Seattle CityPASS + C3 Pass Review: Is This City Pass Worth It?


Where Are Those Morgans Seattle CityPASS Review

The Seattle CityPASS is the major attraction pass in Washington’s famous city. This comprehensive review will explain everything you need to know about both the Seattle CityPASS and C3 Pass.

Why can you trust us when it comes to the Seattle CityPASS?

Because not only have we lived in Seattle, but we have personally used the Seattle CityPASS ourselves.

We also have used CityPASS in many other cities around the United States. So you can consider us experts when it comes to using this attraction based pass.

Our only goal is to help you decide if you should considering purchasing a CityPASS for your visit to Seattle.

In this review, we will show you:

  • Why you should buy a Seattle CityPASS?
  • How the Seattle CityPASS works
  • Top attractions included with the pass
  • How to make required reservations
  • Is the Seattle CityPASS worth it?

Let’s see if the Seattle CityPASS is worth it for your visit to the Emerald city!

Disclaimer: We received Seattle CityPASS tickets in order to share our opinion about this product but this is not a sponsored post.

Why Buy A Seattle CityPASS?

Buying a Seattle CityPASS will instantly give you access to the top attractions in the city including museums, cruises and observation decks.

These passes are a very simple concept in that the more attractions you visit, the more money you will save. Personally, we always use attraction passes if available in every city we visit around the world.

An attraction pass is great for both first time visitors and anyone else in the city who has yet to experience the ‘touristy’ things.

Seattle skyline lit up at night
Night view of the Seattle Skyline with the Space Needle

How Does The Seattle CityPASS Work?

The Seattle CityPASS is an attraction based pass.

This means your pass is preloaded with attractions you can visit during your time in the city. We like the CityPASS because you have the ability to choose between the very best of Seattle’s attractions.

There are two pass options available:

  1. Seattle CityPASS
  2. Seattle C3 Pass

The main difference between these two CityPASS options are the amount of attractions included on the pass itself.

A Seattle CityPASS gives you entry into 5 attractions from a list of 6 attractions, but two of these attractions are non-negotiable.

Whereas the Seattle C3 Pass gives you entry into 3 attractions from a list of 5 attractions.

A Seattle CityPASS or C3 Pass are both valid for 9 consecutive days starting from the first day you visit your first attraction and tickets are valid for one year from the date of original purchase.

Let’s take a closer look at the attractions on each Seattle pass.

Want A Seattle CityPASS?

Head over to the official CityPASS website to grab your pass now.

Seattle CityPASS Attractions

Here are the attractions you must visit with the CityPASS in Seattle:

  1. Seattle Aquarium
  2. Space Needle

And then you can choose 3 more attractions from the following list:

  1. Argosy Cruises Harbor Tour
  2. Chihuly Garden and Glass
  3. Museum of Pop Culture (MoPOP)
  4. Woodland Park Zoo

Travel Tip: The Seattle CityPASS is perfect for first time visitors because this pass gives you entry to the most popular attractions in the city.

Seattle C3 Pass Attractions

The Seattle C3 Pass will grant you entry to any 3 attractions:

  • Seattle Aquarium
  • Argosy Cruises Harbor Tour
  • Woodland Park Zoo
  • The Museum of Flight
  • Sky View Observatory

Travel Tip: The Seattle C3 Pass is good for those who don’t want to visit the Space Needle or who are extremely short on time.

Exterior view of the Museum of Pop Culture
Museum of Pop Culture in Seattle, Washington

How Much Does The Seattle CityPASS Cost?

The Seattle, Washington CityPASS is cost effective because this pass grants you entry to the best attractions at the most competitive price point.

However, the attractions on these passes are limited. So the CityPASS in Seattle is a great deal if you are interested in the attractions listed on the pass.

We would also recommend you purchase your Seattle CityPASS in advance online prior to your visit. Some of the attractions on the pass may require advanced reservations which we will discuss later in the guide.

Buy The Seattle CityPASS

The Seattle CityPASS is currently priced at $115 for adults and $87 for children (5-12).

With a small calculation, we will show you just how much you can save with the Seattle CityPASS.

This example uses the same day box office general admission price for adults as well as processing fees for each ticket transaction on the official websites.

Here are the prices you would pay if visiting each attraction individually:

  • Seattle Aquarium – $30.95 (prices vary by day)
  • Space Needle – $39.38 (afternoon visit + tax)
  • Argosy Cruises Harbor Tour – $58.12 (taxes and fees)
  • Chihuly Garden and Glass – $33.60
  • Museum of Pop Culture (MoPOP) – $27.50
  • Woodland Park Zoo – $18.25

Taking the Seattle Aquarium ($30.95) + Space Needle ($76.13)* + Argosy Cruises Harbor Tour ($58.12) + Chihuly Garden and Glass ($33.60) + Museum of Pop Culture ($27.50) = $226.30

*The calculation above includes two visits to the Space Needle which is included in the Seattle CityPASS (morning visit costs $36.75).

  • Attraction Price = $226.30 without Seattle CityPASS
  • CityPASS Price = $115.00
  • Savings = $113.30

You can save up to 50% on the top 5 attractions with the CityPASS in Seattle!

>> Buy an official Seattle CityPASS here. <<

Buy The Seattle C3 Pass

The Seattle CityPASS is currently priced at $73 for adults and $53 for children (4-12).

While the C3 Pass doesn’t save as much money compared to the CityPASS, you can still save about 30% during your visit to Seattle.

The C3 Pass is good for those who don’t want to visit the Space Needle, but want to visit the Museum of Flight and Sky View Observatory.

>> Buy an official Seattle C3 Pass here. <<

Seattle CityPASS Attractions Explained In Depth

Now you know how the Seattle CityPASS works and how much money you can save, so let’s briefly take a look at each individual attraction included on the pass.

In each section we will also tell you if reservations are recommended or required for each attraction.

Woman watching the fish swim at the Seattle Aquarium
Kristen watching the fish at the Seattle Aquarium

1. Seattle Aquarium

Address: 1483 Alaskan Way Pier 59, Seattle, WA 98101

Seattle Aquarium Google Maps Location.

CityPASS and C3 Reservations: Required

The Seattle Aquarium focuses on marine life found throughout the Puget Sound. With the Seattle CityPASS, you wil have access to all major exhibits.

Currently, the Seattle Aquarium features six unique exhibits including:

  • Window on Washington Waters (replicates the seascape around Neah Bay)
  • Life on the Edge (sea life of Puget Sound tide pools)
  • Pacific Coral Reef (experience the vibrant life of coral reef in the Pacific)
  • Life of a Drifter (Marine life of the Puget Sound)
  • Birds & Shores (open air exhibit showcasing birds from the coastal Northwest)
  • Underwater Dome (your chance to be surrounded by Puget Sound’s sea life)
  • Marine Mammals (meet otters and harbor seals)

Be sure to check out the giant Pacific octopus named Kraken. He was quite active when we visited (you can find him in the ‘Life of a Drifter’ exhibit).

Woman sitting on a bench at the Seattle Space Needle
Kristen enjoying the views on top of the Seattle Space Needle

2. Space Needle

Address: 400 Broad St, Seattle, WA 98109

Space Needle Google Maps Location.

CityPASS Reservations: Recommended

The Space Needle dominates the stunning Seattle skyline in addition to the active stratovolcano, Mount Rainier. Since opening in 1962, this iconic needle represents the innovative and forward thinking spirit of Seattle.

Standing at 605 feet tall, the Seattle Space Needle is one of the most recognizable and photographed buildings in the world.

Travel Tip: An advantage to the CityPASS is this pass will grant you both a day and night admission including two visits to the top of the Space Needle within 24 hours.

Argosy Harbor Cruise featured on the Seattle CityPASS
Seattle view from the Argosy Harbor Cruise

3. Argosy Cruises Harbor Tour

Address: 1101 Alaskan Way Pier 55, Suite 201, Seattle, WA 98101

Argosy Cruises Harbor Tour Google Maps Location.

CityPASS and C3 Reservations: Required

Argosy Cruises offers a 1 hour experience on Seattle’s original harbor cruise. During the cruise you will learn about Seattle’s history as well as interesting facts about the area.

We loved this cruise for the views of the Seattle skyline, the gorgeous Olympic Mountains and the busy shipping port. On board, you will have access to a full service bar serving cocktails, wine, beer and snacks.

Gorgeous sculptures at the Chihuly Garden and Glass Museum featured on the Seattle CityPASS
Stunning sculptures at the Chihuly Garden and Glass Museum

4. Chihuly Garden and Glass

Address: 305 Harrison St, Seattle, WA 98109

Chihuly Garden and Glass Google Maps Location.

CityPASS Reservations: Recommended

If you are looking for a unique attraction, the Chihuly Garden and Glass museum is certainly it. This museum is located in Seattle Center and showcases the studio glass of Dale Chihuly.

CityPASS will give grant you general admission, plus a complimentary audio tour via smartphone. We would recommend you spend about 2-3 hours touring the eight galleries, Glasshouse and beautiful outside garden.

Be sure to also check out the glass blowing demonstrations in the community hot shop. See the demonstration times here.

Photography Tip: For those who love photography, you can capture a reflection of the Space Needle in several of the glass sculptures of the garden.

Rock exhibit at the Museum of Pop Culture featured on the Seattle CityPASS
Rock exhibit at the Museum of Pop Culture

5. Museum of Pop Culture (MoPOP)

Address: 325 5th Ave N, Seattle, WA 98109

Museum of Pop Culture Google Maps Location.

CityPASS Reservations: Not required, CityPASS guests receive next available time slot.

The Museum of Pop Culture in Seattle showcases one of the worlds most immersive pop culture experiences including iconic moments in TV, important moments in rock n roll and science fiction.

Current exhibits include popular hits like The Lord of the Rings, Marvel superheroes and Star Trek. We like the interactive exhibits featuring the Sound Lab and Indie Game Revolution.

Don’t miss the exhibits featuring Seattle icons such as Pearl Jam, Nirvana and Jimi Hendrix. To view the list of current and temporary exhibits, visit the official MoPOP website. CityPASS will grant you general admission.

6. Woodland Park Zoo

Address: 5500 Phinney Ave N, Seattle, WA 98103

Woodland Park Zoo Google Maps Location.

CityPASS and C3 Reservations: Recommended

The Woodland Park Zoo spans a whopping 92 acres and includes more than 900 animals across 250 species. This zoo is home to several critically endangered animals from around the world.

At the zoo, you will find its divided into biclimatic zones such as humid tropical rainforests, coastal deserts and temperate rainforests like those of the Pacific Northwest.

A Seattle CityPASS will grant you general admission.

View of Seattle City Center with Mt Rainier looming in the background
View of Mount Rainier looming over Seattle City Center

How To Make A Timed Reservation With Seattle CityPASS

For many CityPASS locations throughout the United States, you are required to make a timed reservation for various attractions on each pass.

These reservations work on a timed entry system which means you won’t have to wait in line at each attraction. All you will need to do is show your CityPASS for Seattle as well as the reservation confirmation.

For Seattle, the Space Needle and the Argosy Cruises Harbor Tour will require reservations. We love using CityPASS for its easy to use reservation system.

All you have to do is head over to the reservation page on the official CityPASS website, find the attraction, hit the dark blue button that says ‘Reserve Time’ and select the time you would like to visit.

How to make reservations with a Seattle CityPASS
Photo courtesy of Seattle CityPASS

A confirmation email with your reservation information will be send to the same email you used to originally purchase the CityPASS tickets.

You will need this reservation confirmation along with your Seattle CityPASS to visit attractions with required reservations.

Please keep in mind reservation requirements may change so always double check what is required for each individual attraction to make sure you have what you need for your visit.

Public Market Center at Seattle City Center
Seattle, Washington Public Market Center

Is Seattle CityPASS Worth It?

Yes, the Seattle CityPASS is well worth buying if you want to save money on your visit to Seattle.

If this is your first time to Seattle, we would recommend the CityPASS because the top attractions are included on this pass at a very competitive price point.

Additionally, this pass will save money for families since most of the attractions on the pass are kid friendly.

We also like the ability to use the pass over 9 consecutive days which gives you ample time to visit each attraction without rushing.

Since we used the CityPASS when we lived in Seattle, we really took our time at each attraction to get the most out of each attraction.

This pass can also be great option for locals who haven’t see any of the touristy parts of the city.

Who Is The Seattle CityPASS Not Good For?

There are a few groups the CityPASS might not be the best option for including:

  • Visitors not interested in the Space Needle
  • Return visitors who have seen a lot of the top sights
  • Travelers who don’t want to experience much sightseeing

How To Buy Your Seattle CityPASS

Buying your Seattle CityPASS is easy:

  1. Follow this link to the official website for Seattle CityPASS
  2. Select amount of adult and / or child passes you want to purchase
  3. Hit the big red button to add the passes to your cart
  4. Enjoy your fun filled trip to Seattle

And that’s everything you need to know about the Seattle CityPASS! We hope this review has been helpful for your visit to Seattle.

Woman walking down a stairwell at the Museum of Pop Culture
Kristen walking down the stair at MoPOP

Seattle CityPASS FAQ’s

Let’s take a look at some of the most frequently asked questions about the CityPASS in Seattle, Washington.

How Long Does Seattle Pass Last?

The Seattle CityPASS lasts 9 consecutive days starting from the day you visit the first attraction.

Can I Buy A Seattle CityPASS In Person?

Yes, you can buy a Seattle CityPASS in person at any of the attractions listed on the pass. However, we would recommend you purchase your Seattle CityPASS online prior to visiting so you can make your required reservations and plan your Seattle itinerary before getting to the city.

What Is The Number One Tourist Attraction In Seattle?

The Space Needle is the top attraction in Seattle, Washington. If you have ever seen a picture of the Seattle skyline, the Space Needle is certainly the focal point.

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We hope this Seattle CityPASS and C3 Pass Review helps you save money during your visit to Seattle!

Please let us know if you have any questions about the Seattle CityPASS or the C3 Pass in the comments below.

Happy Travels,

Mark and Kristen

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