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Travel Wellness

Take care of your body and mind when traveling long term. After 18 months traveling the world we couldn’t quite believe the impact on our personal holistic wellness.

Personal wellness entails much more than exercising regularly and trying to maintain a healthy diet. Yes, the physical aspect is the most obvious and apparent, but there are 7 other wellness pillars to consider.

Do you have financial or employment concerns after a long trip? Are you having trouble reconnecting with friends and family who don’t understand the experience you have just gained?

Long term travel affects us all. Here, you will find all things wellness.

Travel Wellness mark in Thailand Koh Lanta beach sunset

Travel & Wellness: Long Term Travel Impacts

This guide explores how each aspect of holistic wellness can affect the way we travel and reciprocally, how travel can affect our overall personal wellness. Those traveling for longer periods will find this guide particularly interesting.

Wellness Wheel

Wellness wheel depicting 8 pillars of wellness

Our ‘Wellness Wheel’ depicts the 8 pillars of holistic wellness. Physical, Financial, Emotional, Spiritual, Intellectual, Social, Environmental and Occupational wellness. Long term travelers will know about how any or all of these pillars can be affected. Your goal when traveling should be to balance each aspect and work towards holistic wellness.

Wellness Wheel