60 Best National Park Gifts For Him + Her



Best Gifts For National Park Lovers Where Are Those Morgans

Are you looking for the best national park gifts for the outdoor adventurer in your life? You’ve come to the right place because we’re going to show you amazing gift ideas for both him and her.

As lovers of the US National Parks ourselves, we’ve personally hand picked every item on this gift list. And we’ve included many thoughtful ideas so your present will be something they’ll actually use and love.

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Our National Park Experience

Two people taking a photo with Delicate Arches
Mark and Kristen in Arches National Park

Since Mark immigrated to the US in 2019, we’ve slowly been visiting as many of the US national parks as possible to celebrate this major milestone in our immigration journey.

We’ve visited 20+ parks now, but we’re in no rush to visit all the parks by a certain time period. In fact, we love visiting the same park in various seasons because it’s a completely different experience.

So we aim to give you extremely detailed US National Park travel guides about the parks you plan to visit based on our own experience.

Many of the items on this national park gift list feature items we wished we knew about before we started traveling.

Where Should You Buy National Park Gifts?

Before we get into our National Park gift shop guide, we will show you the best places to purchase presents for your loved one this holiday season.

  • America’s National Parks – This is one of our top recommendations because 100% of all proceeds go back into supporting education and preservation programs at the parks.
  • National Park Foundation – In collaboration with the NPS, this foundation protects the parks through conservation projects and land acquisition.
  • REI – Our favorite store for quality outdoor gear because members receive 10% every purchase.
  • Etsy – One of the best online marketplaces featuring handmade and vintage items. This is where you can find customizable national park products.

However, you can sometimes find amazing deals during the holidays on official websites or Amazon Storefronts so it’s best to shop around for the best price.

We have included links to everything you need to compare prices and find the best deal!

Top 3 National Park Gifts

With 60 national park themed gifts, we have many options to help you find that something special.

Start with our top 3 gift recommendations for your national park adventurer and then continue along the national park gifts list until you find exactly what you need.

We never leave for a USA Road Trip without the first three items.

Our Favorite Camping App: If your National Park lover is an avid camper, you can try our exclusive 30 day free trial for The Dyrt PRO to help them snag a reservation at sold out national park campgrounds.

Where Are Those Morgans Yellowstone Guidebook

1. Where Are Those Morgans Guidebook

Before visiting any national park, there are key things you should know about road closures, hiking trails, popular attractions, permits and info about seasonality. We cover everything you need to know in our popular guidebooks.

>> Buy WATM Guidebooks here

America the beautiful national park pass

2. National Park Pass

If you’re planning to visit multiple national parks, you should consider an America the Beautiful Interagency Pass. At only $80 per year, this will grant pass holders free entry into 400+ parks, monuments, historical sites and battlefields.

>> Buy: REI | USGS

Want to know more about the national park pass? Don’t miss our detailed guide about an America the Beautiful pass including where you can gain free entry.

Passport to your national parks

3. National Park Passport

This passport makes a great national park gift for those adventures who love to document their travels. Available in 4 unique editions, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

>> Buy: America’s National Parks

Curious about this passport? Don’t miss our popular guide featuring tips for using a Passport To Your National Parks.

Best National Park Books And Guides

The first section on this list features books about the national parks. You’ll find everything from cookbooks and ranger stories to beautiful coffee tables books and unique campfire tales.

Food ideas for cooking in America's wilderness

4. The National Park Cookbook

With more than 70 recipes including Acadia’s famous puffy popovers through Zion’s loaded Navajo tacos, this cookbook makes for a great gift idea to help your loved one makes new recipes and relive their favorite park memories.

>> Buy: Amazon | REI

Complete national parks of the united states by National Geographic

5. Complete National Parks Of The US

Currently on the 3rd edition, National Geographic showcases beautiful illustrations about recreation areas, seashores, camping and national parks. This 544 page book is a gift any national park lover would enjoy opening on Christmas morning.

>> Buy: Amazon | REI

The art of the national parks journal

6. Park Lovers Journal

We love this unique journal because you can easily document your experiences in every US National Park including what you saw, where you went and even a small space for a passport stamp. The illustrations also make this journal a one of a kind national park gift they will never expect.

>> Buy: Amazon

Coloring book featuring the US national parks

7. National Park Coloring Book

If you’re looking for a national park gift to give the child in your life, look no further than this beautiful coloring book. Featuring all 63 parks on an individual page so colors won’t bleed through, this is a present even adults will love!

>> Buy: Amazon | REI

100 parks 5000 ideas by National Geographic

8. 100 Parks 5,000 Ideas

Another extremely popular National Geographic book, 100 Parks 5000 ideas showcases some of of the most popular experiences in the US national parks ranging from the geysers of Yellowstone to the Nine Mile Pond Canoe Trail in the Everglades.

>> Buy: Amazon

Ranger confidential national park book about living, working and dying in the national parks

9. Ranger Confidential

This is a unique national park gift because it follows 12 years of Andrea Lankford’s extraordinary career as a ranger as she overcomes life and death in some of America’s most iconic landscapes. We’re currently reading this right now and can’t put it down!

>> Buy: Amazon

The Parklands national park book by Gestalten

10. The Parklands

This book makes for a great national park Christmas gift because it features both trails and secrets from America’s parks. This is a fresh view of North America’s stunning topography through sustainable low-impact exploration.

>> Buy: Amazon | Gestalten

Like Gestalten products? You might like Gestalten’s Great American Road Trip which features many of our US photos.

Tales from America's national parks campfire stories

11. Campfire Stories

This is a very popular book featuring stories about 6 major national parks by well known writers such as John Muir, Bill Bryson, and Terry Tempest Williams. But we love that it also includes interesting tales from generations of indigenous people and pioneer diaries.

>> Buy: Amazon | REI

Walks of a lifetime in America's National Park

12. Walks Of A Lifetime

Written by Bob and Martha Manning, this national park book is a compilation of the best walking trails, scenic vistas, majestic waterfalls, wildlife viewing areas and prehistoric sites. Reviewers always comment on the stunning photos and detailed information.

>> Buy: Amazon | REI

The best Ansel Adams photographs

13. Ansel Adams In The National Parks

Known for his national park landscape photography and environmentalist ideals, this gorgeous book showcases Ansel Adams best photos. Adams was a regular champion for preserving natural areas and he helped to save many of our parks through his photographs.

>> Buy: Amazon

John Muir wilderness collection box set about national parks

14. John Muir Wilderness Box Set

This national park gift set is a collection of John Muir’s best writing including Wilderness Essays, Travels in Alaska, My First Summer in the Sierra and Our National Parks. These books help to showcase the importance of wilderness preservation in the United States.

>> Buy: Amazon

National park planner by the national park foundation

15. 2024 National Park Planner

This 2024 weekly planner features breathtaking photos and each week presents new information about America’s national parks. Our favorite part about this national park gift is that proceeds support park conservation and educational programs.

>> Buy: Amazon

US National Park Maps And Posters

If you’re planning to explore and hike in any national park, we highly recommend you use a paper map.

You can’t always rely on the maps provided by the NPS when you visit because they do sometimes run out of copies, especially in the smaller parks such as Capitol Reef in Utah.

Hikers should always carry a paper map and use a hiking app to help them find the correct route. We’ve used Gaia GPS for years because we found it to be one of the most accurate trail apps on the market.

National Geographic trails illustrated national park topographical map

16. National Park Trails Map

This national park map makes for a great gift because it is both waterproof and tear resistant. A full UTM grid is printed on the map to helps users with GPS navigation. These National Geographic maps are always highly rated so you can guarantee the park lover in your life will appreciate this gift.

>> Buy: Amazon | REI | America’s National Parks

National park scratch off map is a great Christmas gift

17. National Park Scratch Off Map

Etsy is one of the best places to find beautiful national park scratch off maps. Amazon is usually cheaper, but we think Etsy has better quality maps. Shop around to find the best scratch off map for your loved one so they can showcase their national park travels.

>> Buy: Amazon | Etsy

Grand Canyon national park vintage poster

18. National Park Posters

We can’t get enough of these vibrant National Park Posters because not only are they absolutely stunning, but they’re made from natural fibers and post-consumer recycled content. Available for many national parks and popular USA vacation spots such as Niagara Falls or Big Sur.

>> Buy: Landmark Project

Interested in Niagara Falls? Don’t miss our popular guide on how to visit the American side of Niagara Falls.

Unique National Park Gift Ideas

This next section features cool national park products you can give your outdoor lover.

There is certainly a chance your loved one already has many of the items we have previously mentioned in this best gifts for national park lovers guide, but we hope you can find something in this next section.

A personalized national park wooden sign

19. Personalized National Park Sign

This customizable handmade wooden sign is inspired by the national parks. It’s an indoor sign you can use for just about anything including a baby shower, wedding, to hang in an RV or a fun present for that adventurous friend.

>> Buy: Etsy

Passport to your national parks stamp series is a great gift

20. National Park Stamps

We love adding national park stamps to our national park passport! These stamps are available in sets dating back to 1986 with a new set available every year. Each stamp series includes national park treasures from all around the US.

>> Buy: America’s National Parks

National Parks Calendar by the national park foundation

21. National Park Calendar

This is the official and best selling calendar from the National Park Foundation. It features 12 months of beautiful photos with detailed information about each park mentioned. Any national park lover will enjoy this gift Christmas morning.

>> Buy: Amazon

Grand Canyon Huckberry whiskey peaks glasses

22. Huckberry Whiskey Peaks

We own several of Huckberry’s Whisky Peak glasses which highlight the world’s greatest mountains and landscapes. The Grand Canyon is pictured in our guide, but you can also shop for Half Dome, the Wave, Matterhorn and Mount Everest.

>> Buy: Huckberry

Heading to the Grand Canyon? Don’t miss our popular guide about best things to do at South Rim.

Yellowstone Christmas ornament gift

23. National Park Ornaments

These adorable Old World Christmas ornaments are just what every national park lover needs. Featuring many of the popular parks, these hand crafted ornaments make for the perfect national park gift.

>> Buy: Amazon | America’s National Parks

Planning to visit Yellowstone? Make sure you experience the 40 best things to do in Yellowstone during your trip.

Zion national park patch is a great gift

24. National Park Patches

These colorful patches are the perfect national park souvenir because they are extremely eye catching. Shop all 63 parks and collect them all!

>> Buy: Amazon | America’s National Parks

Landmark Project postcard collection

25. National Park Postcards

Made from recycled materials, these 20 stunning national park postcards are the best way to share adventures or create a fun travel scrapbook. This national park themed gift is a great idea for anyone who can’t get enough of the outdoors.

>> Buy: Landmark Project

Enamel pin by Landmark Project

26. National Park Pins

We love these enamel national park pins because they are a great way to easily show where you have been. Just attach these gorgeous pins to a backpack or a duffel. We like Vegabond Heart on Amazon or Landmark Project for quality designs.

>> Buy: Amazon | Landmark Project

Heading to Joshua Tree? Be sure to read our Joshua Tree Day Trip guide.

Musky trails mountain rainier candle

27. Musky Trails Candle

Hand poured in Oakland and South Lake Tahoe, these candles are one of the best ways to relive your favorite memories in the parks. We can guarantee your loved one will enjoy this national park product when they smell the aroma of their favorite park.

>> Buy: Amazon

Planning to hike at Mount Rainier? Don’t miss the 23 best hikes in Mount Rainier National Park.

Best National Park Clothing Gifts

This next section in our guide features US national park gifts that your loved one can wear. We covered everything from graphic tees and sun protection to belts and sunglasses.

Acation national park graphic tee

28. National Park Graphic Tee

These beautiful graphic tees by Landmark Project are always our go to option because not only do they feature the national parks, but you can find additional destinations like Sedona. We like these tees for a casual comfy look when traveling or hanging out.

>> Buy: Landmark Project

Planning a trip to Acadia? Check out the best things to do in Acadia National Park.

Grand Teton buff to help protect users from sun

29. CoolNet UV Buff

These CoolNet Buffs make a great national park present for him and her because they will protect your loved one from the elements. The National Park series buffs feature the popular parks in stunning colors and will help to add a little bit of flare to their hiking outfit.

>> Buy: Amazon | REI

Joshua tree goodr sunglasses

30. Goodr Sunglasses

We love Goodr Sunglasses because they are polarized and come in numerous colors. These sunglasses are great for any outdoor adventure and the no slip coating will help to keep them from slidding. The Joshua Tree glasses are pictured in our guide, but there are so many options!

>> Buy: REI

Great Smoky Mountains Arcade Belt

31. Arcade Belt

A national park Arcade Belt makes a great gift idea for him because it features a performance stretch and custom fit. The national park series was created in collaboration with the National Park Foundation so proceeds go back into the parks. The Great Smoky Mountains belt is pictured in our guide.

>> Buy: Arcade Belt

White striped pendleton national park socks

32. Pendleton Socks

Available in both men and women sizes, these national park striped socks are a fun national park gift. Made from cotton, polyester and spandex, these socks have the right amount of spandex to prevent slippage. Be sure to shop all colors!

>> Buy: Amazon

Yosemite beanie by landmark project

33. National Park Beanie

If your national park lover plans to travel during the colder months, you should consider a colorful national park beanie. Available in numerous colors and parks, this is a thoughtful national park Christmas gift.

>> Buy: Landmark Project

Customizable national park sweatshirts

34. Customizable Sweatshirt

With over 12,000 positive reviews, this national park gift from Etsy should be at the top of your list because these sweatshirts are handmade. You can customize based on size, color and national park of your choice.

>> Buy: Etsy

Fun National Park Games For Kids

In this next section of our national park themed gifts, you will find a large selection of board games and activities for kids. These are gift options the entire family will love!

Monopoly national parks special edition

35. National Park Monopoly

Gift your loved one the National Parks special edition of Monopoly for a game experience they will never forget! Players can buy, sell and trade landscapes such as Grand Canyon, Yellowstone or Yosemite with a portion of the proceeds going back to the parks.

>> Buy: Amazon | Etsy

trekking the national parks trivia

36. National Park Trivia

Does your loved one claim to know a lot about the US national parks? Then gift them this national parks trivia game to quiz their knowledge. With 600+ questions, this is a great challenge for families, friends and anyone interested in the parks.

>> Buy: Amazon | REI

National park playing cards for those who love the parks

37. National Park Playing Cards

If you are looking for a unique yet affordable national park gift, consider a beautifully crafted set of playing cards. This decks includes full color illustrations with standard numbered cards showcasing the popular national parks.

>> Buy: Amazon | Landmark Project

special edition national park scrabble

38. National Park Scrabble

We like this scrabble set because it includes a custom designed game board with 26 national park cards. This would make a great national park gift for those who love camping. You will score extra points for park themed words so get your thinking cap on!

>> Buy: Amazon

The Trails parks game by Keymaster

39. Trails, A Strategy Game

If you are looking for a new take on a national park game, Trails takes users on a hiking journey through the parks. You can gather resources, go birding and earn wilderness badges. This is a fun quick game that can be played in 20 minutes and a portion of every sale is donated back to the parks.

>> Buy: Amazon

Yahtzee national parks special edition

40. National Park Yahtzee

For a new take on Yahtzee, this travel sized dice cup is everything you need. With this national park edition of Yahtzee, you can learn fun facts about the environment and how to help preserve the parks. We love the fun park themed icons featuring a tent, a deer, pine trees and a canoe.

>> Buy: Amazon

A wooden game featuring America's national parks

41. National Park Jenga

This is a great gift option to give back to the national parks because proceeds from this Jenga product benefit the National Park Foundation. With over 100 national park facts on the blocks, this is a wonderful national park lover gift to play and learn at the same time.

>> Buy: Amazon

1000 piece jigsaw puzzle featuring places in America

42. National Park Puzzle

Bring the outdoors inside with one of these 1,000 piece national park puzzles. This is a good way experience the parks on a rainy or cold day when you can’t hike the trails. Anyone who loves the national parks will love receiving this puzzle as a gift.

>> Buy: Amazon | REI

scavenger hunt game for kids

43. National Park Scavenger Hunt

Kids will love this national parks scavenger hunt because they can explore all 63 parks in a bucket list game. This is a great gift for kids because it features fun facts about each landmark so they can learn along the way.

>> Buy: Amazon

scratch and sketch national parks and landmarks an art activity book

44. Scratch and Sketch National Parks

Another great national park gift for kids, this scratch and sketch book will help them bring the parks to life though swirling colors and shiny foil. This activity book includes black coated scratch pages, doodle designs and 20 pages of illustrations.

>> Buy: Amazon

The parks board game by keymaster games

45. Parks Board Game

This Keymaster game is a great national park gift for the family because you will score points by visiting as many parks as you can before other players do. Showcasing mountains, forests, water and wildlife, there is no shortage to what you will see in this game.

>> Buy: Amazon

National Park Themed Outdoor Gear

Anyone who loves the outdoors will love to open up national park themed gear during the holiday season. We’ve included national park gift ideas for him and her in this next section.

Hydro flask national park reusable water bottle

46. Reusable Water Bottle

The Helping Hydros stainless steel water bottle features Yosemite, Joshua Tree, Yellowstone, Grand Teton, Redwoods and Arches. This is a great gift option for anyone who loves to explore US national parks because the double sealed vacuum design keeps beverages hot or cold for 24 hours. Etsy also sells cute water bottles.

>> Buy: Amazon | Etsy

National park cool featured by igloo

47. National Park Igloo Cooler

This adorable national parks cooler by Igloo is on our wish list this year because we love the vintage green color. Made from postconsumer recycled resin and THERMECOOL™ foam to keep content cold for hours, there is enough space for up to 30 cans.

>> Buy: REI

Yosemite nomadix quick dry towel

48. Nomadix Towel

The Nomadic Towel National Park Collection is perfect for the beach, travel, swimming, camping and yoga. Made with recycled materials, these super absorbent mictoterry fabric towels absorb 4x more than regular cotton towels. Pictured in our guide is Yosemite towel.

>> Buy: Amazon

Heading to Yosemite? Use our popular Yosemite itinerary for your vsit.

Popular us national park compression packing cubes

49. Compression Packing Cubes

This 7 piece ultra light packing cube set can help your national park lover save up to 30% of space in their suitcase or backpack! Set includes a Yosemite, Arches, Yellowstone, Tetons, Grand Canton, Sequoia and Great Smoky Mountains cube.

>> Buy: Amazon

Bryce canyon rumpl blanket

50. Rumpl Blanket

These top rated National Park Collection blankets by Rumpl feature their original puffy blanket. As you can see, the images and colors of these blankets are absolutely stunning. You can shop for all the popular parks and we have shown in the Bryce Canyon blanket in our guide.

>> Buy: REI | Rumpl

Heading to Bryce Canyon? You might like our guide featuring a Zion to Bryce Canyon Road Trip.

Our Smokey Bear Gift Shop

Smokey Bear is a fictional bear created by the USDA Forest Service in 1944 as a symbol to help prevent forest fires.

When you visit a US national park, you may see large cut outs of smokey placed throughout the park indicating the current level of forest fire risk.

We love the Smokey Bear products from Landmark Project because 10% of all proceeds are donated to the US Forest Service for Wildfire Prevention Education program.

Only you can prevent wildfires smokey the bear sign

51. Smokey Bear Sign

This vintage Smokey Bear sign would make a great addition to any wilderness lovers home, RV and even campsite. Made of high quality aluminum, this sign is environmentally friendly and recyclable plus it can be used both indoor and outdoors.

>> Buy: Amazon

green smokey the bear graphic tee

52. Smokey Bear Graphic Tee

Nothing shows your support for keeping our parks safe better than a Smokey Bear graphic tee. Available in manatee, conifer, smoke grey, deep navy and canyon, we are sure you can find one that matches your needs.

>> Buy: Landmark Project

Smokey the bear enamelware mug

53. Enamelware Mug

This beautiful mug by Landmark Project has been licensed through the US Forest Service and some of the proceeds go towards funding for wildlife prevention. Any national park lover will appreciate this thoughtful gift.

>> Buy: Landmark Project

Smokey the bear jigsaw puzzle by landmark project

54. Smokey Bear Puzzle

Owning one of these gorgeous Smokey Bear puzzles ourselves, we can tell you they are a fun gift for anyone who loves national parks and forests. The illustrations are beautiful and it’s a great way to support the US Forest Service.

>> Buy: Landmark Project

Protect our wilderness white bandana

55. Protect Our Forests Bandana

Another unique national park gift is this white bandana featuring a historic hand-drawn illustration of Smokey Bear. Made with BCI cotton and screen printed, this is a present they will never see coming.

>> Buy: Landmark Project

Stocking Stuffers For National Park Lovers

Last but not least, we feature budget national park gift ideas for him and her in our final stocking stuffer section. While these gifts might be small, they are sure mighty so take a look!

Decal by America's national parks

56. National Park Decals

If you have an RV lover or a car camper in your life, they might like a national park decal to help showcase the parks they have visited. We love how these decals come with three options, one large decal for the official abbreviation of the park and two smaller decals for the important natural resources in the park.

>> Buy: America’s National Parks

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National park vinyl stickers by landmark project

57. National Park Stickers

Any national park lover will enjoy opening a set of their favorite park stickers this holiday season. We love using stickers for water bottles, car windows, coolers and suitcases. Amazon sells cheaper sticker sets while Landmark Project offers better quality stickers.

>> Buy: Amazon | Landmark Project

Passport to your national parks junior ranger edition

58. Junior Ranger Passport

If you are planning to take the kids to any national park this upcoming year, you should consider a Junior Ranger Passport. Illustrated by Dave Klüg, this passport includes colorful park-themed stickers and the pages are filled with educational content.

>> Buy: America’s National Parks

Luggage ID tag with colorful passport stamps

59. Luggage Tag

A luggage tag is a great national park gift for anyone who plans to visit the parks soon. We love the fun cancellation stamp print on this tag and it goes perfectly with a National Park Passport if gifted together!

>> Buy: America’s National Parks

America's national parks passport expander pack

60. Passport Expander Pack

Our last national park gift is for those who really love the parks and plan to visit many over the next few years. This expander pack is perfect for those who are running out of space in their Collector’s Edition of the parks passport (note this will not apply to the blue classic edition).

>> Buy: America’s National Parks

Conclusion For National Park Lover Gifts

If you have made it to the end, congrats because this is a very extensive list of national park souvenirs. However, we have put a lot of time and energy into it so we hope you found exactly what you needed.

But if you are still on the fence about a few products, here are the overall 10 best gifts for those who love the national parks:

  1. National Park Pass
  2. Graphic Tee
  3. National Park Passport
  4. Ranger Confidential
  5. National Park Collection Rumpl Blanket
  6. Personalized National Park Sign
  7. Any national park themed board game
  8. National Park Poster
  9. Smokey Bear gear
  10. WATM Guidebook

Any of these products are perfect gift ideas for both men and women, but we love that many of the presents on this list are gifts that give back to the national parks as well.

National Park Gift FAQ’s

Can you gift a national park pass?

Yes, you can give your park lover the gift of a national park pass because passes are issued unassigned. All you need to do is order the pass and give it to them. National park passes are claimed once an individual signs in the signature slot on the back of the card.

What are cool national park gift ideas?

The most popular national park gifts include vintage posters, graphic tees, board games, clothing, outdoor gear and the National Park Passport.

Where should you find national park gifts?

The best place to buy national park products is the National Park Foundation, America’s National Parks, REI, official Amazon Stores and Etsy for unique homemade presents.

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We hope this thoughtful list of gifts for people who love national parks helps you find exactly what you were looking for!

Please let us know if you have any questions about any of these national park related gifts in the comments below.

Happy Shopping,

Mark and Kristen

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