Gifts For Hikers: Top 35 Hiking Gift Ideas For Him And Her

Best Gifts For Hikers: Top 35 Hiking Gift Ideas For Him And Her

Hikers can be picky about their gear because they spend a lot of time outdoors and they often need specialized equipment. This can unfortunately make finding the best hiking gifts for him or best hiking gifts for her an extremely daunting task.

Luckily, we are here to help you find that special something for the holiday season. As avid hikers ourselves, we have personally hand picked every item on this hiking gift list.

We want your hiking present to be something the hiker in your life can actually use on the trails. In order to make your gift selection easier than ever, we have also broken this guide down into various price points.

You can shop our hiking gift list by the following prices:

  • $20
  • $20-50
  • $50-100
  • Luxury items over $100
  • Last minute hiking stocking stuffer ideas
  • Bonus hiking subscriptions

This thoughtful hiking gift list includes ideas for both men and women as well as new or seasoned hikers. Feel free to jump to certain sections of this guide using the table of contents below.

Now, let’s shop for the best gifts for hikers!

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Best Gifts For Hikers Under $20

The best hiking gifts don’t always have to be the most expensive options. Sometimes, the best gifts are the simple items your hiker can pull out of their bag every time they hit the trails.

We like these cheaper gifts because most of them involve an element of safety which can seriously help your hiker if they get into trouble outdoors.

Gift for a hiker sticker set

1. Outdoor Themed Stickers

Before we get into the serious gifts for hikers, we are starting off with an extremely fun idea. This colorful outdoor themed sticker set features over 100 pieces of hiking and adventure stickers. Stick them to water bottles, laptops, luggage, bikes, notebooks or pretty much anything your hiker uses in their everyday life.

>> Buy Outdoor Themed Stickers here.

Water Purification tablets for hiking

2. Water Purification Tablets

Water purification tablets should be in every hikers emergency bag. Katadyn Micropur tablets release chloride dioxide which purifies water from viruses, bacteria and protozoans like Giardia and Cryptosporidium. Because we were scientists in our previous lives, these tablets along with LifeStraw below are always the first thing we pack for a hike. Use one tablet per one liter of water.

>> Buy: Amazon | REI

Lifestraw for hiking

3. LifeStraw

This is our go to water purification system on longer hikes. Packing our LifeStraw gives us peace of mind when in the backcountry if our water reserves run out and we need more water. The best part about LifeStraw is that its extremely lightweight and takes up very little space in a hiking backpack.

>> Buy a LifeStraw here.

Hiking Tip: If tackling a long day hike such as the Enchantments in Washington, be sure to use a water reservoir in addition to the LifeStraw. We love these Osprey hydration reservoirs which are available in many sizes.

Sea to summit bowl hiking gift

4. Sea To Summit Bowl

The Sea to Summit bowl is made from flexible, food grade silicone and can withstand temps up to 300°F. We love how this bowl collapses into a small compact disk making it the perfect item to bring when on the go. Your hiker can also use the calibrated edge as a measuring cup or flip it upside down to use as a cutting board.

>> Buy: Amazon | REI | Sea to Summit

best gifts for hiker clif bar

5. Clif Bars

Any hiker will love opening up cliff bars. We love these bars because they contain a high amount of simple sugars and rolled oats to help provide energy your body needs during a hike. In our hiking backpack, you will always a few of these bars on hand. Clif bars are available in many different flavors so be sure to try them all. Our favorite flavor is chocolate brownie.

>> Buy: Amazon | REI | Backcountry

6. Black Diamond Carabiners

A carabiner is a coupling link with a safety closure. They are typically used by rock climbers, but they can also be used for many other outdoor activities. We like using carabiners to secure items while hiking or camping. Trust us, the hiker in your life will appreciate this thoughtful gift.

>> Buy: Amazon | REI | Black Diamond

Vintage national park posters

7. US National Park Posters

If the hiker in your life enjoys exploring the US national parks, these posters are a beautiful addition to any wall and make for a great conversation starter. Choose from many designs, styles and sizes to bring those wonderful US National Park memories home. Any hiker will absolutely love receiving one of these posters and will cherish it for years to come.

>> Buy a National park Poster here.

Is your hiker heading to the US National Parks? You may also like to gift a National Parks Passport so they can document their adventure.

hiking trowel

8. The Deuce Hiking Trowel

When you gotta go, you gotta go…. The Deuce is the perfect gift for a hiker to help them leave no trace when getting down to business in the wilderness. This baby is extremely lightweight, but do not mistake its small size. The 6.5″ aluminum handle was specifically designed to give users the ability to make a perfect cathole in seconds. Give the hiker in your life the chance to relieve themselves comfortably and responsibility. The Deuce is available in many different colors!

>> Buy: Amazon | REI

The best hiking gifts include an adventure meal

9. Adventure Meals

Food can be heavy, but these lightweight prepackaged adventure meals are a great solution for longer day hikes or multi-day backpacking trips. The instructions are quite simple because your hiker can just add hot water, stir the contents and then seal the pouch while it ‘cooks’ for about 10 minutes. We like mountain house because they carefully select their ingredients and offer a large selections of flavors ranging from spaghetti and meatballs to chicken and biscuits.

>> Buy: Amazon | REI

Best Gifts For Hikers $20-$50

The next section in this hiking gift list includes some serious safety equipment. Anything can happen on the trails, especially in the backcountry.

If you want your hiker to be safe, there are some great gift options below which will help you have piece of mind when they are out on the trails.

We have also included a few extras in this section to make their time in the winderness more comfortable and enjoyable.

Can you communicate with your hiker on the trails? Don’t miss our popular guide to the best hiking apps which can help you keep track of their progress as well as message one another when needed.

Camping meals for hikers

10. Dirty Gourmet

Tired of having the same campsite meals over and over? Then treat yourself to Dirty Gourmet! We love the diversity of recipes found between these pages and with over 120 delicious recipes, you are guaranteed to never be bored with outdoor food again. Just check out the stellar reviews!

>> Buy: Amazon | REI

best gifts for hikers includes bear spray

11. Bear Spray

Encountering a bear during a hike is always a possibility when hiking in bear country. So while it might not be the most exciting gift your hiker has received, bear spray is certainly something they will need. When sprayed at a charging bear, this spray acts as a deterrent to inflame the eyes and upper respiratory system. It is made from red pepper oil and when used correctly, this powerful spray will stun the bear so your hiker has time to run away.

>> Buy: Amazon | REI

Sea to summit dry bag

12. Sea To Summit Dry Bag

This lightweight dry bag is Sea To Summit’s best selling and most versatile pack. A dry bag can be used in many ways, but most people use it when hiking or camping near water. We used this dry bag when hiking the narrows in Zion National Park. It certainly made us feel better about having our expensive camera gear in the Virgin River. The dry bag is available in many different colors and sizes (13L size is pictured).

>> Buy: Amazon | REI | Sea To Summit

Heading to Zion? You might be interestested in our Zion Travel Guidebook featuring 7 example itineraries for both hikers and non-hikers.

Gaia app for hikers

13. Gaia GPS Hiking App

Gaia is hands down the best hiking app we have used when it comes to offline map navigation. This app will allow the hiker in your life to navigate trails easily when they do not have cell service. Gaia GPS also lets users track routes, search for new trails, access weather conditions, study elevation profiles and so much more. Use our link below for a 20% off discount. Happy hiking!

>> Buy a Gaia GPS Membership here.

LED headlamp for hikers

14. Black Diamond LED Headlamp

We love the Black Diamond headlamp for the different colored light options including full strength, dimming, strobe, red, green and blue night vision. For example, red light helps to preserve night vision so you can see better in dark. We use red light to navigate trails during night photography shoots. At 400 lumens of light, this headlamp will give off 5 hours of high light or 150 hours on low light. Give your hiker the gift of light!

>> Buy: Amazon | REI | Black Diamond

best gifts for hikers

15. Homesick Scented Candle

These hand poured soy wax candles are created with the intention of helping you relive wonderful memories whether at home or on the road. Available in many delicious scents including bonfire nights, American summers, lake living and more. We love surprising friends and family with familiar smells of experiences we have shared together. Of course, your hiker will love the gone hiking scent. Shop them all below!

>> Buy a Homesick Scented Candle here.

Solar charger for hikers

16. Solar Powered Charging Bank

Nowadays everyone uses multiple apps on their phone for trail maps. But what happens if your phone dies? You would certainly be in a pickle. Luckily, this rugged solar charger offers the ability to charge in the sun or with electricity through USB. We sometimes even clip this charger on our backpack when hiking to ensure a full charge if we ever needed it.

>> Buy a Solar Powered Charging Bank here.

Hiking Tip: Never solely rely on apps and just your phone to navigate while hiking. Be sure to study your route before hitting the trail and have a copy of a paper map in your backpack.

Best Gifts For Hikers $50 – $100

Whether your hiker opts for short day hikes or long multi-day hikes, we guarantee you will be able to find something for them in this next section.

The next section on this best gifts for hikers list include either hiking gear or camping options to help make their time in the outdoors a bit comfortable.

We believe the best hiking gifts are ones you have truly thought about. Our favorite hiking gift options include the Bear Vault, Rumpl Blanket and Peak Design Camera Clip.

BaseCamp sleeping pad for hiking

17. Therm-a-Rest Sleeping Pad

This self inflating and ultra lightweight sleeping pad is designed for both car or backcountry camping. The 2.0″ pad carries a robust 6.0R value to ensure warmth when sleeping outdoors in the elements. The compressible foam core and WingLock valve maximizes airflow for easier inflation and deflation when you hiker is on the go. Therm-a-Rest products also carry a limited lifetime replacement.

>> Buy: Amazon | REI | Therm-a-Rest

trekking poles are a great gift for hikers

18. Black Diamond Trekking Poles

Black Diamond is a well known company in the outdoor gear world, especially climbing gear. This is why their trekking poles are extremely popular. Black Diamond poles are durable and will help provide extra stability for any hiker’s adventure. Trekking poles have been proven to protect the knees, especially when hiking downhill. The EVA foam grip extension and nylon woven strap both provide an added layer of comfort. We love how Black Diamond poles come with 4 season flex tips for multi-season hiking.

>> Buy: Amazon | REI | Black Diamond

The best camp stove

19. Coleman Camp Stove

This Coleman Camp Stove is our top recommendation for a portable stove set up. While the Jetboil (later on this list) is wonderful for longer hiking trips, this stove is perfection for your everyday campsite. The push button ignition makes cooking a breeze and we absolutely love the wind-blocking panels. The two-burner system sold it for us because we can finally cook two things at once!

>> Buy: Amazon | REI

Hiking hammock

20. ENO Doublenest Hammock

This lightweight and compact hammock by ENO is amazing because you can literally take it anywhere. The parachute nylon material is extremely durable and we love being able to pack the hammock back up in the small carrying bag. Set it up at a campsite, on a hike or anywhere you want to enjoy the views. Great news for those who love a bargain, ENO just brought out a new version so you can seriously save some money on this older version.

>> Buy: Amazon | REI

Hikers need a bearVault

21. Bear Vault Food Container

No hiker wants a visit from a bear in the middle of the night so give the your hiker the gift of sealed food. Approved by the National Park Service, this durable bear canister will help to properly store food in areas with active bear activity. Bear Vault is certified to withstand over one hour of non-stop grizzly action. You can shop different sizes depending on your hikers needs.

>> Buy: Amazon | REI | Bear Vault

22. National Park Pass

Does the hiker in your life love the national parks? Then give them the gift of free park entry for an entire year. At only $80, this pass is a bargain if you consider entry into each park is around $30. After visiting just three parks, an America the beautiful pass will have already paid for itself.

>> Buy: USGS Store

Want to know more about the National Park Pass? Read our detailed guide to the America the Beautiful Pass to see exactly where you can receive free entry.

Best gift for a hiker is a peak design capture clip

23. Peak Design Capture Clip

Does your hiker like to use a camera during their hikes? This capture clip by Peak Design will allow your hiker to easily clip and unclip their camera from a backpack strap when on the go. We love the flexibility this clip gives us during any hike because it is extremely well designed and allows us to free up our hands.

>> Buy a Peak Design Capture Clip here.

Recycled blanket for hiking

24. Rumpl Blanket

We love Rumpl blankets because this company use 100% post-consumer recycled materials. Rumpl helps to recycle over 5 million plastic bottles every year and donates 1% of all revenue to environmental non-profits. So not only will your purchase help the environment, but you will have a weatherproof comfortable blanket made to withstand the elements. Check out the originally puffy as well as the special national parks edition.

>> Buy: Amazon  |  REI  |  Rumpl

Best Gift For Hikers Over $100

Last but not least, this extensive list featuring the best gift for hikers had to include some luxurious options. Whether shopping for yourself or shopping for the hiker in your life, there is something for everyone included below.

Hiking gear can be expensive. We understand it’s not possible to buy everything at once. It’s taken us several years to purchase our hiking equipment and we still don’t have everything we need.

But you can certainly start chipping away at some of those items on your hikers wish list today!

Best chair for hiking

25. Helinox Camping Chair

This ultralight compact camp chair by Helinox is made from advance high-tech aluminum alloy. It weighs only a mere two pounds making this camp chair an ideal candidate for travel and hiking adventures. But while this chair packs up small, it can still can support up to 320 pounds. Keep in mind, all Helinox products are also backed by a five year warranty. So give your hiker the gift of taking a break once climbing that mountain.

>> Buy: Amazon | REI | Helinox

Hiking gift of communcation

26. Garmin inReach Mini

This Garmin is the ultimate hiking gift when it comes to off the grid communication. The inReach Mini will allow your hiker to send SOS alerts anytime globally. Additional life saving features include two way messaging, location tracking and instant weather updates. If your hiker loves the backcountry, this is the perfect hiking gift option to give you a piece of mind as well.

>> Buy: Amazon | REI

Best stove for hiking

27. Jetboil Flash Stove

You have already seen the Coleman two burner stove previously on this best gifts for hikers list. So this is the other option when it comes to a camping stove. The Jetboil is a small compact stove that can be easily packed in a hiking backpack perfect for long day hike or multi-day hike in the backcountry. We love the FluxRing technology which can boil water in just over two minutes.

>> Buy: Amazon | REI | Backcountry

Hydration backpack for hiking

28. Osprey Hydration Backpack

Never skimp on a backpack. From our experience, we have learned it’s better to purchase a high quality backpack from the start rather than trying to save some money with a cheap one. Osprey is a brand we have traveled with from the very beginning and they have never let us down after years of abuse. We love Osprey’s hydration backpacks for hiking. You can check out the Skimmer line for women and the Skarab line for men.

>> Buy Women’s Skimmer: Amazon | REI | Osprey

>> Buy Men’s Skarab: Amazon | REI | Osprey

Interested in Osprey Backpacks? Don’t miss our detailed review featuring the Osprey Farpoint 40 which has traveled with us for years.

Garmin Venu Fitness Watch

29. Garmin Venu

Mark bought this watch half way through 2020 and it’s still one of his favorite items to date. He uses it for workouts, runs, swims and even golf. The Venu monitors his distances, times, heart rates, breathing, workouts and so much more. We guarantee this will be a well loved gift for any active hiking lifestyle. Be sure to shop both mens and womens styles depending on your needs (rose gold model with tan band pictured).

>> Buy: Amazon | REI

Small Yeti Cooler for outdoor adventure

30. Small Soft YETI Cooler

YETI leads the way as one of the best cooler brands on the market. The DryHide shell is made from high density fabric so this cooler is waterproof, resists punctures and provides protection against UV rays. We like the small size of this cooler because it can be taken pretty much anywhere. The handle and shoulder strap make it the perfect get up and go option.

>> Buy: Amazon | REI | YETI

Stocking Stuffer Gifts For Hikers

Still need a few last minute presents to fill your avid hikers stocking?

Well next on our hiking gift list, we have included some small and simple presents to complete any hikers wish list.

These last few minute gift ideas for hikers are a meaningful way to show them how much you truly care about their adventures.

Emergency blanket for survival

31. Emergency Blanket

This emergency blanket works by trapping the heat radiated from your body keeping you nice and warm. We always have two of these in our backpack when on a hike no matter how short. An emergency blanket is great to have just in case of an emergency and you have to spend a night outdoors when you weren’t planning on it.

>> Buy: Amazon | REI

Afterbite instant relief

32. After Bite

Bug bites suck, but this product is great for providing instant relief to those nasty itchy bites. It works fast to dull the pain and almost instantly brings down the swelling. If we haven’t sold you yet, After Bite is even pharmacist preferred. We always joke that mosquitos love Mark’s English blood because he can get bitten after being outside for one second. We never hike without one of these so he can get some instant relief.

>> Buy: Amazon | REI

Body Restore Shower Steamers

33. Body Restore Shower Steamers

These shower steamers work very similar to bath bombs, but they are perfect for people always on the go. Place one tablet on the floor of the shower, turn on the hot water and soak up the instant relief. The oils released by these steamers will help your hiker to relax right away as well as soothe minor aches after a long grueling hike.

>> Buy Shower Steamers here.

Rain poncho

34. A Rain Poncho

Having a rain poncho in your hiking backpack can be an absolute lifesaver. We used a rain poncho for the entire hike on the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu. While it rained for several days, a rain poncho kept us as well as our gear nice and dry. A rain poncho is also easier to hike in compared to a raincoat because a poncho will fit over your backpack and give you more freedom to more around.

>> Buy a Rain Poncho here.

hiking food storage option

35. Bee’s Wraps

We love using sustainable food storage. Say goodbye to one use plastic harmful to the environment because Bee’s Wraps can be reused for up to one year. Either compost it or use it as a fire starter when the wraps begins to lose its grip. Your hiker will love this thoughtful and eco-friendly stocking stuffer which is available in many different sizes.

>> Buy: Amazon | REI

Bonus: Hiking Guidebooks And Subscriptions

Sometimes the best hiking gifts are not physical gifts you can unwrap. An ebook or a subscription is the perfect way to show your hiker how much you care.

Shop our extremely popular Travel Guidebooks featuring major cities and US National Parks.

We use our experience in each destination to tell you everything you need to know including detailed hiking information, where to stay and eat, best things to do and include several example itineraries.

You could also consider a subscription to any of the providers we discuss below. These subscription services can help your hiker find campsites, camper rentals, hiking trails and the ability to safely use public wifi.

  • Gaia GPS – Personally, this is our favorite hiking app on the market. We have used Gaia for years and it has always helped us find our way on the trails. Use our link to get 20% off your subscription.
  • Outdoorsy – With Outdoorsy, you can help your hiker find their next camping destination.
  • Dyrt PRO – With an active community of 1 million users, this is currently the #1 rated camping app for iOS. The Dyrt app will give your hiker access to over 44,000+ campgrounds, cabins, RVs and glamping options.
  • Atlas VPN – This VPN service helps to keep your hikers personal information safe when using public Wifi. You can read our full review about Atlas VPN here.

FAQ’s For Best Hiking Gifts

Let’s take a look at the some of the most frequently asked questions about hiking gifts and accessories.

What Is A Good Gift For Someone Who Likes Hiking?

A good gift for hikers is a present that will help them be comfortable on the trails. You could gift a hiker boots, socks, clothing, a head lamp, Gaia GPS, a hiking backpack, adventure meals and so much more. Hiking gifts don’t have to be expensive to make your walker happy!

What To Gift A Person Who Loves Mountains?

If you have an avid hiker who always heads into the mountains, you could consider gifting them new hiking boots, a Garmin Venu to track their progress, a jetboil stove, a Garmin inReach Mini or some adventure meals to help them eat on the trails.

What Should Every Hiker Carry With Them?

Every hiker should carry the 10 essentials including a headlamp, navigation, sun protection, first aid, fire starter, knife, shetler as well as extra food, water and clothing. If you gift the walker in your life any of these day hiking essentials, they will appreciate it!

More Hiking Inspiration

Looking for another gift? Head to our Gift Guides or Product and Tour Reviews to find something truly unique.

We hope this thoughtful list helped you pick out the best gifts all of those adventurous hikers in your life!

Please let us know if you have any questions about any of the best gifts for hikers or hiking in general in the comments below.

If you aren’t exactly sure which gift your hiker would life, send them this webpage so they can choose for themselves!

Happy Shopping,

Mark and Kristen

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