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Welcome to the US state parks! This is where you will find all of our state park travel guides from around the United States of America.

Most people only focus on the US National Parks, but we believe the 6,600 state park sites spread throughout 14 million acres of land in the United States are hidden gems always worth visiting.

The biggest different between a state or national park is the governing body that oversees the park. A state park is run by the state government while a national park is run by the federal government.

Now, let’s find some state parks near you!

Best State Parks

Water cascading down rainbow falls in beautiful Watkins Glen

New York State

There are 180 NY state parks and since Kristen is a New York native, we will show you the 20 best state parks worth visiting in upstate.

>> Best state parks in New York State.

Search State Parks By Map

Use the map below help find your next state park adventure:

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Dark orange = USA state parks

List Of US State Parks By Name

The state parks in the United States can be just as breathtaking as the national parks and unlike these bigger parks, you can always find multiple state parks in every US state.

But the best part about state parks is these areas often see much less foot traffic and offer many more amenities compared to the larger more famous national parks.

This is a long list, but here are a few of our favorite state parks in the US:

  • Custer State Park – One of the largest and most diverse state parks in the United States.
  • Letchworth State Park – Known as the Grand Canyon of the east, this park was also named best state park in 2015.
Hiker sitting on a stone staircase in Letchworth State Park
Mark sitting on a bridge at Letchworth near the New York Finger Lakes
Person on a wooden bridge with a red raincoat
Kristen hiking in Washington State

USA Travel Guide Resources

If you are planning to road trip around the US or visit numerous location during your vacation, here are a few popular USA resources to help you prepare for your trip.

  • US Road Trips – A road trip is often the best way to visit many parks all in one go. Visit the section of our blog dedicated to helping you find the best road trip.
  • America the Beautiful Pass – For only $80 / year this pass will give you free entry to all the US national parks and national monuments.
  • Travel Guidebooks – Our very popular Travel Guidebooks feature bucket list destinations. Each guidebook represents hours of research, personal experiences, insider tips and recommendations.
  • National Park Quotes – A collection of quotes about America’s national parks to inspire your next trip.

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US State Park Travel Guides