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Outdoorsy Gifts For Women: 35 Amazing Gift Ideas for Her in 2022

Outdoorsy Gifts For Women: 35 Amazing Gift Ideas for Her in 2022

What are the best gift ideas for women who love nature, hiking and the great outdoors? Well, we’re going to dazzle you with the perfect list of outdoorsy gifts for the adventurous woman in your life. We’re confident you will find that special something to make her next trip even more amazing!

We’ve broken this varied list of outdoorsy gifts for women down into sections based on price to make it easier for you to find exactly what you need. First up, we listed our favorite are items under $50, followed by items $50-$100 and rounding out the list are luxurious gifts over $100.

Last but not least we have also included a few stocking stuffers for any basic needs your outdoorsy friend may need. Feel free to jump to any specific section below.

Read our guides to the best outdoorsy gifts for men and best gift ideas for hikers next (they are different) to complete your adventure lovers’ holiday gift list.

But for now, let’s find you the perfect gift for those women who can’t get enough of mother nature at her finest!

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Best Outdoorsy Gifts For Women Under $30

Let’s start this list with basic items which will bring a little bit of those home comforts to the outdoors.

Whether it’s hiking a new trail, sitting around the campfire or cozying up in a tent, these meaningful gifts will transform an outdoor living space into a home away from home.

Stanlay Go Everyday Tumbler Gifts for Women

1. Go Everyday Tumbler

This 10oz tumbler is the perfect solution for morning coffee and/or happy hour drinks. The double-wall vacuum insulation keeps beverages hot for 1.5 hours or cold for 5 hours. As an added bonus, Stanley also offers a lifetime warranty on all their products.

Buy on: Amazon | REI | Stanley

2. Buff

Buffs are one of the most versatile pieces of gear we own. They can be worn in many different ways and are the best kept secret for sun protection. We like CoolNet UV+ because their products are made out of 95% recycled polyester and available in several different colors. 

Buy on: Amazon | REI | Backcountry

3. Avoalre Running Socks

These cushioned running socks are perfect for the woman who loves to run. With six specialized cushions and compression arch support, these socks promote blood circulation and oxygen flow. The quick dry CoolMax fiber also helps to move perspiration away from the surface of the skin. Take 10% off with our special discount code, V8KPSFHD.

Buy the running socks here.

4. REI Membership

Becoming a member of the REI community means sharing a passion with others who love the outdoors while also scoring great deals on expensive gear. A REI membership will give you an automatic 10% off every purchase and access to the used gear trade-in program.

Buy an REI Membership Here

5. Hiking Socks

We have two favorite brands of hiking socks both made from the best material for hiking, Merino wool. Smartwool is a lighter thinner sock better for everyday use. Darn Tough socks have a much higher density and tend to be more absorbent. Depending on your outdoorsy woman’s activity, one brand might be better suitable for her.

Buy Smartwool on: Amazon | REI | Backcountry

Buy Darn Tough on: Amazon | REI | Backcountry

6. Women Who Hike

Give the gift of inspiration with this book, Women Who Hike. This story follows the adventure of over 20 women as they overcome challenges on their favorite hikes. GPS coordinates and photos are included for each hike discussed. Don’t miss the kindle edition, if your outdoorsy friend prefers books on the go.

Buy Women Who Hike Here

7. Weatherproof Journal

Rite in the Rain with this waterproof journal (pun intended)! This all weather paper will repel water, sweat, grease and mud. We like the spiral notebook version which keeps our notebook tough and flexible. It’s extremely durable so it doesn’t get bent out of shape when tossed around outside after a day of hiking.

Buy on: Amazon | REI

8. Shower Steamers

These aromatherapy shower melts will dissolve and release essential oils into your shower or bath to aid in deep relaxation. Spoil your outdoorsy woman with the gift of tranquility after her outdoor adventures.

Buy Shower Steamers Here

9. Fleece Lined Headband

This Patagonia headband is made from a soft micro denier fleece to keep both your ears and forehead warm in cool weather. The polyester fleece uses extra-long fibers to help retain warmth and is made with recycled materials.

Buy on: Patagonia | REI | Backcountry

10. Patagonia Black Hole Cube

This small organizer is a great additional to any woman’s outdoor gear arsenal. We use ours to store personal items and toiletries. The easy open compartment on the top gives us quick access for grabbing items on the go. These cubes are available in many colors and sizes depending on her needs.

Buy on: Patagonia | REI | Backcountry

11. Portable Campfire

This has been one of the best gifts we ever received because it is so convenient! The portable campfire weights only 4 lbs. and is completely hassle-free. Bring it to the beach, on a picnic or even glamping. This mini campfire radiates light just like a candle and lasts for 3 hours. We love the eco-friendly factor being that it’s made from recycled soy wax and paper briquettes.

Buy a Portable Campfire Here

12. Fanny Pack

The fanny pack has truly made a comeback! This is the perfect place for outdoorsy women to store snacks, keys and chapstick during an outdoor adventure. This pack comes in a 3L size and has an adjustable waist strap.

Buy on: Amazon | REI | Backcountry

13. Pom Beanie

Kristen never travels anywhere without her Pom Beanie and owns several different ones. This beanie features a slouchy fit and has full coverage of both ears. The best part is these beanies are available in many colors so you have tons of choice for your outdoorsy friend, partner or loved one!

Buy the Pom Beanie Here

Best Outdoorsy Gifts For Women $50 – $100

The next outdoorsy gifts on our list include some of the best outdoor clothing options as well as unique extras to make her time in the elements memorable. Nothing ruins a good time outdoors quicker than the wrong type of gear.

Merino wool base layers are essential to keeping your loved one warm and dry. Don’t miss our best things to bring on a hike for more gear and layering information.

outdoor woman gift of better sweater glvoes

14. Patagonia Better Sweater Gloves

What is better than the gift of warmth? This fabulous gift is a hybrid between a glove and mitten so you get the best of both worlds. These gloves are perfect for outdoorsy women because they will keep her hands warm like mittens but allow her to expose her fingers when needed in the elements.

Buy on: Patagonia | REI | Backcountry

15. Columbia Hiking Boots

These lightweight Columbia hiking boots are Kristen’s go to boots for the trails! She’s worn them on both day hikes and multi day hikes. We love the mountain red/elk color but you can choose from many other options. Your outdoorsy friend will be sure to get some compliments on these boots!

Buy on: Amazon | Backcountry

16. Merrell Hiking Shoe

Hiking shoes are a good option for travelers because they are smaller, lighter and less bulky compared to hiking boots. They offer more breathability helping your feet to remain dry. While these Merrell’s provide great traction, they are also great for well established less rugged paths.

Buy on: Amazon | REI | Backcountry

17. Vuori Clementine Shorts

These ultralight weight breathable shorts are perfect for both lounging around the campfire or tackling that big mountain. The four-way stretch bikini liner helps your outdoor woman handle any activity. We also love the zip pocket to hold small items such as chapstick.

Buy Vuori Clementine Shorts Here

18. Patagonia Los Gatos Fleece Vest

This is one of Kristen’s favorite hiking items. The vest is great for layering with a long or short sleeve base layer making it perfect for those chilly mornings or nights. This fleece works by trapping heat against your body to keep you warm while also wicking away any excess moisture to help you remain dry.

Buy on: Patagonia | REI | Backcountry

19. Fujifilm Instax Mini

If you’re looking for a timeless photography gift suitable for all levels – look no further than this Fujifilm Instax instant camera. Roll back the years and print instantly as you snap away for a classic take on photography. We always take ours to capture those truly iconic landmarks around the world in a unique way.

Buy Fujifilm Instax Mini

20. Merino Wool Base Layer Top

Base layers are arguably the most important part of an outdoor woman’s gear arsenal. Merino wool is the perfect material for outdoor layers because it is naturally antibacterial, moisture wicking and is extremely durable. It also helps to trap heat in air pockets around your body helping to regulate your body temperature. A base layer is a great gift to keep your loved one warm outdoors.

Buy on: Amazon | REI | Backcountry

21. Hiking Leggings

A proper pair of leggings should be found in every woman’s hiking wardrobe. These are Kristen’s go to option for almost every hike. Leggings wick sweat away from the skin, prevent chafing and minimize leg restriction. They also provide great protection from the sun or offer warmth on a cool autumn day.

Buy on: Amazon | REI | Backcountry

22. Stanley Coffee Press

As coffee lovers we couldn’t resist with this one. Stanley’s vacuum insulation technology keeps beverages hot for at least 4 hours so she has plenty of time until that first pour. This coffee press is easy to clean and is also dishwasher safe for when she returns home. Plus a lifetime warranty is a bargain for any Stanley product!

Buy on: Amazon | REI | Stanley

23. Wallaroo Hat

If you spend a lot of time outdoors like we do, it’s important to protect your skin from sun damage. We love these beautiful hats from Wallaroo which offer both UV protection and fantastic photo opportunities. So buy one for yourself and buy one for your friend to up your Insta game. Use our special discount code of ‘MORGANS20’ to take 20% off regularly priced products!

Buy on: Wallaroo

24. Rumpl Blanket

These blankets are made from 100% recycled materials. A DWR finish also provides weather resistant properties making them perfect for the outdoors. Rumpl truly holds up to its reputation as the extremely comfortable sleeping bag blanket. Be sure to check out the original puffy blanket as well as the special National Park editions!

Buy on: Amazon | REI | Rumpl

Best Outdoorsy Gifts For Women Over $100

Looking to spoil your outdoorsy woman? Well you have come to the right place! Below we have listed items we personally own and use so we are sure your loved one will appreciate any of them.

If you haven’t already noticed, we are huge fans of Patagonia. But after trying several other brands, we found their products to truly live up to expectations. It’s taken us years to acquire all of our expensive outdoor gear, but it certainly pays to buy quality items made with the outdoor woman in mind.

Patagonia Raincoat for outdoor gift

25. Patagonia Raincoat

Let’s be honest, rain can suck. Nothing ruins time in the outdoors faster than becoming wet and cold. So protect your outdoorsy friend and give her the gift of being able to stay somewhat dry. We both have a Patagonia Raincoat that has lasted us years. These coats are made from quality breathable fabrics and come in several different colors.

Buy on: Patagonia | REI | Backcountry

26. Patagonia Better Sweater

If there is only one item on this list you should buy, this is it! These better sweaters have become our go to layer when hitting the trails. We honestly never leave the house without them. The 100% recycled polyester is comfortable and breathable making them irresistible for cooler weather.

Buy on: Patagonia | REI | Backcountry

27. Patagonia Nano Puff

This Nano Puff packs a punch because it is both extremely lightweight and warm. It is made of 100% recycled polyester and can easily compress very small if needed to be packed away on an adventure. Use it for a mid-layer on extra cold days or as an outer layer on moderate cooler days.

Buy on: Patagonia | REI | Backcountry

28. Blundstone Chelsea Boots

We love the durability and comfortability of these boots. These babies will last years when taken care of properly. Blundstone added a removable foot bed which slowly molds to your foot overtime for added comfort. The pull tab is also a nice feature to help you put on or remove the boots every time.

Buy on: Amazon | REI | Backcountry

29. UGG Slippers

Hear us out… a pair of warm comfy slippers are just what the doctor ordered after a long hike! They will help your girl relax and enjoy her comforts after a day outdoors. These babies will make her feel like she is walking on a cloud. The hard sole makes these slippers suitable in either indoor or outdoor conditions.

Buy on: Amazon | REI | Backcountry

30. Osprey Skimmer

Never skimp on a backpack! This is one of the most important pieces of outdoor gear besides your clothes. It’s much better to save and buy a more expensive backpack than try to save a little bit of money with a cheap backpack. Osprey has traveled with us for years and we can back up it’s strong durability. The Skimmer is created with the woman in mind so you can be sure of a great fit.

Buy on: REI | Backcountry | Osprey

Stocking Stuffers For Outdoorsy Women

Still have some last minute items you need to purchase? These stocking stuffers for outdoorsy women are essential for any woman’s outdoor adventure.

We personally always have these items on hand so we can recommend them 100%!

31. America the Beautiful Pass

Does your outdoorsy women love the National Parks? Then give her the gift of free entry to the parks for an entire year! At only $80, this is a bargain if you consider entry into each park is around $30. Read more about the America the Beautiful Pass here.

Buy On: REI | USGS Store

32. Gaia Membership

Gaia is our favorite offline navigation App. It allows us to download maps for offline use so we can track our progress. We always use this app on the trails and it was a lifesaver when hiking the enchantments. Gaia is something we check regularly when on a new hike for piece of mind and we love seeing our stats at the end.  Click on the link below for our special 20% off discount.

Buy the Gaia Membership Here

33. Campsuds

This all purpose biodegradable cleaner only requires a few drops to get the job done. It is effective in hot, cold and even salt water. Use it for cleaning your hair or hands, dishes, clothing and pretty much anything else you may need during your time outside.

Buy on: Amazon | REI

34. Juniper Ridge Incense

If your loved one enjoys the scents from the outdoors, then give the gift of smell! Juniper Ridge Incense help to bring those memories instantly back through the deep green sage leaves, mugwort and cedar. These eco-friendly calming incense bundles make a great addition to either the home or office.

Buy the Juniper Ridge Incense Here

35. Pocket Outdoor Survival Guide

What is better than the gift of survival? This guide has essential knowledge for campers, hikers, canoers, anglers or anyone who would need to live through a short-time survival scenario. We like how small this guide is so we can easily pack it on trips.

Buy the Pocket Outdoor Survival Guide Here

Bonus: Unique National Park Gift For Her

Does your outdoorsy woman love the US National Parks?

Then consider the Passport Starter Kit featuring the Passport To Your National Parks® Classic Edition along with stamps, stickers and so much more.

Or maybe she would like a Passport Starter Kit for her Junior Ranger? Check out the Junior Ranger Starter Kit here.

More Gift Guides …

We hope this helped you pick out the best outdoorsy gifts for all of those adventurous women in your life!

Please let us know if you have any questions about any of the ideas listed above, we’ll be happy to help.

If you’re not exactly sure which gift your outdoorsy friend, send them a link to this webpage and let them choose!

Happy Shopping,

Mark and Kristen

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