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Japan is an awesome country to visit! It is always one of the first countries we mention when we’re asked where our favorite places are.

Japan’s ancient world meets innovative technology culture is amazing; there are temples and gardens mixed with huge arcade towers and flashing lights.

The Japanese Alps offer unique travel across and through mountains, Tokyo is bustling and energetic, while Kyoto is quaint and ancient.

In Spring you can see the famous cherry blossom and in Summer you can hike Mount Fuji. Visit in Fall for some of the most magnificent colors you’ll ever see.

Nara is a lovely little town you should day trip from Kyoto or Osaka, don’t forget to check out an onsen and try not to get bitten by the deer!

You will love the food, energy and vibe in this fantastic country! Plus, the people in Japan are some of the friendliest you are likely to meet.