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How To Visit Seoul Sky Observatory In Lotte World Tower

How To Visit Seoul Sky Observatory In Lotte World Tower

The Seoul Sky observation deck is located between the 117th and 123rd floor of the Lotte World Tower in Seoul, South Korea. It’s one of the most popular tourist attractions in the city featuring two story-high glass windows, numerous cafes, a lounge, two Guinness World Records and stunning 360° views.

In this guide, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about visiting the Seoul Sky observation deck including pros and cons from our visit.

Our Seoul Experience

Man and woman at the top of the Lotte World Tower in Seoul Sky Observatory
Mark and Kristen at the top of Seoul Sky

We spent 14 days exploring Seoul, South Korea in March 2023. Lotte World Tower was one of the first attractions we visited because this observation deck was at the top of our Seoul bucket list. But on our last evening in the city, we visited the Namsan Seoul Tower so we could compare Seoul’s two popular observatories.

If this is your first time in Seoul, you should add this observation deck to your itinerary because it features one of the best views in the entire city. We’ll also show you what to expect including what we liked and didn’t like about our experience. Read more about us.

What Is Seoul Sky?

Lotte World Tower and Seoul Sky Observation Deck view from the ground
Exterior view of the Lotte Tower

The Seoul Sky observation deck is a popular tourist attraction located at the top of Lotte World Tower in Seoul, South Korea. Opened in April 2017, the observatory showcases stunning 360° panoramic views of the city and various Korean themed exhibits.

Sometimes referred to as the city in the sky, Lotte World Tower is the tallest building in Korea. It also currently holds the record as the world’s 6th tallest building standing at 1,819 ft (554m) just surpassing the One World Trade Center in New York City.

Visitors can explore 7 different areas in the observation deck spanning from the 117th to the 123rd floor. You can also walk across the Seoul Sky Bridge suspended 1,774 ft (541m) for an additional fee.

Here are a few interesting facts about Lotte World Tower:

  • It was designed by American architecture firm Kohn Pedersen Fox and can with withstand a 9.0 magnitude earthquake as well as strong winds up to 80 m/s.
  • The sleek and tapered design of the building was meant to contrast against the mountainous topography of the city.
  • Similar to the Empire State Building in NYC, Lotte World was the first building in Korea to be built over 100 stories.

Visitor Information

Woman walking into the main entrance of Lotte World Tower in Seoul, South Korea
Kristen entering the Lotte World building

The Seoul Sky Tower is nestled within the Jamsil neighborhood of the southeastern Songpa-gu district. Popular attractions nearby include Gangnam and Lotte World Magic Island. The observatory is open 10:30-22:00 Sunday to Thursday and 10:30 -23:00 Friday or Saturday. However, the onsite ticketing office opens 10 minutes earlier than the observation deck at 10:20am.

  • Address: 300 Olympic-ro, Songpa-gu, Seoul, South Korea
  • Location: Google Maps
  • Subway stops: Jamsil Station (line 2, exit 1/2 or line 8, exit 10/11)

Depending on where your based in Seoul, you can get to Lotte World Tower in many ways. We used the subway because it’s cheap and environmentally friendly so that’s what we recommend you use too. But you can also take a bus or car to the tower. Here are the buses you can use:

  • Green Bus: 3217, 3313, 3314, 3315, 3317, 3411, 3414, 4319
  • Red Bus: 1007-1, 1100, 1700, 2000, 6900, 7007, 8001
  • Blue Bus: 301, 341, 360, 362
  • Airport Shuttle:  6000, 6006, 6705, 6706A

If you’re driving a car, a parking service ticket is provided for a maximum for 4 hours at 4,800 KRW (1,200 KRW per hour).

Travel Tip: Ride hailing apps such as Uber or Lyft are not used in Seoul. We recommend you book a taxi or use Kakao T which is available in english if you plan to travel by car.

Seoul Sky Tickets

Visitors waiting in line at the Seoul Sky Observation Deck in Lotte World Tower
Visitors waiting in line to buy tickets at Seoul Sky observation deck

You’ll need a ticket to visit Seoul Sky and you can purchase a regular general admission ticket or a fast pass. A general admission ticket will require you choose a specific date and timed entry reservation while the fast pass option can be used for immediate entry any time without having to book a prior reservation.

If you want to purchase a general admission ticket, you can buy an adult (ages 13+) or child (ages 3-13) option and the fast pass is available for all ages. Here are current ticket prices:

  • Adult: 31,000 KRW (US$ 23.21)
  • Child: 27,000 KRW (US$ 20.21)
  • Fast Pass: 50,000 KRW (US$ 37.43)

You can buy directly from the official Seoul Sky website, through the mobile app and onsite at the Lotte Tower. Or you can purchase tickets through Klook here which is often the cheaper option compared to booking direct. This is how we purchased our Seoul Sky Tower tickets and it saved us a little bit of money.

For visitors who want a thrill, you can also book a SkyBridge Tour to enjoy the view of Seoul suspended high in the sky outside of the observation deck. We’ll discuss this experience later in our guide.

10 Best Things To Do At The Seoul Sky Tower

A sign explaining the numerous floors in an observation deck
Map depicting all the floors of Seoul Sky

The Seoul Sky Lobby is located on B1 of the Lotte World Tower and this is where you can find the main entrance for the observation deck. But it can be very confusing and we got lost the first time so make sure you’re heading to the B1 level when you’re ready to visit. Look for large signs pointing you towards “Seoul Sky.

We like this observation deck because there are numerous activities and exhibits to keep you entertained. Below we’ll show you what to expect for your visit along with a complete photo walk through of each floor and exhibit.

1. Exhibition Zone

Man posing for a photo with Harry and Marv from Home Alone
Mark posing for a photo with Harry and Marv in the exhibition zone

After gaining entry into Seoul Sky, you’ll first walk through the exhibition zone gallery on B1. This is where you can look at various displays showcasing the pride of Korea including information about the rapid growth the country has seen in the recent years along with rotating special exhibits.

When we visited, the 2023 Seoul Sky special exhibition was created by Park Kiwoong. It was called 48 Villains and featured numerous photographs of villains from popular movies so we couldn’t help taking a photo with Harry and Marv from Home Alone. There is also another gallery on B2 with multimedia and a rest area highlighting the architectural achievements of Seoul Sky.

2. Sky Shuttle Elevator

Bright pink clouds displayed on large monitors in the Sky Shuttle
Bright pink clouds displayed on monitors in the elevator

After the Exhibition zone, we headed towards the Sky Shuttle elevator. This is the world’s tallest double-deck elevator featuring monitors on the ceiling and three of the walls. As you ride the elevator up to the 117th floor, a Korean themed video plays on the monitors and you’re whisked up in a matter of seconds.

3. Sky Show And Sky Station

Beginning of a movie in Seoul Sky Theater in South Korea
A movie playing in the theater on the 117th floor

As you step out of the elevator, you’ll watch a short video in a small theater featuring the Seoul Sky observatory. The movie features numerous clips about Seoul throughout the years and it’s definitely worth a watch, especially if this is your first time visiting.

After we watched the video, the screen receded and we could see sweeping views of the city right in front of us. You’ll enter the observation deck on the 117th floor and this is where you can look through beautiful floor to ceiling windows. But once you’ve seen the views here, you can take an elevator up to the 118th floor.

Travel Tip: If the weather is bad, you can watch a prerecorded video of what views should look like on a clear day. But we have our fingers crossed for clear skies during your visit!

4. Sky Deck

Visitors taking selfies at the main sky deck in Seoul Sky on top of Lotte World Tower
Visitors taking selfies on the large sky deck

A small escalator will bring you to the 118th floor which features another popular highlight, the sky deck. Here you can stand on the highest indoor glass floor (478 m) officially recognized by the Korea Record Institute and Guinness Book of Records.

We admit it took us a second to build up the nerve to make our way out onto the glass panel overlooking the city. It’s truly a strange feeling as you’re suspended high in the sky. Be sure to explore various sections of this floor because you can find both paid and unpaid photos spots.

Travel Tip: Look for the sign pointing to various cities in the world and take a photo with your home city.

5. Sky Friends Café

Sky Friends at the Milkbar
Entrance to the Sky Friends Café

Another escalator will bring you up to the next level on floor 119 with a small snack bar called the Sky Friends Café. It serves ice cream at the highest point of the observation deck known as the Pasteur Milkbar. Honestly, we thought it was a bit expensive for what you get, but decided to enjoy some ice cream while we enjoyed the view.

6. Sky Terrace

Woman eating an ice cream on the outdoor viewing platform of Seoul Sky
Kristen enjoying her ice cream on the sky terrace at sunset

If you head up another small escalator, you’ll make you way to the 120th floor which is home to the Sky Terrace. The terrace is hard to miss because it’s directly in front of you and it will most likely packed with visitors.

We like the Sky Terrace because it’s a stunning outdoor viewing platform at the top of Lotte World Tower and you can see gorgeous views of Seoul from 486m above ground level.

Travel Tip: It can be very busy on the Sky Terrace so if it’s crowded when you first visit, head somewhere else on the floor and return later to see if the crowds subside.

7. Seoul Sky Shop

Visitors shopping for a souvenir in the gift shop
Visitors shopping in the Seoul Sky gift shop

On the 121st floor, you can visit the Seoul Sky Shop. There are numerous souvenirs ranging from keychains and notebooks to photos and keepsakes. While browsing, keep and eye out for the Sky Mapping Show. It’s a live media art instillation displayed in the windows of Seoul Sky featuring a stunning fireworks show.

Travel Tip: If you don’t want to use your time in the observation deck to shop, you will pass through another gift shop on B1 before leaving at the bottom.

8. Seoul Sky Café

Working making a coffee in the Seoul Sky Cafe
An employee making a coffee in the Seoul Sky Cafe on the 122nd floor

You might have worked up an appetite by now so if you need a snack, a good place to stop for a quick bite is the Seoul Sky Cafe. It’s a South Korea chain coined the highest café under the sky and it’s owned by the Lotte Group. You can find hot beverages such as coffee and tea as well as deserts.

Travel Tip: If you need water during your visit, this is the only place where you can buy it. There were no water bottle refill stations in the observation deck.

9. 123 Lounge

Main entrance of the Seoul Sky 123 Lounge
Main entrance to the 123 Lounge in Lotte World Tower

For those looking to indulge with a taste of Seoul above the clouds, you can reserve a spot at the 123F Lounge at the top of the Lotte World Tower. To help paint the picture, the lounge is spacious and cosy with comfortable chairs and dimly lit lamps at each table.

But the show stopping feature most visitors rave about in this lounge are the floor to ceiling windows. We think the Seoul Sky Restaurant would be the perfect place for a romantic dinner or a special family outing. The space is also available for special events such as proposals, weddings and brand launchings.

10. Seoul Sky Bridge

Entrance to the Sky Bridge on top of the Lotte World Tower
Sky Bridge entrance on the 117th floor

Opened in July 2020, the Sky Bridge Tour is an experience where visitors can walk across an outdoor bridge at a height of 541m above the city while safety tethered to a line. Tickets for the Sky Bridge at Seoul Sky cost 96,000 KRW (US$ 71.82) at the 117th floor SKY Station or 120,000 KRW (US$ 89.78) at the B1 ticket office.

However, operations may be suspended due to bad weather and there is a maximum of 12 visitors per time slot. Tickets for the Sky Bridge can be purchased 1 month prior to the date of visit online, but onsite tickets can only be purchased on the day from B1F and 117F.

Best Time To Visit

The sun setting over Seoul South Korea
Our very hazy sunset from the top of the observatory

The best time to visit Seoul Sky observation deck is about an hour before sunset. This will give you plenty of time to see a few of the exhibits before seeing the sun set over the beautiful Seoul skyline.

We like sunset because this time of day provides the softest light so you’ll also be able to take better photos. During our trip, we visited at sunset and it was busy. However, the observation deck spans many floors so it wasn’t as noticeable compared to other observation decks because visitors had plenty room to move around.

The Morgan Conclusion

Paid photo spot with one of the Sky Friends
A paid photo spot with a sky friend at the Seoul Sky Observatory

A visit to the observation deck at Seoul Sky is a unique experience in South Korea’s capital city because not only will you see amazing views, but you can climb the highest building in the country.

So is Seoul Sky worth visiting?

Yes, the Seoul Sky observation deck in the Lotte World Tower is worth visiting because it’s an extensive observation deck spanning numerous floors and showcasing some of the best views in the city you won’t see anywhere else. After riding the elevator to the 117th floor, visitors have free reign of the entire observation deck and can return to any floor they wish by a series of stairs or escalators.

Here is what we liked and didn’t like about our visit:


  • Tallest observation deck in Seoul as well as South Korea
  • Both indoor and outdoor viewing spaces
  • Stunning 360° Seoul street views
  • Crowds were not as big as we expected
  • Ability to revisit each floor if you want to see it again


  • Glass windows are not the best for photos due to reflections
  • Numerous paid photo locations took up a lot of space
  • Elevator experience was just okay
  • No water refill stations and you can only buy water on Floor 122
  • Drinks and snacks are over priced for what you get

Overall, we enjoyed our visit to the Seoul Sky observatory and it was a great introduction to the city. We visited at sunset and it was not as crowded as we expected which was a nice surprise. However, we didn’t like how many paid photo spots there were because they took up a lot of space from visitors who already paid to see the observation deck. We recommend you book tickets for the Seoul Sky observatory online in advance with Klook for the best price.

Tips For Visiting Seoul Sky

A small elevator and cafe in a South Korea observation deck
A small elevator on the sky deck leading you up to the next floor

We’ve covered a lot of information in this guide, but here are a few important travel tips to consider for your visit to the Lotte World Tower observation deck:

  • Purchase your tickets in advance online – This will help you to avoid the ticket line and secure your spot plus you’ll be able to plan the rest of your itinerary around the time you visit
  • Take your time – There is no time limit when visiting Seoul Sky so you have as much time as your itinerary allows
  • Try to find the Sky Friends – This is a great activity for kids so be on the look out for Tower Lota, Pix Lolo, Chi Tete and Yum Tao
  • Bring a jacket or coat – The outdoor viewing terrace can be cold because you’re so high up so make sure you have extra layers to keep you warm
  • Visit on a weekday – If you want to avoid the crowds, plan your visit during the week. We visited on a Tuesday afternoon and shared the outdoor terrace with only a few others for sunset

Our Seoul Sky Photos

We enjoyed our visit to this observation deck and took many photos. Here are a few of our favorites so you know exactly what to expect:

Woman standing in front of the Olympic Gate with Lotte World Tower in the background
Kristen standing in front of the Olympic Gate with Lotte World Tower in the background
The view down to street level from the top of the Lotte World Tower
Terrifying ground view from the top of Lotte World Tower
Many cars and buses driving around the streets of Seoul
Cars and busses as seen from the top
Visitors walking out onto a glass floor of an observation deck
Visitors taking photos in the sky deck
Distance countries listed on the windows
Nearby countries and distances are listed on the window
A hazy view of Seoul from the top of Lotte World Tower
Sprawling views of Seoul and the Hangang River
Man holding onto a London sign at the top of Lotte World Tower
Mark posing for a photo with the London sign
Birds eye view of the Lotte World Magic Island in Seoul South Korea
Birds eye of view Lotte World Magic Island
Woman standing on the glass floor of Seoul Sky Observation Deck in Lotte World Tower
Kristen standing on the glass floor of the sky deck
Man standing with his foot over a glass floor
Mark standing on the glass floor
Tourist posing for a photo in pink feathery angel wings
Kristen posing for a photo at the observatory
Front view of the Seoul Sky Toy Vending Machine
Large toy vending machines are fun for kids
Night view from the Seoul Sky Observatory in Lotte World Tower
Night view of Seoul from Lotte Tower Seoul Sky Deck

Our Seoul Guides

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We hope this guide to the Seoul Sky Tower helps with planning your visit to the Lotte World!

Please let us know if you have any questions about the Seoul Sky Tower in South Korea in the comments below.

Happy Summiting,

Mark and Kristen

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