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Where Are Those Morgans best camping gifts

Do you have an avid camper in your life but don’t know what to get them this holiday season? Well it’s your lucky day because we have hand picked every item in this thoughtful list of best camping gifts.

Our goal is to help you find something special for the camper in your life. This guide is broken down by price points to make it easy for you to shop for your camping items.

We want to help you find a unique camping gift no matter your budget.

Our camping gift list will start with gifts under $35, followed by $40-100 options as well as fun camping stocking stuffers and a few subscriptions your camper will love.

This list includes both camping gift for men and camping gifts for women. Feel free to jump to certain sections of this list using the table of contents below.

Now, let’s search the best camping gifts for your outdoor lover!

Best Gifts For Campers Under $35

First up, we will cover a few simple gifts options to help make any campsite feel like a home. No matter where your camper has set up their base, they will always have a small reminder of you everyday.

Fairy lights are a great camping gift idea

1. Fairy Lights

Instantly bring magic to any campsite with stunning fairy lights. These waterproof LED lights come with a battery operated remote to adjust both brightness and lighting modes. We used fairy lights in our wedding and we love to continue the tradition at our campsites.

>> Buy Fairy Lights here.

Life is better at the campsite set of two hand towels

2. Camping Hand Towels

Campers will need to wash their hands at some point so why not gift these adorable hand towels. We love how these towels are decorative yet functional to provide that little slice of home when on the road. Ultra-absorbent and perfect for drying hands, this gift option will be sure to add a pop of color to any campervan or campsite. 

>> Buy Camping Hand Towels here.

Set of four white camping mugs

3. Campfire Coffee Mugs

Who doesn’t love a cute mug to enjoy a warm drink by the fire? This set of four adorable mugs are the perfect camping gift because your camper can use one for themselves and then share the rest with other campers. Made from ceramic and paired with a retro speckled glaze, these mugs will resist most wear and tear from daily campsite use. 

>> Buy Campfire Coffee Mugs here.

Collapsible dish perfect to use when camping

4. Collapsible Dish + Strainer

Let’s face it, any camper will be tight on space. But this collapsible gift is a great solution. We purchased one of these after our very first camping trip because we love the multifunctionality of this product. It can be used to cut veggies, strain pasta and even wash dishes. This is a wonderful camping gift for those who like to take the kitchen to the campsite. 

>> Buy Collapsible Dish here.

5. Therma-a-Rest Camping Pillow

This camping pillow is one of Therm-a-Rest’s best-selling products. Not only designed for campers, this pillow is also a big hit with international travelers. Made from recycled materials, this eco-friendly gift is one any camper would love. Be sure to check out all the different colors available.

>>Buy: Amazon | REI | Therm-a-Rest

Camp cocktail book filled with recipes

6. Camp Cocktails Cookbook

Camping should never mean forgoing tasty cocktails. This book shows your camper how to plan, pack and prepare the perfect drinks when adventuring in the outdoors. We like how this book is divided into chapters based on the style of camping. With each new chapter, a more complex setup and recipe follows for a challenge. This is a great camping gift because it covers how to make syrups, liquors and bitters with ingredients only found in the wilderness. 

>> Buy Camp Cocktails Cookbook here.

Two red campfire roasting marshmallow sticks

7. Rolla Roaster Sticks

These stainless steel camping forks are perfect for any backyard BBQ or campfire. Not only can these sticks be used for roasting marshmallows and hot dogs, but they can be used for toasting buns too! Each stick extends from 12in to 42in making them great for all age groups and cooking needs. 

>> Buy: Amazon | REI

Large 1 L Nalgene refillable water bottle

8. Nalgene Water Bottle

This wide mouthed bottle has been popular for over 30 years and the 32-ounce design is perfect for everyday adventures. Nalgene water bottles are leak proof, dishwasher safe and extremely easy to clean. If you’re looking for a water bottle that’s virtually indestructible for the camping lover in your life, this is the one.

>> Buy: Amazon | REI

The best hiking socks on the market

9. Darn Tough Socks

If there is only one product you seriously consider on this camping gift list, please let it be these Darn Tough socks. We have hiked hundreds of miles with our Darn Toughs (including Tour du Mont Blanc) and never got one blister. These socks are always our top recommendation for outdoor lovers.

>> Buy: Amazon | Darn Tough | REI

Green 1000 lumen camping lantern

10. LED Camping Lantern

A quality camping lantern is an essential tool in your campers outdoor arsenal. Having a trustworthy lantern is a gift that will be well received. We love the brightness from this lanterns 1000 lumen lights which can reach a distance of 200 meters or more. Give the gift of light with a camping lantern.

>> Buy: Amazon | REI

The camping life adventure book makes a great camping gift

11. The Camping Life

Any outdoor adventure enthusiast will love reading about all things camping. This book includes tips on how to set up a tent in the snow, how to camp with your dogs, how to leave no trace and most importantly, how to return from a camping trip feeling refreshed as well as rejuvenated.

>> Buy The Camping Life.

summer camp scented candle makes perfect present

12. Summer Camp Scented Candle

These hand poured soy wax candles are made to help you relive wonderful memories through smell. Available in different scents, you have many options to choose from including bonfire nights, American summers, lake living and many more. We love surprising friends and family with familiar smells of experiences we have shared together.

>> Buy Homesick Scented Candles here.

Bottles of Yellowbird organic hot sauce

13. Yellowbird Organic Hot Sauce

Yellowbird is homegrown in Austin TX and we love how this hot sauce is grown with love by small farmers. Many of the various flavors are available gluten free and vegan friendly. Be sure to try all the Yellow bird flavors.

>> Buy: Amazon | REI

Grey rolled microfiber towel

14. Microfiber PackTowl

As avid travelers and hikers, we could not live without our quick drying microfiber towels. A microfiber towel makes a great camping gift because these lightweight towels absorb liquid quick, but dry extremely fast. Choose from many different colors and sizes depending on your campers needs.

>> Buy: Amazon | REI | PackTowl

Rice and chicken flavored adventure meal for camping

15. Adventure Meals

These adventure meals are perfect for both campers and backpackers. We like this product because they are lightweight and portable so they can be taken anywhere outdoors. Just add hot water, stir and wait about then minutes then bam, you have an instant meal. Mountain House carefully selects their ingredients and offers many flavor options ranging from spaghetti and meatballs to chicken and biscuits.

>> Buy: Amazon | REI

Best Gifts For Campers $40 – $100

This first section of this camping guide was just a warm up because now we are getting to the good stuff.

If you want to help your camper thoroughly enjoy their next trip, any of these gifts below will transform their campsite or campervan into a luxurious home on the road.

Grey french press for coffee made by stanley

16. Stanley Coffee Press

As coffee lovers we couldn’t resist with this camping gift. The vacuum insulation technology in this press keeps beverages warm for at least four hours so your camper can make the most of each morning. This coffee press is also easy to clean and dishwasher safe for cleaning at home. We love the lifetime guarantee on all Stanley products.

>> Buy: Amazon | REI | Stanley

National Parks special edition monopoly

17. National Park Monopoly

This special edition monopoly game features the US National Parks. Your camper can buy, sell and trade lands in the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone and Yosemite. But the adorable game tokens such as the ranger hat, tent, bison, hiking boot, canoe and camera took the cake for us. Which piece would you pick?

>> Buy National park Monopoly here.

Is your camper heading to the US National Parks? You may also like to gift a National Parks Passport so they can document their adventure.

Bear spray with holder

18. Bear Spray

A bear in the campsite is never how anyone wants to end the day. But the truth is, you have to be actively aware of bears when camping in bear country. So while this might not be the most exciting camping gift, it will certainly be something your camper may need. Bear spray works as deterrent which inflames the eyes and upper respiratory system of a bear. When used correctly, this spray will stun the bear so your camper can get away.

>> Buy: Amazon | REI

Blue thermarest camping mat made for camping

19. Therm-a-Rest Sleeping Pad

Whether car camping or base camping, this sleeping pad will help your outdoor lover get a great night sleep. The Therm-a-Rest sleeping pad features 2 inches of padding and offers campers a 6.0 R-value as well as a go-anywhere stuff sack. To top everything off, the BaseCamp pad is also made in market to minimize environmental impact making it an eco-friendly gift option.

>> Buy: Amazon | REI | Therm-a-Rest

Large black cast iron skillet for camping

20. Cast Iron Skillet

A cast iron skillet is a great multifunctional camping gift idea because these skillets can also be used in a regular oven or as a way to slow cook foods. The best part about cooking with cast iron is that it evenly distributes high heat to the entire pan. This thoughtful camping gift is indestructible and will last for generations to come. There is nothing like enjoying a meal at your campsite made with a cast iron skillet.

>> Buy: Amazon | REI

large jug made by Stanley to hold water when on a camping trip

21. Stanley Adventure Water Jug

When camping, it is important to leave no trace which is why we love this large water jug. We fill it with water for every camping or road trip so we don’t have to worry about where to pick up water. From our experiences, the two-gallon size works well for group trips and the double walled foam insulation keeps liquids cold for hours.

>> Buy: Amazon | Stanley

Two burner coleman camping stove

22. Coleman Camp Stove

This Coleman Camp Stove is truly perfection for your everyday campsite. The push button ignition makes cooking a breeze and we absolutely love the wind-blocking panels. The two-burner system sold it for us because we can finally cook two things at once which have given us more freedom with our camping meals.

>> Buy: Amazon | REI

Popular Helinox Camping chair

23. Helinox Camping Chair

This ultralight compact camp chair made from advance high-tech aluminum alloy weighs a mere two pounds making it an ideal candidate for travel and hiking adventures. While this chair packs up small, it can still can support up to 320 pounds. Keep in mind, all Helinox products are also backed by a five year warranty. This chair typically costs around $109, but you can often find deals for this chair making it under $100.

>> Buy: Amazon | REI | Helinox

Two blue bear vault canisters to protect food

24. Bear Vault Food Container

Approved by the NPS and several other government agencies, this durable bear canister will properly store food if your camper is set up in an area with bear activity. Bear Vault canisters are certified to withstand over one hour of non-stop grizzly action. You can purchase several different sizes depending on your campers needs. No one wants a visit from a bear at in the middle of the night.

>> Buy: Amazon | REI | Bear Vault

America the beautiful national park pass

25. National Park Pass

If your camper loves the US National Parks you should consider gifting them free entry for an entire year. For only about $80, this pass will give your camper free entry into US National Parks as well as many other popular locations across the United States of America.

>> Buy: USGS Store

Want to know more about the National Park Pass? Read our detailed guide about the America the Beautiful Pass to see where you can receive free entry.

Hammock to hang on the trees

26. ENO Doublenest Hammock

This lightweight and compact hammock is amazing because you can take it literally anywhere. The parachute nylon material is extremely durable and you can choose from several different colors. Set it up at a campsite, on a hike or anywhere you want to enjoy the views. We also love being able to pack it back up in the small carrying bag.

>> Buy: Amazon | REI

Hydroflask reusable water bottle

27. Hydro Flask Insulated Growler

A growler is a container used to transport liquids, most commonly draft beer. This stainless steel growler created by Hydro Flask is meant to keep your beer cold for up to 24 hours. Any camper who enjoys their beer will love receiving this gift to use on their next camping trip. We love the handle on this growler because it makes for easy transport.

>> Buy: Amazon | REI

Small portable black JBL speaker for camping

28. Small Portable Speaker

We love this small waterproof portable speaker with bluetooth capabilities. This little guy packs a big punch with 12 hours of continuous strong stereo sound. It can also connect 2 devices so you can take turns selecting the next song when sat around the campfire. The rigged rubber housing is perfect for any outdoor adventure.

>> Buy a Portable Speaker here.

29. Osprey Hydraulics Reservoir

We don’t go on any hike without our Osprey hydraulics reservoir. This Hydrapak is perfect for long duration outdoor activities and fits within larger volume backpacks. Each reservoir is fitted with a hydrostatic backplate to provide structure and aid with loading into a backpack. Osprey also guarantees all materials are certified food safe according to FDA and EU regulations.

>> Buy: Amazon | REI | Osprey

Rumpl blanket made from recycled water bottles

30. Rumpl Recycled Blanket

Rumpl helps to recycle over 5 million plastic bottles every year through their blankets as well as donates 1% of all revenue to environmental non-profits. So not only will your purchase help the environment, but you will have a weatherproof comfortable blanket made to withstand the elements. Check out the originally puffy as well as the special national parks edition.

>> Buy: Amazon | REI | Rumpl

Stocking Stuffer Gifts For Campers

Hopefully, you found an amazing gift for the camper in your life after going through our camping gift list. But have you thought about a stocking stuffer?

These small gifts can sometimes make the biggest impact.

REI gift card is great for campers

31. REI Gift Card

Prior to moving out west, we had never shopped at REI because the aren’t many stores located on the east coast. But now we are obsessed with REI and use it for most of our outdoor needs. If you are an REI member, you also get 10% off purchases (redeemed at the end of the year as dividends). So if your campers loves REI, buy them a gift card to let them choose their own gift.

>> Buy an REI Gift Card here.

A red and black cast iron skillet cleaner

32. Lodge Cast Iron Skillet Cleaner in a new tab)

Pair these two cleaners with a cast iron skillet from above and your camper will be prepared to cook as well as clean delicious meals during their next trip. Molded from rugged polycarbonate, these cleaners are designed to scrape but not scratch. While these cleaners are ideal for cast iron skillets, they can also be used for all types of cookware. The different sized corners will fit into any size crevice for a crystal clean feeling.

>> Buy: Amazon | REI

Green biodegradable campsuds soap

33. Biodegradable Campsuds

This all purpose biodegradable cleaner requires only a few drops to get the job done. The soap is effective in hot, cold and even salt water. Your camper can use it for cleaning their hair or hands, dishes, clothing and pretty much anything else deemed washable. We love the biodegradable quality because it is important to leave no trace when enjoying the outdoors.

>> Buy: Amazon | REI

Red swiss army knife is an essential for camping

34. Swiss Army Knife

Swiss army knives are practical everyday carry tools. Since the late 1880’s, these knives have created a reputation for both reliability and durability. The Victorinox model features 33 functions including a large blade, small blade, can opener, screwdriver, bottle opener and wire stripper. This compact multi tool is ideal for rugged outdoorsy camper types.

>> Buy: Amazon | REI

Amazing gift card makes a perfect camping present

35. Amazon Gift Card

Last but not least, if you can’t decide what to purchase then let your camper choose for themselves. A gift card is the perfect way to give them the freedom to buy whatever they need plus give you the satisfaction of helping them get what they need for that next camping trip.

>> Buy an Amazon Gift Card here.

Bonus: Camping Subscriptions And Guidebooks

Sometimes the best camping gifts are not physical gifts you can unwrap. A subscription service or ebook is the perfect way to show your camper how much you care.

You can shop our extremely popular Travel Guidebooks featuring major cities and US National Parks.

We use our experience in each destination to tell you everything you need to know including detailed hiking information, where to stay and eat, best things to do as well as include several example itineraries.

Or you can shop our favorite subscription services below to help your camper enjoy their time outdoors:

  • Gaia GPS – Our favorite hiking app on the market. We have used Gaia for years and wouldn’t recommend any other app for hikers. Use our special link to get 20% off your subscription.
  • Dyrt PRO – Use our exclusive 30 day free trial of the Dyrt PRO to find both free and paid campsites or use Dyrt Alerts to snag a spot at a sold out campground nearby.
  • Outdoorsy – With Outdoorsy, you can give the gift of helping find your camper their next place to stay in the wild.
  • Atlas VPN – This VPN service helps to keep your campers personal information safe when they use public Wifi. You can read our full review about Atlas VPN here.

FAQ’s For Best Camping Gifts

Let’s take a look at some of the most frequently asked questions regarding camping gift ideas.

What Is A Good Gift For Campers?

A good camping gift is an item that will help your camper enjoy their time in the outdoors whether it be at the campsite or on the trails.

What Are Fun Things To Bring Camping?

Fun things to bring camping are games, a s’more citronella smelling candle, fairy lights, a warm blanket and the camp cocktails cookbook.

What Are The 5 W’s Of Camping?

The five W’s of camping are water, weather, windowmakers, wood and wildlife. These are important factors your camper need to take into account in order to stay safe and comfortable outdoors.

More Products And Reviews

Looking for another gift? Head to our Gift Guides or Product and Tour Reviews to find something truly unique.

We hope this thoughtful list of the best camping gifts helps you find exactly what you were looking for!

Please let us know if you have any questions about any of these camping gifts in the comments below.

Happy Shopping,

Mark and Kristen

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