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Trip Planning

Trip planning can be the most difficult aspect of travel. We’re here to make your life just that little bit easier!

Whether it’s budgeting, booking transport, searching for hotels or even deciding on a route through a country – we’ve been through the same process many times ourselves and have learned a thing or two along the way.

Our transport and logistics, travel tips and finance guides will help you streamline your planning process.

We offer guidance on the best deals and money saving travel tips, the most efficient places to book flights, trains and buses, how to get from A to B in a country and much more.

 If you need any specialized help with planning an aspect of your next trip, get in touch with us and we will do what we can to get you in travel shape!

Featured Guide

Travel Planning How To Plan A Trip In 15 Easy To Follow Steps

How To Plan A Trip Like A Pro In 15 Easy Steps

This easy to follow ultimate travel planning guide breaks down planning your trip into 15 easy to follow steps. From the moment you decide you want to travel to stepping foot out of the door, this stress-free guide is planning like an expert.

Travel Planning Resources

When we book flights, we use the best flights search engine: Skyscanner. The interface is easy to navigate, you will find all airlines and routes, cheapest prices, multiple flight options, search by month, search by all destinations and so much more. Read our ultimate guide:

How To Find And Book The Cheapest Flights

Hiring a car in a city or directly from an airport on your next trip? Search for cars with the top hire car company We’ve had nothing but excellent experiences during our travels, huge range of vehicles to choose between and consistently lowest prices. is our top hotel search engine recommendation and personal favorite. Sign up for a rewards account to become a Genius member and access up to 15% off room costs. Always compare hotel prices but use Booking as your benchmark. Read our ultimate guide:

How To Find And Book The Cheapest Hotels

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