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Where To Stay At Grand Canyon: Best Hotels In And Near South Rim

Where To Stay At Grand Canyon: Best Hotels In And Near South Rim

Are you looking for the best places to stay in and near Grand Canyon South Rim? We’re going to explain all you need to know about each national park run lodge on the Rim, and the best hotels in nearby towns to help you choose the right place to stay for your budget and Grand Canyon goals.

Grand Canyon National Park is home to one of the world’s most extraordinary and remarkable natural landscapes. Fortunately for visitors today, this has been a long known fact and a wide range of lodging options have been in place for decades.

Finding hotels or lodges can be a real problem when visiting some of the most popular US National Parks, due to lack of availability, options, cost or sheer size of a park.

However, this is not the case at Grand Canyon South Rim, with plenty of on site and nearby hotel options.

Hotels in nearby towns typically offer a wider range of price points, more amenities, better location for visiting other popular areas in Arizona and of course provide backup options if there is no availability inside the park.

Let’s get stuck into where to stay at Grand Canyon South Rim!

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Tips For Booking Hotels At Grand Canyon South Rim

  • Book as early as you have concrete travel dates to stand a better chance of getting the best hotel or lodge available for your budget.
  • Seriously consider whether you want the better South Rim location or the better amenities of a nearby town / city.
  • Think about what you will do either side of your visit to Grand Canyon, does it make more sense to stay on the Rim or day trip into the park?
  • Camping is a cheaper alternative if you can find availability and don’t mind sleeping in a tent.
  • Top tip: Remember this is a year round four season National Park. You will find much cheaper lodging and more availability if you visit Grand Canyon in Winter, both inside the park and in nearby towns.
Stunning sunset in grand canyon national park one of the best reasons to stay in a nearby hotel is sunrise and sunset access

Where To Stay At Grand Canyon South Rim

You have 7 available lodging options inside Grand Canyon South Rim:

  1. El Tovar
  2. Bright Angel Lodge & Cabins
  3. Kachina Lodge
  4. Thunderbird Lodge
  5. Maswik Lodge
  6. Yavapai Lodge
  7. Phantom Ranch

El Tovar, Bright Angel Lodge, Kachina Lodge and Thunderbird Lodge are all located next to one another in a crescent shape along the South Rim.

Maswik Lodge is located around a 5 minute walk back from the Rim, and Yavapai Lodge is located between the village and main visitor center near Mather Point.

Phantom Ranch is the only official lodging on the Canyon Floor but it is very hard to get a bed and you will have to enter a lottery system.

Staying inside the park means you have the better Canyon location, especially if you want to watch a sunrise or stargaze. However, you will find far fewer amenities.

Demand is high, therefore costs are high and finding availability for your preferred dates can be challenging. Booking months ahead is strongly recommended.

Important – Prices fluctuate significantly from day to day and month to month at these lodges. If you have flexible dates, you stand a much better chance of picking up a good deal.

Let’s take a look at each option of where to stay inside Grand Canyon South Rim:

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1. El Tovar

El Tovar is the Grand Canyon South Rim’s premier and most celebrated historic hotel. There are 78 rooms but many are suites with eye watering costs associated.

Stay here for location, history and if you have a larger budget for your trip.

Room Cost: Varies depending on season – rooms start at US$ 278 + tax per night for a double room in Winter. These numbers will double in Summer.

Note – It is very rare prices will be as low as $278, this is an off-season price.

Read more: El Tovar Hotel | Check for deals on Tripadvisor.

2. Bright Angel Lodge & Cabins

Bright Angel Lodge & Cabins is the polar opposite to El Tovar. There are 90 lodging units, some with shared bathrooms offered at a more reasonable nightly rate.

Stay here for location and if you’re traveling on a tight budget. Bright Angel is the only lodging you will find along the rim in which a night can cost under US$ 150 per night.

The lodge is right on the edge of a cliff at the beginning of the amazing Bright Angel hiking trail. If you do plan to hike into the canyon, staying here would be extremely convenient.

You will need to be flexible and be able to travel midweek to get a cheaper rate. Due to the lower price point and location, this accommodation fills very early.

Room Cost: Varies depending on season – rooms start at US$ 129 + tax per night for rooms with or without shared bathrooms in Winter. Prices don’t get up too high in peak season.

Read more: Bright Angel Lodge & Cabins | Check for deals on Tripadvisor.

3. Kachina Lodge

Kachina Lodge sits in the middle ground between cost and comfort when compared to the two above.

Some of the rooms at Kachina Lodge have ‘partial’ canyon views, but they will of course be snapped up instantly so getting booked early is key.

Stay here for location and mid-range budget.

Room Cost: Varies depending on season – rooms start at US$ 226 + tax per night in the Winter season, Summer will be more expensive.

Read more: Kachina Lodge | Check for deals on Tripadvisor.

4. Thunderbird Lodge

Aside from having a catchier name, Thunderbird Lodge is a carbon copy of Kachina Lodge.

The building looks similar and prices are similar overall, although Thunderbird tends to have more rooms at the higher price points.

Stay here for location and mid range budget. Thunderbird Lodge also has a ‘family focus’.

Room Cost: Varies depending on season – rooms start at US$ 116 + tax per night in Winter, but expect to pay much more in peak season.

Read more: Thunderbird Lodge | Check for deals with Tripadvisor.

5. Maswik Lodge

Maswik Lodge is a little further back from South Rim but still only a 5 minute walk. This is a huge complex featuring 12 buildings, each two-story for a total of 280 rooms.

Note: At time of writing (June 2021) significant construction work is due to begin.

Stay here for location and mid range budget.

Room Cost: Varies depending on season – rooms start at US$ 113 + tax per night in Winter but increase throughout peak seasons.

Read more: Maswik Lodge | Check for deals with Tripadvisor.

6. Yavapai Lodge

Yavapai Lodge is the largest accommodation option along South Rim, with 358 guest rooms spread between Yavapai East and Yavapai West.

The lodge is a little further from the Rim but it has by far the most amenities. You will find Yavapai Tavern, restaurant, coffee shop, market, bank and post office within walking distance.

Yavapai Lodge offers one of the best value for money lodging options inside the national park. Stay here for value, location and amenities.

Room Cost: Varies depending on season – rooms start at US$ 222 + tax per night but prices will increase from Spring through Fall.

Read more: Yavapai Lodge | Check for deals on Tripadvisor.

7. Phantom Ranch (Canyon Floor)

Phantom Ranch is the only lodging option below the Canyon Rim, outside of backcountry camping.

It can only be reached by hiking Bright Angel Trail or South Kaibab Trail, riding a mule or rafting along the Colorado River – which makes it a pretty awesome place to spend a night!

The problem is very limited space and enormous demand. The result is you can only stay here by ‘winning’ the Phantom Ranch lottery.

Stay here for the ultimate location and adventure.

Cost and info: You can eat meals, have duffel service, sleep in dorms or cabins and there are a wide range of prices.

Instead of listing every cost, you can read more about Phantom Ranch here. | Enter the lottery here.

Late afternoon clouds over the amazing grand canyon where to stay nearby tusayan

Where To Stay Near Grand Canyon South Rim

Accommodation on the South Rim is perfect for easy access to the canyon, but rooms fill very quickly, you will have limited amenities and they aren’t cheap.

So what are your alternatives?

Well, we will take a look at the best hotels by top guest rating in each of the smaller towns near Grand Canyon national park, plus the two larger urban areas within day trip distance.

1. Tusayan

Tusayan is the closest town to Grand Canyon National Park. It hosts a handful of decent hotels and is just 6.5 miles (10 minute drive) to the South Rim visitor center parking lot.

If you are interested in sunrises and stargazing, we suggest trying to book a room here to limit drive time in the dark.

You will find a handful of restaurants, plus fast food such as McDonalds and Wendy’s in Tusayan. There are also grocery stores, gas stations, tour companies and the Grand Canyon IMAX theater.

Hotels in Tusayan are in the higher price bracket due to its superior location. You will need to weigh up the perfect cost vs convenience balance for your travel budget.

Let’s take a look at the 4 best hotels in town in order of highest to lowest guest rating:

2. Valle /Grand Canyon Junction

Valle (also known as Grand Canyon Junction) is the second closest place along AZ-64 after Tusayan but it is very small.

The junction is 28.7 miles from South Rim visitor center parking lot, which will take around 35-40 minutes to drive.

You will find just one hotel with the only restaurant in town attached, plus a luxury glamping option in Valle. There are also 2 gas stations but very little else.

The glamping option looks amazing but it is expensive, whereas the only hotel in Valle – Grand Canyon Inn – has good rooms going at a very reasonable rate.

We personally stayed at Grand Canyon Inn in October when lodging inside the park and in Tusayan were far more expensive. Our stay was great and we ate dinner in the on site restaurant.

Here are the Valle options for you to consider:

3. Williams

Heading further South to the very end of AZ-64 you will find the much larger town of Williams, which sits just off I-40. This section of I-40 is also part of famous and historic Route 66.

Williams to South Rim visitor center parking lot is 59 miles or 1 hour drive time. So it’s certainly further out, but it also has far more hotel options at a much greater price range.

You will also find a handful of highly rated local restaurants and cafes (which are seldom seen closer to the park), plus groceries, gas and fast food.

Williams is the best place to stay if you’re looking for a traditional small town with better amenities and good (but not the best) access to Grand Canyon. It suits those who like comfort and don’t need to be inside the park for sunrise or stargazing.

With more to choose between in Williams, let’s take a look at the hotels with top guest ratings for each price bracket:

Low Budget:

Mid Range Budget:


4. Flagstaff

Flagstaff, AZ rounds up this list of where to stay at Grand Canyon National Park.

By far the largest nearby city and a hub for tourism, Flagstaff is 79 miles from South Rim visitor center parking lot and will take around 1h 30m to drive.

Flagstaff also has an airport, which is served by Denver, Phoenix and Dallas / Fort Worth. If you are flying into the region from afar, Phoenix and Las Vegas are the two major airports near Grand Canyon South Rim.

You will of course find a huge selection of hotels, restaurants and other amenities if choosing to stay in Flagstaff.

Top tip: At just 1 hour and 30 minutes drive to Grand Canyon, Flagstaff is a very good central location for those who only plan to day trip into Grand Canyon before moving on to visit extremely popular tourist spot – Sedona, AZ.

Let’s take a look at the top rated hotels for each budget in Flagstaff:

Low Budget:

Mid Range Budget:


South kaibab trail hike wide open gorges and valleys blue sky

Grand Canyon Campgrounds and RV Park

If you can’t find a hotel to fit your travel budget inside or near Grand Canyon National Park, you might consider camping or RV’ing instead.

Camping isn’t for everyone but it is a way to stay inside the park and save money.

Mather Campground and Trailer Villager RV Park are located right on South Rim close to the lodges.

National Park campgrounds are notoriously difficult to book into these days, especially with small to medium sized companies ‘block booking’ camp sites.

You will have to be very flexible with dates or book as early as possible if you have set dates.

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Need Help Planning A Trip To Grand Canyon South Rim?

Grand Canyon is one of the most visited National Parks in the US. It is one of very few landscapes that will genuinely blow you away and we know how important it is to get your trip off to the best possible start by planning in advance.

We have been lucky enough to visit Grand Canyon South Rim twice, at different times of year and with different goals.

  • First to sightsee, shoot sunrises and sunsets, and see the canyon from every single viewpoint on the Rim.
  • Second to day hike Rim to River, South Kaibab to Phantom Ranch to Bright Angel in one day.

If you’re planning a trip to Grand Canyon South Rim and need a hand with planning where to stay, where to eat, how to get there and use the shuttles, which hikes to do, which overlooks to visit, where to watch sunrise or sunset and any other question you have about your trip, our 30+ page South Rim guidebook with example itineraries is perfect to download to your phone or print a hard copy.

Click below to see the details and have a great time at South Rim!

We hope this guide about where to stay in Grand Canyon National Park South Rim helps you plan your visit!

Have you been to Grand Canyon? Where did you stay and how was your experience? 

Please let us know if you have any questions or need any help planning your visit.

Happy Travels,

Mark and Kristen

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