Best Gifts For Photographers: 50 Awesome Ideas For Beginners + Pros


Where Are Those Morgans Best Gifts For Photographers

Finding the best gifts for photographers is no easy task. Not only is photography an expensive hobby or job, but photographers can be a picky bunch when it comes to their equipment.

But after years of shooting ourselves, we are going to show you 50 excellent gift ideas for photographers spanning the entire budget range.

So whether you are looking for a Birthday present, Christmas gift or shopping for Black Friday deals, we have compiled an extensive list of thoughtful gifts for photographers ranging from $10 to expensive!

Our popular photography gift list includes items for both beginner and pro photographers. You can shop based on the following categories:

  • Best photography accessories
  • Tripods and gimbals
  • Drones and GoPros
  • Peak Design products
  • Photography books and subscriptions
  • Best cheap photography gifts
  • Camera and lenses

The goal here is to give you a useful list featuring gifts for photographers they will actually love and use in the field. Our recommendations are based on our own photography experiences.

Now, let’s find the perfect gift for your photographer!

Best Accessories Gifts For Photographers

We are going to start this gift list off with the best photography accessories on the market. The price of the items throughout this first section typically fall within the mid-range budget price.

This photography accessories gift list will help save you time researching what brands to buy because we only suggest top rated products. Every item below has been tried and tested by us.

Any of these photography accessories would make for a useful birthday gift or Christmas present for the photographer in your life.

We know because we have personally asked for these photography items from family and friends for both Christmas and birthday occasions. It’s taken us a few years, but we have finally stock piled enough photography accessories for our needs.

Here are the accessories photographers can’t live without when shooting or traveling:

Freewell Threaded Variable ND Filter to use on professional cameras

1. Freewell Threaded Variable ND Filter

An ND filter is essential especially for landscape photographers. This filter blocks light from the camera sensor which allows a wide aperture or slower shutter speed when used in bright conditions. Think of an ND filter as sunglasses for a camera. We regularly use this filter carrying case and Freewell’s 2-5 stop variable ND filter for a miniscule loss in quality. However, you will have to know the size of your photographers lens to purchase the correct filter.

>> Buy A Freewell Threaded Variable ND Filter here.

Spare battery for a professional Sony Alpha series camera

2. Spare Camera Batteries

Spare batteries are probably the least flashest gift you could buy for a photographer, but they are also one of the most important items in a camera bag. Your photogher can never have enough batteries so consider gifting them a few spares. While third party batteries might be cheaper, we always buy same brand camera batteries to ensure quality. Shop below by brand of camera to find the right batteries for your photo lovers needs.

>> Buy: Canon | Nikon | Sony

Photography Tip: We always carry at least 3 spare batteries no matter what. Battery life decreases significantly when shooting in cold weather so it’s smart to have a few back ups just in case.

Dust busters to clean dirt of camera lenses and sensors

3. Dust And Air Blower

A dust blower is the best tool for removing dust on a lens as well as the sensor of a camera. We love the soft silicone material nozzle which prevents damage if coming into contact with delicate parts of expensive equipment. Just squeeze the bulb and the puff of air will allow your photographer to gently clean whatever they need. The small size is also great because it doesn’t take up much space in a camera bag.

>> Buy: Amazon | Best Buy

Altura Photo Professional Camera Rain Cover for Canon Nikon Sony DSLR and Mirrorless Cameras

4. Camera Rain Cover

We like this rain cover because it fits Canon, Nikon and Sony models. It’s designed to protect and shield professional camera gear from the rain, snow, salt spray and any other unexpected weather conditions your photographer may encounter. The cover features dual adjustable sleeves and full-length double zippers to provide easy access whether holding or mounting the camera on a tripod.

>> Buy a Camera Rain Cover here.

>> Buy Peak Design Rain Cover here.

Electronics organizers for photographers and travelers

5. Electronics Travel Organizer

As travel photographers, we are always on the go so it’s important for us to stay organized. We need to be able to find multiple chargers and cables very quickly throughout our days. This dual layer electronics organizer has been a life saver because all of our travel, hiking and photography cords and chargers can be found in one place. We also have the double layer organizer which nicely fits a small table or kindle.

>> Buy the Electronics Travel Organizer here.

Brown Leather Dual Shoulder Harness made for Wedding Photographers

6. Dual Shoulder Leather Harness

If you shopping for a gift to give a wedding photographer, this dual leather harness might just be what you need. We like this dual strap solution for photographers who need to have two cameras easily accessible when they work. The best part is this harness is made from high quality leather and is designed to evenly distribute the weight of both cameras.

>> Buy a Dual Shoulder Leather Harness here.

Crystal ball for use when taking photos

7. Crystal Ball

A crystal ball is a unique photography gift your photographer will truly appreciate. We love using a crystal ball to achieve a different perspective and bring dimension to photos. This ball is made from top grade K9 crystal featuring high light transmittance and light refraction characteristics so your photographer can get creative.

>> Buy a Crystal Ball here.

Bright blue WD Passport External Hard Drive to backup media and photos

8. WD External Hard Drive

External hard drives are always the perfect gift for photographers. We have three 5TB hard drives each performing its own function. Camera’s today are pumping out 61MP+ images which can mean 100-150MB per file. Laptop internal storage can’t store thousands of images at those gigantic sizes and this is where an external hard drives comes in handy. WD external hard drives are the best value for money and some people even use them for gaming. Use ‘WD Elements’ for windows and ‘WD My Passport’ for Mac.

>> Buy WD Elements: Amazon

>> Buy WD My Passport: Amazon | Best Buy

Rode VideoMicro Compact On-Camera Microphone

9. Rode VideoMicro Compact On-Camera Microphone

If you have a vlogger or influencer in your life, you could consider a microphone which can significantly improve the quality of their next videos. We like the small size of the VideoMicro because it can easily sit on a camera or a gimbal. The VideoMicro also offers a directional pickup pattern that focuses on the sound in front of the microphone while rejecting any noise from behind. Just check out the positive reviews!

>> Buy: Amazon | Best Buy

Best Tripods And Gimbal Gifts For Photographers

Next on this photographers gift list is tripods and gimbals which can be used to stabilize their equipment when in the field.

Tripods are essential for photographers to capture images using slow shutter speeds for best results. A tripod is typically used in low light scenarios like shooting at night as well as for astro, sunrise and sunset photography.

We own both a travel tripod as well as a much larger photography tripod for when we are home in the United States.

The Perfect travel tripod, the Manfrotto Befree

10. Manfrotto Befree

We purchased this compact travel tripod in New York City right before spending a month in Italy. It was one of the best travel purchases we have ever made because it saved us so much space. We love how easy it is to transport this small tripod when exploring a new city or landscape. What sold it for us was the aluminum body because its lightweight to carry yet strong enough to hold our bulky camera gear. The ball head also allows us to position our camera in any way we need.

>> Buy: Amazon | Best Buy

Vanguard Alta Pro 2 Tripod made from Carbon Fiber

11. Vanguard Alta Pro 2 Tripod

If we could only choose one item on this photography gift list, it would be the top spec Vanguard Alta Pro 3 tripod. This baby is available in an aluminum or carbon fiber model, but if your photographer shoots a lot of serious landscape photography, we would recommend the carbon fiber version. We also love the ball head allowing us to swivel the camera in any direction. Prices for this tripod will range anywhere from $150 to about $500 and top spec tripods are more suited for higher end photography gear.

>> Buy the Vanguard Alta Pro tripod here.

Joby GorillaPod perfect for photographers who travel and hike

12. Joby GorillaPod

Joby’s GorillaPod is the perfect gift for traveling photographers or for photographers who shoot outdoors. The legs of the GorillaPod can be wrapped around any object such as a tree or pole and can support the camera where a standard tripod won’t do the trick or achieve the required angle. We purchased the GorillaPod when we moved to Washington State so we could bring it on hikes to help shoot difficult scenarios. We love how compact and lightweight this little guy is compared to our bigger tripod. Models will vary depending on how much weight they can hold.

>> Buy the Joby GorillaPod here.

Zhiyun Weebill S Gimbal perfect gift for a photographer

13. Zhiyun Weebill S Camera Gimbal

Last year, we started making cinematic-style videos when hiking in Washington using our Sony A7III using this amazing Weebill S gimbal. This versatile and lightweight gimbal balances the heaviest camera and lens combinations with incredible maneuverability. The best aspect is being able to drop it down low using the movable screw in handle. It has been one of our favorite additions to our photography equipment arsenal.

>> Buy: Amazon | Best Buy

DJI Osmo Mobile 6 Smartphone Gimbal Stabilizer for content creators

14. DJI Osmo Smartphone Gimbal

Vloggers and incluencers can easily make videos with modern day smartphones, but a great video will require some sort of stabilization technique. The DJI Osmo is one of the best available and it is actually affordable compared to other gimbals on the market. This gimbal is loaded with features to make video recording a breeze and of course, it will eliminate the camera shaking while recording. As Instagram reels and tick tok become increasingly popular, short video clips are becoming more and more popular for content creators.

>> Buy: Amazon | Best Buy

Best Drones And GoPro Gifts For Photographers

Photography and videography have been elevated to new heights (pun intended!) in recent years with the introduction of drone technology for the everyday consumer.

There can be many flying restrictions and drone operators may require a license to fly, but in our honest opinion, drones are a game changer for content creating.

We purchased our first drone in 2020 and it has been one of the best purchases we have ever made because it gives us an edge with our photography.

Many of our drone shots are featured in Gestalten’s Great American Road Trip.

Photography usually begins as a fun hobby but quickly transforms into a costly addiction. We now have a drone amongst a lot of other expensive top spec equipment.

But the beautiful thing about photography is anyone can start learning with very basic equipment. We started our photography journey with just a smartphone and a GoPro.

DJI Mavic 3 Drone to take photography to the next level

15. DJI Mavic 3 Classic Drone

The DJI Mavic 3 drone is the newest version of DJI’s Pro line. We currently use the DJI Mavic Pro 2 which is no longer in production so this model can offer your photographer an even better spec with a 4/3 CMOS Hasselblad Camera and a 12.8-stop dynamic range. Additional features include 46 minutes of flight time for each battery, the 15-kilometer max transmission range and the Smart Return to Home feature to ensure an optimized route back to the user. After much research we choose DJI and couldn’t be happier with our drone.

>> Buy: Amazon | Best Buy

Lekufee Waterproof Hard Carrying Case Compatible with DJI Mavic 3 and ability to hold controller plus extra batteries

16. Drone Carrying Case

If you don’t want to splash out and purchase a drone for your photographer, we completely understand. But you could buy this incredibly useful hard shell drone case by RLSOCO. We love this carrying case because it fits the drone, remote controller, 5 spare batteries, charging hub and cables, propellers as well as a little compartment for anything else the drone pilot in your life may need.

>> Buy the Drone Carrying Case here.

GoPro Hero 11 gift for photographers

17. GoPro Hero 11

The newest version of GoPro offers 5.3K video to capture action with crisp detail and cinematic image quality. We like GoPro for its durable waterproof body as well as water repelling lens cover to help eliminate lens flare and additional artifacts. The HyperSmooth feature will help you to maintain maximum stabilization with minimal image cropping. Be sure to check out the black, mini and creator edition.

>> Buy: Amazon | Best Buy

Photography Tip: A GoPro is nothing without accessories. Don’t miss these GoPro Hero 11 accessories as well as this GoPro protective casing to keep your investment save when driving, mountain biking, running, scuba diving and exploring.

Hohem iSteady GoPro Gimbal to stabilize video

18. Hohem iSteady GoPro Gimbal

While there are better gimbals for GoPro than the Hohem iSteady, they are much more expensive. When you look at the price bracket, iSteady easily blows the competition out of the water. This 3 axis gimbal gives your photographer the ability to move up, down, left, right, forward and backwards while the GoPro remains stabilized for filming. We also love the waterproof and bluetooth control feature. This baby retails for about $100, but you can always find great deals (at time of writing it was only $80).

>> Buy the Hohem iSteady GoPro Gimbal here.

Peak Design Gift Ideas For Photographers

Peak Design are a camera carry solutions company based out of San Francisco and their ultra-useful products are exploding in popularity among photographers.

We personally own half of the stockroom at Peak Design and fully intend to systematically mop up the remainder. Initially, we included PD’s products in the accessories list, but decided it deserves its own section.

Almost all Peak Design products are interchangeable as they use the same attachments and anchors, genius!

You photographer recipient would love a Peak Design gift, trust us! The gifts items below range between a few cheaper ideas to expensive photography options.

Peak Design Everyday Backpack for travelers and photographers

19. Peak Design Everyday Backpack

First up, the Everyday Backpack is one of Peak Design’s best selling products and we both own one. This camera backpack is designed with so much functionality to improve workflow for photographers it’s almost unfair on their competitors. The Everyday Backpack includes both top and side openings as well as dividers that can be manipulated to suit different camera sizes or lens combinations plus a well protected laptop sleeve. This is commuter, travel, hiking and camera all-in-one solution for everyone. 

>> Buy: Amazon | Best Buy | Peak Design

Interested in the Peak Design Everyday Backpack? Read our detailed review for the Peak Design Everyday Backpack which we use to hold our camera bodies and lenses every time we travel.

Peak Design Capture Clip for photographers always on the move

20. Peak Design Capture Camera Clip

Peak Design’s capture camera clip is a compact device that attaches onto any backpack strap or belt to safely secure any camera. It’s the perfect solution for photographers who need quick access to a primary or secondary body, such as wedding and wildlife photographers. It also replaces the function of a camera strap, which can be useful when hiking and shooting. We love our capture camera clip and can’t imagine going on a hike without it now.

>> Buy: Amazon | Best Buy | Peak Design

Grey Peak Design Slide Lite Camera Strap with four attachments

21. Peak Design Slide Lite Camera Strap

This Peak Design Slide Lite Camera Strap is the gold standard for every photographer carrying a camera. If you want to buy an excellent camera strap as a gift, purchase the Peak Design Slide Lite strap. It comes with quick release clip in, clip out anchor connections and can be customized for slings, shoulders or neck configurations. Silicone grips help hold the strap in place around the users neck and the strap length range is completely adjustable. In a nutshell, this is the sleekest strap on the market.

>> Buy: Amazon | Best Buy | Peak Design

Peak Design Capture Lens Kit for Sony, Nikon and Canon

22. Peak Design Lens Kit

The Peak Design Lens Kit acts in a similar fashion to the capture clip listed above, except now the photographer clips a lens in place instead of a camera. With this lens kit, the photographer can have one camera on a strap and 2 lenses on the waist or backpack, ready to quickly interchange with no need for rummaging through backpacks. This item is next on our photography wishlist. Available for Canon, Nikon and Sony.

>> Buy: Amazon | Peak Design

Peak Design Medium Camera Cube to hole multiple cameras and lenses

23. Peak Design Medium Camera Cube

This camera cube happens to be a cheaper Peak Design gift idea for photographers and its compatible with any of the Peak Design travel bags. The ultra-protective cube is made of weatherproof recycled 400D nylon canvas shell with a high-density foam sub-lining to keep your photographers gear safe and sound. We love how this camera cube can hold multiple cameras and lenses for any photographers needs.

>> Buy: Amazon | Best Buy | Peak Design

Best Photography Books And Subscriptions To Gift

We believe photography is a never ending journey. There is always something to learn and a good photographer uses everything they can to learn new tips and tricks.

Most of the books we list below are particularly useful for both beginners and intermediate level photographers who need a helping hand with a certain style of shooting.

Lack of internet access on road trips or in less developed countries can be a real problem. But having all of the information at hand in one resource is certainly worthy of a few books.

Below are a few of the photography books or subscriptions we have personally used and love. Keep in mind you can also purchase kindle versions as a gift idea for your photographer.

Stunning Digital Photography by Tony and Chelsea Northrup

24. Tony Northrup Stunning Digital Photography

If your photography friend or family member is at the beginner or intermediate level, this is a book we seriously recommend. It’s like an all in one encyclopedia of photography but condensed into easy to understand sections. Composition, camera control, light and focus are all covered, plus all the major types of photography such as portraits, landscapes and weddings are discussed as well. We also like the access to video footage, private Facebook groups and so much more.

>> Buy Stunning Digital Photography here.

Night Sky Photography book to learn how to shoot after dark

25. Night Sky Photography Field Guide

This book will only apply to photographers who enjoy shooting the night sky or astrophotography, but we like Night Sky Photography because this book covers every aspect of how to get the most out of photos taken after dark. We always take it with us when we shoot astro for reference. Composition, equipment, preparation, focus and settings are all covered in great detail to give the photographer the tools to succeed in the field.

>> Buy Night Sky Photography here.

National Geographic Photo Basics Beginner's Guide to Great Photography

26. National Geographic Photo Basics

This book by Joel Sartore aims to help aspiring photographers take great pictures including information on everything from framing to F-stops as well as editing and archiving. So if your photographer is using their phone or professional DSLR camera, this book will help them learn the fundamentals of photography. We like the pro tips, assignments and behind the camera stories featured in this book.

>> Buy Nat Geo Photo Basics here.

Photography gift of Ansel Adams 400 photographs

27. Ansel Adams: 400 Photographs

If you are looking for a unique gift your photographer will enjoy, try this Ansel Adams book showcasing 400 of his beautiful photographs. We like how this book is arranged in chronological order starting with Yosemite National Park spanning to his work throughout the US National Parks and ending with his photos from the 1960s.

>> Buy Ansel Adams: 400 Photographs here.

Does your photographer love the US National Parks? You could also consider gifting them an America the Beautiful Pass or Passport to America’s National Parks to help them document their adventures.

Backblaze Computer Backup gift for photogrpahers

28. Backblaze Computer Backup

Earlier in this guide we mentioned the WD external hard drives, but what happens when that hard drive fails? Your photographer would lose all of their hard work. So in addition to external hard drives, we also use Backblaze to back up our hard drives. You can never be too safe! Use our link below to give your photographer a free 15 day trial.

>> Get Free 15 Day Backblaze Trial here.

Outdoor Photographer Subscription gift

29. Outdoor Photographer Magazine

A subscription to Outdoor Photographer will be a well received present because this magazine will give them practical information and tips featuring nature, wildlife, sports and landscape photography. Your photographer will also learn about digital photography, camera accessories, lenses, outdoor gear, travel, sustainability and even have access to workshops. We love the favorite places column available in every issue and at the time of writing this magazine was only $15 / year, 77% off!

>> Buy Outdoor Photographer Subscription here.

Digital Photographer Subscription English Magazine

30. Digital Photographer Magazine

Digital Photographer is a British magazine filled with lessons as well as tutorials on how to shoot, edit, and improve your digital photographs. Inside these pages, your photographer will find product reviews, competition information and technology news. This is a cool gift your photographer won’t be expecting. Be sure to check out the cheaper kindle version.

>> Buy Digital Photographer Subscription here.

Best Cheap Gifts For Photographers

Overall, photography gear is expensive, so instead of cheap, let’s go with affordable gift ideas for photographers instead.

But keep in mind affordable and cheap does not certainly mean useless. On the contrary, all gift ideas in this section are actionable and useful for any photographer’s needs.

We have included a range of useful or fun items your photographer can use both at home and out in the field when shooting.

This is the section of our photography gift guide our friends and family will look through at Christmas!

San Disk Extreme PRO SD Card for photography gift

31. SD Cards

SD cards are another one of those gifts that every photographer will thank you for. Top spec cameras have 2 slots for SD cards, but we always carry 5 at all times. SD cards are easy to lose, break, fill up or corrupt so spares are seriously important. Be careful not to waste your money, SD cards have different sizes (typically 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, 128GB, 256GB) but they also have different transfer rates. High transfer rates (such as 170mb/sec) are only required for action, sports, wildlife (anything moving) photographers who use continuous shooting.

>> Buy: Amazon | Best Buy

Photography Tip: Because we shoot Sony, we use Sony Tough-M Series SD cards but these are very expensive. SanDisk Extreme are more than capable for all types of camera. We started with SanDisk and currently use SanDisk for our DJI drone.

SD Card Hard Shell Carrying Case for photographers and content collectors

32. SD Card Storage Case

All those SD cards need a place to live and this highly rated hard shell case is the answer. Ours comes everywhere with us because its compact and portable so we never lose or break our SD cards. The Kiarafoto has 12 slots to store SD cards or SD card adapters as well as slots for 12 micro SD cards. This case is water resistant and shockproof, plus it comes with attached carabiner to safely fasten to any of the Peak Design backpacks and camera cases listed above.

>> Buy the Kiarafoto Storage Case here.

International Plug Adapter by SublimeWare great gift for a photographer

33. International Power Adapter For Travel

If you’re buying a gift for a travel photographer, an adapter with multiple USB slots is the perfect idea. Cheap, but oh so effective, the recipient of this travel plug adapter will be prepared for outlets pretty much anywhere they decided to venture. Plus this adapter has 4 USB ports so they can plug everything in at once. This item is always the first thing we pack before any trip and a plug adapter is a thoughtful yet cheap gift idea for any type of traveling content creator.

>> Buy an International Power Adapter here.

Bright colored photoshop shortcut keyboard cover for mac

34. Photoshop Shortcuts Keyboard Cover

We never thought in a million years we would include a keyboard cover in our top rated gifts for photographers, but this option is extremely clever and affordable. Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop are by far the most widely used photo editing software programs but man alive do they have too many shortcuts that nobody remembers! This keyboard cover sits right over the computer keys and details exactly which shortcuts can be used on each key. Genius! The Photoshopping photographer will love this as a stocking stuffer (model pictured is for Mac).

>> Buy the Photoshop Keyboard Cover here.

Fingerless Gloves to help photographers stay warm in the harsh elements

35. Warm Fingerless Gloves

What is better than the gift of warmth? This fabulous gift idea is a hybrid between a glove and a mitten so your photographer gets the best of both worlds. We love Patagonia Better Sweater Gloves because they are made from quality materials. Shop Amazon for the cheaper option, but splurge with Patagonia if you really want to spoil them. These fingerless gloves will keep your photographers hands warm like mittens but then allow them to expose his fingers when taking photos.

>> Buy: Amazon  |  REI  |  Patagonia

K&F Washable Microfiber Cloth available in 10 pack as gift for photographers

36. K&F Concept Microfiber Cloths

Another cheap but practical photography gift is this set of K&F Concept Microfiber Cloths for camera lenses. We like these washable cloths because each cloth comes individually wrapped keeping it extremely clean. This pack includes 10 machine washable pieces which can be reused over and over to clean lenses, computer monitors or pretty much anything your photographer may need. Our camera lens can get really dirty when shooting in the hard elements so we always have a few of these bad boys on hand.

>> Buy K&F Concept Microfiber Cloths here.

Adorable coffee lens thermos gift idea for a photographer

37. Camera Lens Coffee Thermos

This coffee thermos will not be useful in any digital photography purpose, but it does fulfill the underrated role of a hot coffee on a cold morning shoot. This is another classic stocking filler for the photographer in your life. The 13.5oz thermos is stainless steel and comes with 2 different screw on lids. With almost 7,000 reviews, we can say this is an extremely popular gift for a photographer.

>> Buy the Camera Lens Coffee Thermos here.

Small drawstring soft camera bag perfect gift for any photographer

38. Drawstring Soft Camera Bag

It can be scary when packing camera bodies and lenses into backpacks for hiking or travel. What if my $2,000 lens gets cracked?! Well, this might be overkill but in addition to packing our cameras and lenses snuggly into the Peak Design Everyday Bag, we also wrap our gear including our drone in these soft drawstring bags. We like using these bags because the bags absorb pressure and keep our extensive equipment safe when we are on the go. Available in many sizes, these soft camera bags make for an excellent stocking stuffer photography gift.

>> Buy the Drawstring Soft Camera Bag here.

Cheat Sheets any Sony, Nikon and Canon photographer will love

39. Cheat Sheet Cards for Canon, Nikon and Sony Cameras

Has your photographer ever forgotten how to do something in the field and missed a shot? This easy to pack and discreet ‘cheat sheet’ collection is ideal for beginners who need an extra reminder when learning. Basic camera settings, exposure, depth of field and manual ISO, aperture, shutter speed settings are explained across 20 pages of tips.

>> Buy the Cheat Sheet Cards here.

Set of 4 heavy duty sandbag weights for photography tripods

40. Heavy Duty Sandbag Tripod Weights

Nothing can replace a high quality and robust tripod, but the catch is tripods can fall over in strong winds or uneven ground. If you can imagine a tripod falling, it’s not a pretty sight. We like these heavy duty sandbag weights to help create a center of gravity to stabilize a tripod in harsh conditions. Made from 1680d polyester fabric, each sandbag is rated for 25lbs and can be used for photo sets, film sets and even live productions.

>> Buy the Sandbag Tripod Weights here.

Adorable wooden vintage camera pencil holder for photographers

41. Vintage Camera Pencil Holder

We love this unique photography gift because it is the perfect present for those photographers who seem to have everything. Whether using it at home or in the office, this vintage camera pencil holder is sure to be a conversation starter and look brilliant on any desk.

>> Buy the Vintage Camera Pencil Holder here.

72 cars with unique photography ideas

42. Photography Idea Cards

This is one of our favorite items on this long list of gifts for photographers because this cool idea will suit both beginners and pros. Each of the 72 cards in this deck contains a different photography theme or challenge your photographer must complete. Each card also has a hashtag so they can share their photos on social media and see what others did for the exact same challenge.

>> Buy Photography Idea Cards here.

Inspirational Photography Quote Print featuring how to take another shot when things don't work out

43. Inspirational Photography Quote Print

Another stocking stuffer gift for photographers at heart. This high quality print quote will look perfect in a studio or on any photographers wall. We love the motivational message because taking another shot is what photography and life is all about.

>> Buy The Photography Quote Print here.

Want more photography quotes? Don’t miss our inspiring list of photography quotes to motivate your next shoot.

Christmas Amazon gift card featuring any amount

44. Gift Card

If all else fails and you can’t decide between photography gift ideas or brands, a good ol’ fashioned Amazon gift card can’t go wrong. This way, your photographer can choose whatever product they need most. For us, it would probably be another spare battery or SD card.

>> Buy an Amazon Gift Card here.

Best Cameras And Lens Gifts For Photographers

Bringing up the rear of this list featuring gifts for photographers, we have included our favorite camera and lens combinations. We won’t sugar coat it because these last gift ideas are expensive.

When we first started our photography journey, we made a pros and cons list for every photography brand to help us decide which brand we were going to use.

In the end, it was Sony’s Alpha Series mirrorless cameras that won us over. These cameras pack a lot of punch because they are lightweight yet deliver incredible quality.

As full time travelers and avid hikers with no home base, we are always on the move. We needed equipment that would be comfortable and easy to carry around. So sony, you did it!

Personally, we always purchase large photography tickets items from Best Buy.

If you wait for a sale, you can typically save a few hundred dollars with every purchase, but you can also purchase from the Sony Store directly on Amazon.

Want to see whats it’s like buying a camera in Japan? Don’t miss one of the first guides we ever wrote about how we bought our first Sony Camera in Tokyo!

Sony a7R IV top spec camera for a photography gift

45. Sony a7R IV – Best In Class

One of the best cameras money can buy, the Sony Alpha a7R IV is a 61MP beast and one of our scariest yet best purchases ever. Photography is about the mind of the eye behind the viewfinder, but having top class equipment sure does help. The price may melt your eyeballs and is only relevant for professionals or serious content creators, but the Sony a7R IV is the ultimate photography gift. Or start saving for your next camera today!

>> Buy: Amazon | Best Buy

Sony a7III is the perfect gift for a photographer

46. Sony a7 III – Best Value

Slashing the price in half from the a7R IV, Sony’s a7III full frame mirrorless camera is a fantastic alternative option for serious photographers who can’t quite justify the eye watering cost of the top range a7R IV.  A mightily impressive camera body, the a7III will perform excellently when combined with high quality lenses. You can pick up the a7III for a great price and we bought one ourselves in 2021 as a second body.

>> Buy: Amazon | Best Buy

Beginner level sony a6400 model camera

47. Sony a6400 – Best For Beginners

We purchased Sony’s a6000 for our entry level camera and it was one of the best selling cameras of all time, but these models are no longer made. So we would recommend the a6400 as the perfect entry level body for beginners who want to get into photography. This is a great camera when paired with a good lens. Some a6400 models can be purchased with kit lenses and accessories so shop around for your exact needs.

>> Buy: Amazon | Best Buy

Sony FE 16-35mm f:2.8 GM Lens gift for a photographer

48. Sony FE 16-35mm f/2.8 GM Lens – Best For Landscapes

This is the ultimate landscape lens for Sony cameras. Sony’s GM range provide greatest quality available and the 16-35mm wide angle zoom lens is one of the most popular lenses on the market. We has high expectations when we bought this lens and it performs magnificently. It is our go-to lens when traveling. The price is exorbitant but you get what you pay for and this is as good as it gets!

>> Buy: Amazon | Best Buy

Sony FE 24-105mm F4 G OSS Standard Zoom Lens for photography gift

49. Sony FE 24-105mm f/4 G Lens

Every photographer needs a ‘workhorse’ or ‘walk around’ lens in their camera bag. These lenses are perfect for everyday photography, wide enough at 24mm for landscapes, offer 50mm and 70mm to 80mm for portraits (wedding photography) and even 105mm for short telephoto focal lengths. Sony’s 24-70mm f/2.8 GM is an amazing lens but expensive. Opt instead for the 24-105mm f/4 G for less than half the price and you gain 35mm focal length – as long as you can afford to lose the stop of light (f/2.8 – f/4). We use the 24-105mm anytime we’re not traveling specifically for landscapes.

>> Buy: Amazon | Best Buy

Sigma 16mm f:1.4 Lens photography gift

50. Sigma 16mm f/1.4 Lens – Best For Beginners

Sigma’s 16mm f/1.4 Sony E-Mount prime lens will always be one of our favorite lenses because we used it to learn (and fall in love with!) photography. The lens is perfect for crop sensor entry level cameras like the a6300 for landscapes (at 24mm) and particularly astro photography with f/1.4 being perfect for stars. You can pick up the Sigma 16mm for pocket change in the photography world and it will transform an entry level Sony camera.

>> Buy: Amazon | Best Buy

Gifts For Photographers FAQ’s

Let’s take a quick look at some of the most frequently asked questions regarding best photo gift ideas.

What To Gift A Person Who Likes Photography?

You don’t have to gift an expensive present to someone who likes photography. Instead, you could consider microfiber cleaning cloths, an SD Card, a hard drive, a crystal ball, a Joby GorillaPod, warm gloves and photography cheat sheets.

What Accessories Should A Photographer Have?

A photographer should always have spare batteries, a tripod, spare SD cards, microfiber cleaning cloths, an air blower, a camera strap and an ND filter.

What Is A Good Gift For A Beginner Photographer?

A good gift for a beginner photographer would be an entry level camera, a kit lens, photography cheat sheets and any books which can help them further develop their photo skills. We like Tony Northrup’s Stunning Digital Photography and the Night Sky Photography Field Guide as beginner photography books.

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We hope this list of best gifts for photographers helped you pick out the perfect present this holiday season!

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If you are not exactly sure which gifts your photographer needs, send them a link to this webpage and let them choose for themself!

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