55 Best Gifts For Outdoorsy Women



Gift lift for women who love the outdoors

What are the best gift ideas for women who love nature, hiking and the great outdoors? Well, we are going to dazzle you with this perfect list of outdoorsy gifts for the adventurous woman in your life.

We are confident you will find that special something to make her next outdoor adventure amazing. Items on this gift list have been tried and tested by us or they are on our own personal wishlist for this year.

In order to make it easier for you to find exactly what you need, this outdoorsy gifts for women and girls list is broken down by price. You can shop for gifts by:

  • Fun bargains under $50
  • Outdoorsy gift items ranging from $50 – $100
  • Luxurious wilderness options above $100
  • Stocking stuffers for women who love the outdoors

Feel free to jump to specific sections of this gift list to help you stay within your budget or cover any basic needs your outdoorsy girlfriend or girl may need.

Now, let’s find the perfect gift for outdoorsy women who can’t get enough of mother nature!

Our Outdoors Experience

Woman hiking up a stone staircase in Washington state
Kristen hiking through Wallace Falls State Park with her favorite Osprey Skimmer backpack

Since 2018, we have been traveling long term conquering epic hikes such as the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, the W-Trek in Patagonia and Tour du Mont Blanc in Europe.

When Mark officially immigrated to the US in 2019, we spent the next several years driving around the country checking out the best hikes in the United States.

We have hiked thousands of miles and camped in numerous locations around the world so it’s safe to say we have learned a thing or two about outdoor gear.

Our main goal in this best gifts for outdoorsy woman guide is to help you pick out the perfect present for your adventurer featuring items we depend on for every trip.

Where Should You Buy Outdoor Gifts For Women?

Before we get straight into this outdoorsy woman gift list, we want to briefly discuss the best places to find outdoor gear.

We have an REI Membership which gives us 10% off most items and we always recommend REI when purchasing new wilderness, hiking or any outdoor gear.

A lifetime membership at REI includes a $30 one time fee and you will probably make that money back on your first purchase!

However, you can also find amazing deals during the holidays on official websites or Amazon Storefronts so it’s always worth shopping around for the best price.

We have included links to everything you need to make this a wonderful shopping experience! Now, let’s find that special gift idea for that outdoorsy girl in your life.

Each item in this guide is listed by original price, but keep in mind products go on sale (especially around the holidays) so the prices can change depending on deals.

Best Outdoor Gifts For Women Under $50

We are going to start this outdoorsy woman gift list with basic and simple items to bring a little bit of those home comforts to the outdoors.

Whether it’s a new hiking trail, sitting around the campfire or cozying up in a tent, these meaningful gifts will transform any outdoor living space into a home away from home.

Shopping for an outdoorsy man too? Don’t miss our popular guide featuring unique outdoor gifts for him to complete your holiday shopping list.

A light pink Stanley Quencher is the perfect gift for any outdoorsy women

1. Stanley Quencher

We love this Stanley Quencher for any type of adventure because the FlowState lid can be used as a drink opening, with a reusable straw or as a full cover top. It is made from 90% recycled BPA free stainless steel, dishwasher safe and available in numerous colors as well as sizes depending on her hydration needs. If you choose to gift this Quencher, the outdoorsy girl in your life will think about you every time she takes a sip.

>> Buy: Amazon | REI | Stanley

A BUFF CoolNet UV is a great way help an outdoorsy girl stay protected from the sun

2. CoolNet UV Buff

Buffs are one of the most versatile pieces of gear we own. We love buffs because they can be worn in many different ways such as a cap, neck gaiter, headband and balaclava. This buff will help to keep your outdoorsy woman protected from the elements, especially the sun. CoolNetUV+ buffs are made from 95% recycled polyester and come in several different colors so you can give her exactly what she wants.

>> Buy: Amazon | REI | Backcountry

Woman who hike book by Heather Balogh Rochfort one of the best gifts for outdoorsy women

3. Women Who Hike

Give the gift of outdoorsy inspiration with this book, Women Who Hike. This story follows the adventure of 20 women as they overcome challenges on their favorite hikes. We love that GPS coordinates and photos are included for each hike discussed. Don’t miss the kindle edition, if your outdoorsy girlfriend prefers books on the go. Your girl also might like Moms Who Hike for inspirational stories from adventurous mothers.

>> Buy Women Who Hike here.

Logo for the Dyrt Pro one of the best camping apps on the market and makes a good gift for outdoorsy women

4. The Dyrt PRO

The Dyrt PRO is a unique outdoorsy woman gift because this popular camping app will help her find both free and paid campsites anywhere in the US. We have an exclusive 30 day free trial of The Dyrt PRO you can gift your woman so she can try to snag a reservation at sold out campgrounds including US National Parks with a new feature called Dyrt Alerts.

>> Try The Dyrt PRO for free here.

Love the US national parks? Check out the best USA national parks after you are done shopping.

Purple and blue Darn Tough Socks with a bear theme are perfect for outdoorsy women

5. Darn Tough Hiking Socks

If there is only one product you seriously consider on this list featuring gifts for outdoorsy women, please let it be these Darn Tough Socks. We have hiked hundreds of miles with our Darn Toughs and have yet to get one blister. These socks are always our top recommendation for any outdoor lover. Be sure to check out the adorable patterns for her including Bear Town (pictured) and Critter Club!

>> Buy: Amazon  |  REI  |  Darn Tough

Blue LifeStraw with a black cap is a good gift for women who love being outdoors

6. LifeStraw Water Filter

The LifeStraw is always our backup water purification system when hiking. Packing our LifeStraw gives us peace of mind especially in the backcountry if our water reserves run out. The best part about LifeStraw is that its extremely lightweight and takes up very little space in our hiking backpack. LifeStraw is a simple gift for her that can make a big difference when needed outdoors.

>> Buy: Amazon  |  REI

Hiking Tip: If tackling a long day hike like the Enchantments in Washington, be sure to use a water reservoir in addition to the LifeStraw. We love these Osprey hydration reservoirs for longer hikes.

Essence fresh tea tree Body Restore Shower Steamers are the best presents for outdoorsy women

7. Body Restore Shower Steamers

These amazing shower steamers work similar to bath bombs, but they are perfect for women always on the go. Place one tablet on the floor of the shower, turn on the hot water and soak up the instant relief. The essential oils released by these steamers will help your outdoorsy woman relax as the steam soothes her aches after a long day outdoors. Spoil your girl with the gift of tranquility after her fearless adventures.

>> Buy Shower Steamers here.

Yellow Rite in the Rain all weather universal field book is great for women who love being outdoors

8. Rite In The Rain Field Book

The outdoor woman in your life will be able to write in the rain (pun intended) with this all-weather journal. What makes this field book unique is the paper which works to repel water, sweat, grease and even mud. We love the hardcover notebook because it’s incredibly durable and our notes don’t get ruined when tossed around outdoors. This is a great gift for an outdoorsy girl so check out the spiraled, stapled and soft covers to find just what you need.

>> Buy: Amazon  |  REI

Dark pink Smartwool merino wool headband for women

9. Smartwool Headband

If your girl is always outside in the elements, she will love this thoughtful gift. This Smartwool headband is a win win because it will keep her ears warm while still being able to style her hair. Kristen loves this headband made from merino wool because its incredibly soft and warm making it perfect for any kind of outdoor adventure.

>> Buy: Amazon | REI

Radiate portable campfire for women who love the outdoors

10. Radiate Portable Campfire

Radiate has been one of the best outdoor gifts we have ever received because it’s insanely convenient. This portable campfire weighs only 4lbs so your girl can bring it to the beach, on a picnic and even glamping. This mini campfire radiates light just like a candle and lasts 3-5 hours. We love the eco-friendly factor because this product is made from recycled soy wax and paper briquettes. You can also check out these Indoor Campfire options too.

>> Buy Radiate Portable Campfire here.

Pink rechargeable hand warmers for outdoorsy women

11. Rechargeable Hand Warmers

If your outdoorsy woman always gets cold, these rechargeable hand warmers may be the perfect Christmas present for her. These hand warmers can heat up to 95°F in only 3 seconds with 3 levels of temperature to choose from (95-107°F / 104-118°F / 118-131°F). But don’t let the small size fool you because this tiny super heater provides heat for up to 12 hours and only take 4 hours to fully charge. This is a great eco-friendly gift for women who are environmentally conscious.

>> Buy Rechargeable Hand Warmers here.

Grey slouchy beanie hat with a pom pom makes a great present for outdoor women

12. Slouchy Beanie Hat With Pom

Kristen never travels anywhere without her Pom Beanie. She loves this beanie because it features a slouchy fit and has full coverage of both ears to keep her head extremely warm. The best part is these beanies are available in several colors so you have tons of choice for your outdoorsy friend, partner or loved one. Buy her a few if she loves a great photo opp!

>> Buy the Pom Beanie here.

Woman's black fedora hat by Wallaroo

13. Wallaroo Sun Hat

If your girl spends a lot of time outdoors like we do, it’s important to protect her skin from sun damage. We love these beautiful hats from Wallaroo which offer both UV protection and fantastic photo opportunities. So buy one for yourself and buy one for your outdoorsy friend to up your Insta game. Use our discount code of ‘MORGANS20’ to take 20% off regularly priced products!

>> Buy a Wallaroo Hat here.

Three small travel sized tubes for travel or adventure

14. Humangear GoToob Refillable Bottles

Refillable bottles are the best gift for adventurous women because they are great for camping or traveling so she can always have her must have shampoo, wash and lotion. If you are purchasing these bottles for plane travel, you can bring bottles that are 100mL or less. We also like the GoTubb large food storage for camping trips (but if you need bear canisters, try BearVault).

>> Buy: Amazon | REI

Classic edition of the national parks passport is a great gift for women who love being outdoor in the parks

15. National Park Passport

The National Parks Passport is the perfect present for any woman who extensively explores the parks. With this passport, she can collect stamps and stickers from every park or recreation site she visits. Available in a three different editions, you will be able to find exactly what she needs for her next adventure.

>> Buy the National Park Passport here.

Want to know more about this passport? Don’t miss our guide featuring everything you need to know about the National Parks Passport.

Outdoor school book featuring tree, wildflower and mushroom spotting are great for outdoorsy girls

16. Outdoor School Series

This series is a great outdoorsy gift for younger girls because it features simple diagrams and full-color illustrations on how to identify mushrooms, count tree rings, press wildflowers and more. Outdoor School includes 6 books featuring survival skills, animal tracks, hiking and camping, rock and fossil hunting, animal watching as well as tree, wildflower and mushroom spotting.

>> Buy: Amazon

Coghlan's Multi-Spice with cayenne, garlic salt and black pepper

17. Coghlan’s Multi-Spice

A fun outdoorsy gift for her is one that will lead to delicious meals around the campfire. If your girl likes to cook, this small container comes with all her favorite to go seasonings in one simple place including paprika, curry, cayenne, garlic salt and black pepper. You can also check out this Grill and Herb Shaker to boost her camp food even more.

>> Buy: Amazon | REI

Purple Kula cloth for women who are always outside

18. Kula Reusable Pee Cloth

The Kula Cloth is one of the best outdoor gifts for women because it’s something she may not already have. This top rated reusable antimicrobial pee cloth helps your girl do her business in the wilderness without making a mess. The smooth side of the cloth is waterproof while the other side is very soft with antimicrobial properties. Just check out the reviews to see everyone raving about it!

>> Buy: REI

A pair of brown merino wool underwear for women who love the outdoors

19. Merino Wool Underwear

If you are struggling to find the right outdoorsy gift for her, consider a pair of merino wool underwear. Not only will this underwear help to regulate your girls temperature, but it is quick drying and odor resistant. After trying underwear made from merino wool for hiking, Kristen will never go back.

>> Buy: REI | Woolx

Cream colored Perfect Brew for coffee by Stanley is perfect for outdoorsy women

20. Stanley Perfect Brew

For the woman who can’t go a morning without enjoying her coffee, the Stanley Perfect Brew is just what she needs. This easy to use fine pour coffee set will help to extract aromatic oils so she can enjoy the subtle flavors of her favorite coffee. This is the perfect solution to a good cup of joe outdoors.

>> Buy: Amazon | REI | Stanley

A eco-friendly pair of snow peak chapsticks are perfect for the outdoor woman

21. Snow Peak Carry-On Chopsticks

Inspired by our recent trip to Asia, these Snow Peak Chopsticks are an outdoorsy women gift idea we bet you never thought of! These chopsticks have been crafted with bamboo and durable stainless steel so they are perfect for any outdoor excursion such as backpacking and camping. We also love the compact dining utensil case for easy portability.

>> Buy: Amazon | REI

A 9 herb window garden is the perfect gift for outdoorsy women

22. Window Herb Garden

Is your outdoorsy girl a weekend warrior? Gift her this 34 piece kit with reusable pots so she can plant up to 9 different seeds at one time to keep her occupied until her next adventure. This herb garden kit includes dill, basil, chives, thyme, parsley, oregano, cilantro, sage and mustard with gorgeous bamboo markers to help her identify seedlings.

>> Buy: Amazon

Best Gifts For Outdoorsy Women $50 – $100

The next outdoorsy gifts on our list include quality outdoor clothing options and unique ideas to make her time in the elements memorable.

Nothing ruins a good time outdoors quicker than the wrong type of gear. Merino wool base layers are essential to keeping your loved one warm and dry. She should always carry a raincoat or poncho as well.

Interested about what your outdoor woman should have in her backpack? Don’t miss our popular guide to the best things to bring on a hike for more gear and layering information.

Red and beige Columbia newton Ridge hiking boots makes a great gift for outdoorsy women

23. Columbia Hiking Boots

These lightweight Columbia Newton Ridge hiking boots are Kristen’s go to boots for the trails. She has worn them on both day and multi-day hikes. We love the mountain red and elk color but you can choose from many other color options depending on your girls style. We can promise your outdoorsy friend will be sure to receive many compliments on these boots.

>> Buy: Amazon | REI | Backcountry

A pair of red Clementine shorts by Vuori are the best outdoor adventure shorts for women

24. Vuori Clementine Shorts

These ultralight weight breathable Vuori Clementine Shorts are perfect for lounging around the campfire or tackling that big mountain. The four-way stretch fabric helps your outdoorsy woman handle any kind of activity. Kristen also loves the zip pocket to hold small items such as chapstick. Available in a 2.5″ and 4″ inseam so be sure to choose a fun color!

>> Buy: REI | Vuori

Green Fujifilm Instax Mini 12 for taking pictures

25. Fujifilm Instax Mini 12

If you are looking for a timeless photography gift for her, look no further than this Fujifilm Instax Mini camera. Roll back the years and print instantly as you snap away for a classic take on photography. We always take our Instax to capture those truly iconic landmarks around the world in a unique way. Or shop the Instax smartphone printer for a different gift option.

>> Buy the Instax Mini 12 here.

Light blue Smartwool base layer made from merino wool are perfect for outdoorsy women

26. Smartwool Merino Wool Base Layer

Base layers are arguably the most important part of the outdoor layering system. Merino wool is the perfect material for your girl’s base layer because it is breathable and moisture wicking. This is a thoughtful gift that will help to keep her warm during her outdoor adventures. We like Smartwool because it is quality at an affordable price. Prices fluctuate between $60-$120 and you can typically find great deals around the holidays.

>> Buy: Amazon | REI | Backcountry

A pair of purple leggings for women who love being outdoors

27. Hiking Leggings

A proper pair of leggings should be found in every woman’s hiking wardrobe. Kristen loves to wear leggings for hiking because they help to wick sweat away from the skin, prevent chafing and keep your legs protected from the sun as well as ticks. Available in many sizes and colors, consider leggings for her next outdoor gift. The REI Flash Hybrid leggings are pictured, but the BALEAF leggings from Amazon are a great alternative if you want a cheaper option.

>> Buy: Amazon | REI

Classic edition of the national parks passport is a great gift for women who love the parks

28. National Park Pass

Does the outdoorsy woman in your life love the US National Parks? Then give her the gift of free park entry for an entire year. At only $80, this pass is a bargain if you consider entry into each park is around $30. After visiting just three parks, an America the beautiful pass will have already paid for itself.

>> Buy: USGS Store | REI

Want to know more about the national park pass? Read our detailed guide featuring an America the Beautiful Pass to see where she can receive free entry.

Various sized Packtowls are the best present for women who love the outdoors

29. Personal PackTowl

Your girl might already have a quick dry towel for her adventures, but does she have a smaller towel for personal use? Kristen loves her small face sized PackTowl for washing up before and after a hike. This is one of the best outdoor gifts for women because it’s one she probably needs. Available in face, hand, body and beach size.

>> Buy: Amazon | REI | PackTowl

Dark purple sea to summit camping pillow for outdoorsy women

30. Sea To Summit Aeros Premium Pillow

If you have a regular camper on your hands, you should consider this popular ultralight inflatable camping pillow. With rave reviews and lighter than a deck of cards, this pillow is just what she needs for her next night under the stars. This is also a great travel pillow so it’s the perfect multi-functional gift.

>> Buy: Amazon | REI | Sea To Summit

Give a hoot don't pollute Landmark Project hoodie

31. Landmark Project Hoodie

Made from BCI cotton and recycled polyester, these Landmark Project hoodies are the best gift for outdoorsy women because they are eco-friendly and soft to the touch. We also recommend you check out Landmark Project’s beautiful US national park posters and stickers for something truly unique to pair with her new hoodie.

>> Buy: Landmark Project

Pair of red Kahtoola MICROspikes for hiking in cold conditions

32. Kahtoola MICROspikes

Microspikes are a great outdoor gift for any women because they attach to a trail running shoe or hiking boot so she can easily explore wherever her heart desires. These microspikes are a lifesaver when it comes to hiking on ice and snow because they provide traction on slippery surfaces. We often throw microspikes in our backpack if we are unsure of weather conditions just to play it safe. If your outdoorsy woman is looking for a new adventure, this might just be it.

>> Buy: Amazon | REI | Backcountry

Dark grey North Face traction booties for outdoorsy women

33. North Face Traction Booties

After a long day of outdoor adventures, the best way to relax is with an amazing pair of slippers. Personally, we never hike without having a set of slippers in our vehicle. On our wishlist for this year due to the amazing reviews, we have the North Face Traction Booties. We can’t wait to slip our feet into these babies next time we camp.

>> Buy: Amazon | REI

Purple ruffwear dog harness for outdoorsy woman gift

34. Ruffwear Front Range Dog Harness

If your girl often adventures with her pup, the best outdoor gift for her could be a new highly rated dog harness. Deigned for all day outdoor adventures, this harness is lightweight and durable, but it is also easy to take on and off. Every time we have given a Ruffwear product as gift, it has always been well received.

>> Buy: Amazon | REI

Best Gifts For Outdoorsy Women Over $100

Looking to spoil your outdoorsy women with a luxurious gift option? You have certainly come to the right place in our gift guide!

Outdoor gear can be expensive, but it often pays to splash out on top quality products. While the items below might be a bit more on the pricey side, you can be certain of their durability.

After trying several outdoor brands, we have become big fans of Patagonia because we found their products truly live up to expectations. However, the down side is Patagonia can be quite expensive.

It’s taken us years to acquire all of our expensive outdoor and hiking gear, but it certainly pays to buy quality items made with the outdoor woman in mind.

Interested in hiking gear? You might like to shop the best gifts for hikers.

Dark pink Patagonia fleece vest is the perfect gift for the outdoorsy woman

35. Patagonia Los Gatos Fleece Vest

The Los Gatos Fleece Vest is one of Kristen’s favorite hiking items because it is perfect for layering with a long or short sleeve base. This vest is great for chilly mornings or nights as it traps heat against your body to help keep you warm while wicking away excess moisture to keep you dry. Any outdoorsy woman will love this stylish yet functional present.

>> Buy: Patagonia  |  REI  |  Backcountry

Yellowstone National Park Rumpl Blanket

36. Rumpl Blanket

Any Rumpl Blanket would be a great outdoor gift for women because it is a washable lightweight blanket that is perfect for any use. We like Rumpl because this company helps to recycle over 5 million plastic bottles every year and then donates 1% of all revenue to environmental non-profits. Check out the originally puffy as well as the special national parks edition (Yellowstone is pictured).

>> Buy: Amazon  |  REI  |  Rumpl

Heading to Yellowstone? You might like our popular guide featuring the best things to do in Yellowstone National Park for your trip.

Dark green Alpine Start Hoody by Black Diamond

37. Black Diamond Alpine Start Hoody

Nothing ruins time in the great outdoors faster than being wet and cold. So protect your outdoorsy woman and help her stay dry. Kristen just added this lightweight and weather resistant coat to her hiking arsenal this year for those horrible cold and windy conditions. If you are on a budget, this REI Raincoat is also a great option.

>> Buy: Amazon | REI | Black Diamond

Multi-colored Cotopaxi Hip Pack for adventurous outdoorsy women

38. Cotopaxi Hip Pack

If you want to help your girl be stylish on the trails, look no further than this colorful Cotopaxi Hip Pack. This is an unique outdoor gift for women and the two way zipper will help her store exactly what she needs while on the go. Pictured is the Allpa X 4L Hip Pack, but you can purchase a cheaper version here.

>> Buy: Amazon | REI

Pink Patagonia Nano Puff jacket for outdoorsy women

39. Patagonia Nano Puff Jacket

The Nano Puff Jacket packs a serious punch because it is extremely lightweight and warm. This jacket has become one of Kristen’s favorite pieces for both hiking and travel. It is made with 100% recycled polyester, but the best part is this jacket can be compressed very small so it can be packed away for any adventure. Your outdoor girl can use it for a mid-layer on extremely cold days or as an outer layer on cooler days.

>> Buy: Patagonia  |  REI  |  Backcountry

Purple Osprey skimmer hydration backpack for hiking and outdoorsy women

40. Osprey Skimmer Hydration Pack

Never skimp on a backpack. From our experience, we have learned it is better to purchase a high quality backpack from the start rather than trying to save money with a cheaper version. Osprey is a brand we have traveled with since the very beginning and these bags have never let us down after years of abuse. We love Osprey’s hydration backpacks for hiking. The skimmer is created with the outdoorsy woman in mind so you can be sure of a great fit for her.

>> Buy: Amazon | REI | Osprey

Interested in Osprey Backpacks? Don’t miss our detailed review featuring the Osprey Farpoint 40 which is the perfect carry on size.

A pink Merrell Women's Moab 3 Hiking Shoe for hiking and outdoor adventures

41. Merrell Moab 3 Hiking Shoe

Hiking shoes are a great option for frequent travelers because they are smaller, lighter and less bulky compared to hiking boots. This style of shoe offers more breathability helping your feet to remain comfortable and dry. The Merrell Air Cushion absorbs shock and adds stability makes this a great gift for any outdoorsy woman. The Jungle Moc style is popular as well.

>> Buy: Amazon  |  REI  |  Backcountry

A pair of light blue and black Black Diamond trekking poles

42. Black Diamond Trekking Poles

Trekking poles help ease the pressure on your joints and provide stability when walking on rough or uneven terrain. If your outdoorsy woman is planning some longer day hikes or a multi-day hike, these incredibly light weight trekking poles will be exactly what she needs.

>> Buy: Amazon  |  REI  |  Black Diamond

Plaid colored Sawyer Shacket by Woolx

43. Sawyer Shacket

As a small business ourselves, we always try to support other small business who are doing amazing things. Woolx is father daughter team from upstate NY (where Kristen is from) and we just love their merino wool products. Kristen plans to use this gorgeous Sawyer Shacket for our upcoming fall trips. You can also shop more Woolx products here.

>> Buy: Woolx

Heading to upstate New York? Don’t miss our guide featuring the best things to see in the NY Finger Lakes.

Blue Deuter Kid Comfort Child Carrier great for outdoorsy women who want to hike with children

44. Deuter Kid Comfort Child Carrier

This highly rated child carrier by Deuter is one of the best outdoor gifts for women who love to adventure with their little ones. The Aircomfort Flexlite Vario backsystem creates ventilation on three sides and the Ergonomic Comfort Lock helps with stability. This child carrier can hold up to 48.5 lbs along with a total volume of 14L.

>> Buy: Amazon | REI

Jetboil mini stove for cooking meal outdoors

45. Jetboil MiniMo Cooking System

This impressive little stove is powered by FluxRing technology so it can reach a boil in just under two minutes with half the amount of fuel compared to other products. The entire Jetboil MiniMo system comes with a stove, cooking cup, bottom cover, lid, fuel can stabilizer and pot support making it the best outdoor gift for her next trip.

>> Buy: Amazon  |  REI

Best Stocking Stuffers For Outdoorsy Women

Still have some last minute presents you need to purchase? These stocking stuffers for outdoorsy women are essential to any outdoor adventure.

We personally always have these items on hand so we can recommend them 100% and we can guarantee your nature lover will love them!

Does you girl love the national parks? Shop our National Park Gift List showcasing our favorite park products next.

Desert ridge campfire incense for women who love the outdoors

46. Juniper Ridge Products

If your girl enjoys scents from the outdoors, then give her the gift of smell. Juniper Ridge Incense will help to bring back those fond memories instantly with campfire incense, body wash, essential oils and loose leaves. We love these eco-friendly calming incense bundles for the perfect addition to any home, office or camper van.

>> Buy Juniper Ridge Products here.

Package of Moleskin pre-cut blister dressings

47. Moleskin Blister Dressing Kit

Another popular gift idea for adventurous girls is Moleskin dressings. These pre-cut pieces are made to fit common blister areas, but they are also great for blister prevention. Your woman can apply Moleskin to problem areas prior to her hike or outdoor adventure to help reduce friction and keep hot spots from further developing into blisters.

>> Buy: Amazon  |  REI

Sum Bum SPD banana sunscreen lip balm

48. SPF Sunscreen Lip Balm

It’s important to keep your skin protected from the elements when outdoors, but many women forget about their lips. A SPF sunscreen lip balm will help to keep your lady’s lips hydrated and protected from the sun, wind or cold. We like Sun Bum because it’s made with shea butter and vitamin E as well as vegan and cruelty free.

>> Buy: Amazon | REI

Sea to summit wilderness wipes made for any adventure

49. Sea To Summit Wilderness Wipes

Sea to Summit Wilderness Wipes are the perfect gift for women who love the outdoors because they will help to keep her clean when a shower or water is not available. Formulated to be gentle on her skin, this is a pH balanced wipe that is readily compostable after use. We love the resealable packet so the wipes stay fresh for next time.

>> Buy: Amazon  |  REI | Sea To Summit

The Mountain House Adventure Kit weekender meals

50. Weekender Adventure Meal Kit

These adventure meals are perfect for both campers and backpackers. We like Mountain House meals because they are lightweight and portable so they can be taken anywhere outdoors. Just add hot water, stir and wait about ten minutes then bam, you have an instant meal. Mountain House carefully selects their ingredients and offers many flavor options, but we like this adventure kit so you don’t have to choose. Or you can purchase individual flavors here.

>> Buy: Amazon  |  REI

A blue Stasher sandwich bag with four lemons

51. Stasher Reusable Bag

Another recent purchase, we love these Stasher bags because they are reusable and help to eliminate our single-plastic use. Available in numerous sizes and colors, we bet you will have a hard time choosing which ones to get as a gift for your outdoorsy girl. If you want something a little more robust, you can also check out the Stasher Bowls.

>> Buy: Amazon | REI

A wooden bamboo set of utensils for camping with cute carrying case

52. To-Go Ware Bamboo Utensil Set

Another environmentally conscious gift for outdoorsy women is this beautiful bamboo utensil set for her adventures as an alternative to plastic waste. This set of bamboo utensils comes with a knife, spoon, fork, straw and a pair of chopsticks. They are also heat and stain resistant so you can be sure they will last her a long time.

>> Buy: Amazon | REI

Red spiky massage ball to use after a long hike or an outdoor adventure

53. Pro-Tec Spiky Massage Ball

We love using this Athletics Spiky Massage Ball after long hikes and we always pack it for long multi-day hikes to use at night. This massage ball is a good gift for outdoorsy women because it can be used to give her a deep tissue massage as well as increase circulation to her feet after a fun day of adventures. At only 3″ in diameter, it is a small Christmas gift she won’t ever expect.

>> Buy: Amazon | REI

White Avoalre Running Socks for women who love running outdoors

54. Avoalre Running Socks

These cushioned running socks are perfect for the woman who loves to run. With six specialized cushions and compression arch support, these socks promote blood circulation and oxygen flow. The quick dry CoolMax fiber also helps to move sweat away from the surface of the skin. 

>> Buy Avoalre Running Socks here.

Reach for the stars REI Gift Card

55. REI Gift Card

An REI Gift Card is one of the best gift ideas for an outdoor woman because she will have an entire store to choose from. We also love REI because once you become a member, you receive 10% off each purchase (comes back at the end of the year as dividends). Whether your girl is a hiker, biker, climber or camper, this simple card will have you covered.

>> Buy an REI Gift Card here.

Outdoorsy Women Guidebooks And Subscriptions

If you are looking for a unique idea to gift to her this holiday season, maybe you should consider a present she won’t have to unwrap.

An ebook or a subscription service is the perfect way to show your girl how much you care.

You can shop our extremely popular Travel Guidebooks featuring major cities and US National Parks.

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  • Outdoorsy – With Outdoorsy, you can help her find an RV, motorhome, trailer or camper van to rent for her next adventure.
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Best Outdoor Gifts For Women FAQ’s

Let’s take a look at some of the most frequently asked questions regarding the best outdoor gifts for women.

What should I get my nature loving friend?

Your nature loving friend will enjoy anything that reminds her of the outdoors. She probably would like to receive the LifeStraw water filer, darn tough socks, a buff, the kula cloth, merino wool base layers, wilderness wipes, sunscreen lip balm and stasher reusable bags.

What do you get an outdoorsy mom for Christmas?

An outdoorsy mom will appreciate any gift that helps her take care of herself or her family this Christmas. You could give her a Stanley quencher, darn tough socks, some juniper incense, a camping chair, a pair of warm slippers, a Rumpl blanket or the book Moms Who Hike to motivate her next trail.

What do you get an outdoorsy girl for her birthday?

An outdoorsy girl will appreciate any present that helps her enjoy the fresh air and sunshine in the great outdoors. You could give her anything from new hiking boots and base layers to camping gear and subscriptions she can use outside.

Looking for another gift? Head to our Gift Guides or Product and Tour Reviews to find something truly unique.

We hope this detailed list helped you pick out the best outdoorsy gifts for all those adventurous women in your life!

Please let us know if you have any questions about these best gifts for the outdoor woman in the comments below.

If you are not exactly sure which gift your outdoorsy friend or girlfriend would like, send her a link to this webpage and let her choose for herself!

Happy Shopping,

Mark and Kristen

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