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Our readers asked, so we listened! After countless requests for downloadable versions of our popular travel guides, we knew it was time to hit publish on our Travel Guidebook series. These eBooks contain exclusive tips, advice, maps and expert information we don’t share on the blog.

Here’s where you can go:

New York City Travel Guidebook by Where Are Those Morgans
Grand Canyon South Rim Guidebook by Where Are Those Morgans
Yosemite National Park Travel Guidebook by Where Are Those Morgans
Zion National Park Travel Guidebook by Where Are Those Morgans
Yellowstone National Park Travel Guidebook by Where Are Those Morgans
New England Fall Road Trip Itinerary by Where Are Those Morgans
Mount Rushmore To Yellowstone Itinerary by Where Are Those Morgans

Crafting the very best travel itineraries for road trips, national parks and cities is our favorite part of the job. Give us a destination, a map and a keyboard and you’ll get the most efficient travel guide around.

But the last thing you want during a trip is to carry around a heavy printed book so our Travel Guidebooks are available only in a digital ebook format. You can download them directly to your smartphone, tablet or computer. Or you can print a hard copy because paper won’t run out of battery.

Our ebook style Guidebooks are detailed pocket manuals you can use during the planning stage as well as throughout your entire trip to make the most of your time. We give you all the information you need to know followed by several example itineraries because everyone has a different travel style.

But what makes our Guidebooks unique is the fact we only tell you what you need know with no fluff. Let’s face it, if you want to visit NYC, do you really need 600+ pages of information? No you don’t because that’s just overwhelming. So we give you a high level overview with just enough details!

Additionally, we include important links throughout our eBooks so you can easily book hotels, find restaurants, apply for permits, access our exclusive maps, look up road conditions, etc.

This is the only tool you’ll need to plan your entire trip!

Travel Tip: We recommend you read our eBooks on a large screen such as a tablet or computer directly after purchasing so you don’t miss important information. Then download it to your phone, after you’ve finished planning to access during your trip.

Each Travel Guidebook We Publish Represents:

  • Hours of extensive research, planning, traveling and writing
  • Our personal experiences and photos from every destination
  • Expertise on logistical problems including how to get there or travel between locations
  • Insider tips, specific advice and expert information we learned
  • A methodical and logical approach to maximize efficiency
  • No fluff – our pages are filled with things you need to know

Every Travel Guidebook Contains:

  • Top rated hotel and restaurant recommendations
  • Best things to do in various regions near the destination
  • Safety tips and best time to visit
  • Multiple example itineraries
  • Direct links to everything you need for planning and during your stay all in one place
  • Additional resources to help plan your trip
  • Plus so much more because…

We customize each Guidebook to the specific location including detailed hiking and permit information for National Parks or attractions and experiences when visiting major cities.

Our Guidebook Reviews:

  • We’ve had an amazing trip thanks to your insights. – Sue M.
  • Your guidebook has been incredibly helpful and I can’t thank you enough! We’ll be following your suggestions for our trip! – Kathleen R. 
  • Thank you so much for this incredible information! – Rick C.
  • Great content! I can tell you put a lot of work and care into this guidebook. It’s just what I need for my trip! – Paul E.
  • Just planned my entire summer trip with this guidebook, thank you so much! – Lauren K.
  • Very helpful and informative! – Amy G.

Travel Guidebook FAQs

Still have questions? You might be able to find the answer in our FAQ section.

What is an eBook?

An ebook is a digital product you can download straight to your smartphone, tablet or computer. Once downloaded, you can access the file without internet or wifi which comes in handy when traveling. Please keep in mind, our Travel Guidebooks are sold as eBook so they are not a physical products and nothing will be sent to you in the mail.

Why would a Guidebook help me for travel?

Our Guidebooks are filled with everything you need to know when planning a trip. While we write extremely in depth travel guides on our blog, we take our Guidebooks a step further by including additional information you won’t find online as well as provide important links to everything you need.

How do I access the Guidebook?

After purchase, you’ll instantly receive an email with a link to download our eBook. All of our Guidebooks are priced at $9.99 and it’s a one time charge.

How long will I have access to your Travel Guidebooks?

When you purchase any of our Guidebooks, you’ll have instant access to it forever and you’ll also have unlimited downloads.

Do you accept returns?

Since our eBooks are digital files, all sales are final and non-refundable. Thank you for understanding.

Can’t find the travel eBook you were looking for?

Send us an email:

If we have personal experience from the destination you’re looking for, we’ll add it to the queue of eBooks we need to create!