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New York City eBook: Comprehensive Guidebook & Itineraries

New York City is serious bucket list territory. Are you fully prepared for your trip? If you need a helping hand figuring out the finer details, we’ve created a 46 page New York City eBook cutting right to the chase, leaving out all of the unnecessary waffle you’ll get in a traditional guidebook and focusing on only what you need to know.

As serial planners ourselves, we know how important it is to get organized and research before traveling. But New York is different. This is one of those places you just have to get right not only in the planning stages, but also throughout your trip.

Living in New York City allowed us to explore each neighborhood, find the best pizza and bagel joints, figure out what is worth visiting and what isn’t, try out hotels to see if they’re up to scratch and learn how to use the subway or get from JFK to Manhattan.

We’ve taken all of our knowledge and experience, combined it, and designed this New York City eBook, which is essentially a pocket manual to NYC, with example itineraries that every visitor can use to effectively plan their dream visit.

It is laser focused on ONLY the important things. No fluff, no wasted space, every day action packed with the best of NYC.

Here’s what you can expect from our New York City eBook:

But that’s just the beginning. Here’s what else you will find:

  • Transport Into NYC from each airport
  • Navigating the subway
  • Each NYC borough explained
  • Details of each observation deck
  • Information about the best NYC museums
  • Efficient walking route through Central Park
  • Broadway, entertainment & sports
  • Best rooftop bars and where to find them
  • Top NYC shopping locations
  • Safety tips for visiting the city
  • What you need to know before you go
  • In depth packing guide
  • New York CityPASS attractions information
  • 46 information rich pages in total
  • A special NYC bonus

This NYC travel guidebook and itinerary eBook will serve as a manual to make planning for NYC a breeze, plus you can keep referring to it throughout your entire time in the city.

You can download the whole document right to your smartphone and/or print it out if you prefer to have a hard copy.

We would love to give this amazing guidebook away to everyone for free, but you know, we have to make a living!

We spent a long time putting this resource together in order to create the best possible tool for you to make the most of your time in New York City.


Mark and Kristen