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Our readers asked for travel itineraries, so we gave them travel itineraries!

Creating the very best travel itineraries for road trips, national parks and cities is our favorite part of the job. Give us a destination, a map and a keyboard, and you’ll get the most efficient travel guide around.

After countless requests for downloadable and printable versions of our popular blog posts, we knew it was time to hit publish on those itinerary e-books that had been sat on the back burner for too long.

Our e-book style travel itineraries are like pocket manuals you can use at the trip planning stage and throughout your entire vacation to make the most of every trip.

Once you download one of our guidebooks to your smartphone or computer, be sure to also print out a hard copy … because paper won’t run out of battery!

Each travel itinerary e-book we publish represents:

  • Hours of extensive research
  • Personal experiences from each and every destination
  • Insider tips, specific advice and top rated recommendations
  • Expertise on how to travel to, around and between locations
  • A methodical and logical approach to maximize efficiency

And here’s what you will get with every download:

  • The most comprehensive guide to your destination
  • A brand new version of any guidebook you purchase each year with key updates
  • Direct links to everything you need for planning and during your stay all in one place

Travel will always be one of the most important ways we create lasting memories. Let us help you make the most of every second.

NYC Travel guidebook itineraries in e-book format to help travelers plan vacations to New York City
Grand Canyon national park guidebook explanation to buy and download for vacations

Can’t find the travel guidebook and itinerary you were looking for?

Send us an email:

If we have personal experience from the destination you’re looking for, we’ll do what we can to create the perfect pocket guidebook for your trip.

We typically focus on national parks, road trips and major cities, but we are always open to new ideas!